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  • Better R.b?

    Who would you rather have?
    Marshal Faulk
    Steven Jackson

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: Better R.b?

    Both. BTW I voted SJ cause I didn't see the both. But I'd rather have Both.


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      Re: Better R.b?

      Both - I'd like to see what a new coach would do with them both. I'd like to see SJ deployed as the fullback with MF behind him.

      Maineram -


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        Re: Better R.b?

        Both, you need two good tailbacks in this league with the way they get banged up. I'd like to see Marshall get some consistent work though, around 10 touches a game. Got to get him the ball.


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        • richtree
          Drafting a #2 RB High is a Waste of time
          by richtree
          Here is my agrument not to draft a RB until round 5 or later(if at all).

          1. SJAX is elite back . He will want a ton of carries and catches. He is rare 3 down back. He will be happy the more he is out there.

          2. 2 backs with a star in front doesn't = any more wins (LT sproles, AP C.Taylor , etc)

          3. The Oline makes the backup RB. ex. D.Ward found cut off Practice squad. Patriots throw anyone back there as #2 RB with success. #2 Backs should fit your system and excel in the limited action for blocking, change of pace, speed.

          Prime example is --> T. Choice Cowboys. Good O-Line people thought F.Jones was amazing, then when T. Choice was given some time he worked great as well. If F.Jones was on the Bengals last year he would have done squat.

          4. If we drafted someone like Ian Johnson, McCoy, etc. They will want touches and if successful demand to be traded or paid since they are picked high in the draft and want to start. Creates a bad situation.

          5. Darby and Pittman looked ok. I think if we started the season with the addition of Brown, Fells, Karney, and a healthy McMichael or blocking would be alot better.

          6. Finally, we have other needs that are much more important.

          LB, DT, OL, WR = four biggest needs (first four rounds)

          If I have to pick a 5th need it would be pass Rushing End.

          so that makes #2 RB our 6th need or 7th if you want another CB first.

          Just my take on it all
          -03-17-2009, 08:53 AM
        • a.p.quinn
          Backup RB
          by a.p.quinn
          If there's no one suitable shaken from the trees around the NFL to be no. 2. Need to sign a running back that can pass block. Doesn't have to be a great running back, just needs to be able to pass block. Darby can't, Toston isn't particularly good, Ogbannaya is iffy. That or just put a backup OG or DT in at running back on pass plays from time to time... Really bored, just thinking out loud.
          -08-17-2010, 10:43 AM
        • a.p.quinn
          Drafting the right RB could fill multiple voids
          by a.p.quinn
          If the Rams pick the right back it'll be a smaller guy in the third or later. Someone who can block, fill slots as a receiver and be the number two halfback. Possibly be a return option in addition to Amendola. Although I wouldn't be against Ryan Mathews if he fell to the second (highly doubtful). It would have to be a change of pass back because that's the only way the Rams can get value. Jhavid Best, Dexter McCluster types. Get a guy to come in and do the Reggie Bush thang.

          Sorry if this is another dull concept, but I'm getting too excited for draft time and just need to vent some bulls**t.
          -04-04-2010, 11:54 AM
        • Servox28
          best RB of all time
          by Servox28
          (in my opinion) YouTube - Marshall Faulk highlights
          -06-05-2010, 05:07 AM
        • Lesson
          Which RB do you keep? Darby or Toston?
          by Lesson
          Assuming the Rams get a RB from the draft, which RB do you think should be with the Rams next season?
          -12-29-2010, 02:07 PM