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  • Who Now????

    With things cooling down with Carter and Az signing with the Lions what do the Rams do for that WR spot(s)?
    Keep after Carter
    J. Green
    W. Jackson
    Draft and an average vet. receiver
    See how Murphy and St. Paul pan out
    We are screwed

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    The major downfall I saw with CC...

    was that we didn't really need another veteran leader. We already have Isaac on the field and Henry Ellard off. Draft some flash, let Yo and others fight with him for the spot. Best man wins...
    This space for rent...


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      I think we should go after Green if he's cheap. He's still got some speed and catching ability. Then let Yo, et. al. sort out the #4 spot (although i don't have a lot of confidence in st. paul). I would draft a receiver next year.

      We don't need leadership or flash, we have both. Get a guy that can produce consistently (not that holt or isaac aren't)


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        I like Willie Green, I think he would be an excellent addition. I just don't know if we can afford him.

        We could afford Jerome Pathon I bet, and he returns punts.

        Hmmmmmmm.....Pathon. I could see him in a Rams uni.


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          Losing Az is not that big of a deal in my opinion. His role in the offense was almost non-existent this year except for the occasional gadget play. This year he had more fumbles (4) than touchdowns (3). He did average 9.6 yards a catch, but he only caught 39 passes. Hakim had 374 receiving yards. Hakim played in all 16 games for the Rams.

          In an injury plagued season, Jerome Pathon played 4 games and averaged 13.8 yards a catch, bringing in 24 receptions. He also caught 2 touchdown passes. Pathon had 330 total receiving yards.

          There are plenty of free agents on the market that fit the Rams scheme as a 3rd WR. Hakim got starter money on his 99 season. I wish him well, but I don't think he is worth the money.


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            I Think We Should Resign Ricky Proehl.
            And Then Pick Up Josh Reed In The Draft.

            We Can Afford To Loose 1 Veteran Wide Receiver - But Not Two.

            Resign Ricky Proehl And Then See Who Left Before The Draft.

            We All Know, How Picky Mike Martz Can Be, When It Comes To Wide Receivers.


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              Josh Reed probably won't be available that late. But, i do agree that we should draft a WR (or even a DB). I'd like to see them keep Proehl, but cheaply.


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                Go Yo...

                I'm all for Yo Murphy taking the #3 spot, but if we can draft a flashy receiver in the first or second round, let 'em fight it out. I just hope we resign Ricky Proehl.

                Jerome Pathon probably won't join the Rams, as I've heard rumors about him going to the Chiefs.

                I'm glad the Rams let Carter go, not that he would've been a cancer like many thought. He was going to be late for the Wednesday meeting, so BAM he had his chance, he's gone, and we're over it. I don't want the team to sign a free agent receiver, I want them to replace Hakim from within the team. We drafted Bruce, we drafted Holt, and we drafted Hakim. Look for this draft to produce yet another stud.



                • #9
                  I'd love to see #87 back in the huddle in 2002. I herd Jaquez Green will be in on the 8th for a visit. Remeber the name Avion Cason. He was the kick returner at the beginning of the season and had some trouble. He was put on the practice squad after that. He's Az's size, but faster. A RB coming out of school and Martz shifted him to WR. I think he might contribute, if he wasn't or doesn't get cut.


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                    I'm with Karl-Baker, i'm for resigning Ricky Proehl. If Ricky wants to win another SuperBowl, he'll do the right thing and sign with us. GO RAMS BABY YEAH!!


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                      Avion Cason !!!
                      Don't Get Me Started !!!



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                        Resign Ricky and give Yo a chance. Go Rams


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                          I was thinking along same lines as Karl-Baker as well. I'd like to keep Proehl and draft for the future.


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                            The way I see it the Rams need to re-sign Ricky.

                            I think, though, that drafting a Josh Reed or Javon Walker in the first round would be a mistake. I know Martz would love to add another toy to his offense, but he can do that in later rounds while the Rams focus on more pressing needs (LBs, OTs) earlier in the draft.

                            A couple of names at wide receiver:

                            Antwan Randle-El and Khalil Hill. Both have good quickness. Hill has better speed, but Randle-El gives Martz the bonus of being a quarterback in college (Martz could have a field day with that). Either would be picked up in the third round or later.


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                              Go after Freeman if the Pack let him go.


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                                Carter To Visit Rams
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                                Sounds pretty serious at this point. Im sure most have heard that Chris Mortenson(pretty reliable source) reports that Carter is to visit the Ram facilities on Wednesday if talks stay positive thru the weekend. Also read on the AP wire that Rick(MONEY)Proehl has been offered a $750000 one year deal. From what I know of R.Money...he isnt the money grubbing,selfish type of guy who would want to jump ship for a few bucks more. Lets face it....3/4 of a Mil to play with the GREATEST SHOW ON a system he knows intimately...already odds on favorites to return to the big show next the twilight of his career....WHERE DO I SIGN?!?! If these things fall into place the RAMS would have THE MOST FORMIDABLE WR CORPS EVER ASSEMBLED...BAR NONE!!!! Just when you think this offense couldnt get any BETTER!!! Simply add the second most prolific WR in NFL HISTORY and stir!!! Now if we could just get some moron to understand that THE BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME needs more than 17 CARRIES in the SUPER BOWL.;)
                                -03-02-2002, 08:27 AM
                              • theincredibleJ
                                Az-Zahir Hakim
                                by theincredibleJ
                                Sup Rams Fans...

                                I'm wonderin' what y'all think bout Hakim...he is electric but has issues holding on to the damn ball (thanks, Keyshawn). Should we let him go? I have heard his name mentioned with New Orleans. Normally that would be real bad becuase he could burn us next year, but with realignment it doesn't really matter strictly in terms of football.

                                If he is let go, who should replace him? Here's one to think about: I heard somewhere the idea of 1st or 2nd round picks for Cris Carter. Thoughts?

                                I'm in Seattle and can't WAIT for realignment. ...
                                -01-05-2002, 06:07 PM
                              • RamsFanSam
                                It's not the coaches, it's not Sam...
                                by RamsFanSam
                                It's our recievers - including the tight ends and running backs. I don't know if they changed the footballs this year to make them less "sticky", or if the gloves are different, or what. All I know is that last season, with many of the same guys, Sam was firing the ball a heck of a lot faster and it seems like there was more balls that were caught.

                                This is kind of a little off the main subject, but I noticed something peculiar...last season, every time Sam threw a pass, you could hear the sonic boom as the ball left his hand. This year, it seems as if the ball is thrown a tiny bit slower...could this be the result of being more comfortable in his second year, or is this due to a concious effort to make the balls more catchable for the recievers?

                                OK, back to the main subject...

                                Bradford has it in him to be a great QB. Right now, he's good. Dang good. If he had Faulk, Proehl, Holt, and Bruce to throw to, he would make everyone think Kurt Warner had a clone. It is RARE that I praise anyone so much...Avenger can verify this, as he heard me complain about everyone and everything during the Rams/Eagles game. My problem is the recievers. I don't think there are, in all honesty, more than ten current wide recievers in the NFL that are as good as Bruce and/or Holt were back in '99-'04.

                                There's not that many that I know of that will be coming up for the draft next April that look like true #1 recievers, either.

                                If we were to sign a FA or trade for a current player, the cost may be too high for the return. We don't really have any "good" players that we can afford to trade. No one wants to get rid of Jackson or Long or Bradford or Laurainitis. That means we would have to likely trade multiple players to get a true #1 WR. This may sound OK, getting rid of 2 or 3 of our "lessers" for one good one, but there is the "what if" factor: for instance, what if our "#1" was injured, and we had traded Amendola and DX to get him? We'd be up that famous creek without a propulsion device. Even if we signed a FA, where would the money come from? We'd have to either cut player salaries or just cut players to get there...and trust me, if you are working for someone who cuts your pay and expects the same work out of you, they aren't going to get it. So, there's that negative aspect, too.

                                So, that really leaves the draft as the only clear option. I'm one who believes that the Rams should draft according to need IF there is a player worthy of the draft position. In other words, if we need a shutdown corner (and we do) and the best one in the draft is at best a second round player, then we don't draft him until that round. Instead, we look at the best player available in the first round, compare the draftee's position and talents against our needs, and then make a concious decision that is best for the team.

                                Since we still have many glaring...
                                -09-20-2011, 04:16 PM
                              • Varg6
                                Interesting thought...
                                by Varg6
                                when do you guys think we'll have to start worrying about having a good wide receiver? for many years now, we've never really had to worry too much on WR. But when Ike and Holt are gone and retired, hypathetically if they don't get injuries during their playtime here with the Rams...When do you guys think we'll have to start worrying about some WRs? I think Hagans will be really good, I think he'll be a great player in the NFL for our special teams and eventually (hopefully) for our offense for WR (He could also be the next Randle El as well...)
                                -05-18-2006, 12:31 PM
                              • mxbrian
                                Receivers on the horizon?
                                by mxbrian
                                What receivers do the Rams see on the horizon? We'll lose Hakim this summer, that's my bet, but who will replace him. How about a guy like David Boston? Big, fast, strong. What about a role receiver like Wayne Chrebet? Personally, I think Bruce's days are numbered(two years) and Holt will be the main star to re-sign. Then we need a #2. Who do you think should be the next receiver on the Rams horizon? Come on, not Glenn or Galloway. Be real.

                                -12-24-2001, 10:30 PM