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  • Rams and Bryant McKinnie

    I just read an interesting post called Hypothetical Question. It brought up the possibility we swap picks with Carolina as well as next years first and this years third and maybe next years third, for their First. I thought, propose this trade, and then draft Bryant Mckinnie, OT out of Miami. Considering we will have no money next stated in the post....we couldn't sign a first rounder for next year.....Any thoughts?

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    There would definitely be more cuts to fit someone like McKinnie under the salary cap. Number two wont come cheap. How much salary cap $ do the Rams have and who would you propose they cut?

    Or, who restructures?


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      That's an interesting idea, however, I don't think the Rams front office believes they have a need for an offensive lineman. I think that's one of the reasons they cut Ryan Tucker loose. Especially now that they have that guy ( I forget his name) who weighs about 300 pounds.


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        no way, i don't like the idea. Keep the picks we got now, mess around in free agency and we'll be fine. We are already a Super Bowl caliber team, we don't need to throw away the future to save the present.


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          News: Bryant McKinnie spent the early part of last Tuesday working out for NFL teams.
          Some 75-plus scouts were in attendance for Miami's Pro Day.
          McKinnie weighed in at 338 pounds, ran his 40-time in 5.38 seconds and did 19 reps of 225 pounds.
          Those are not overwhelming numbers my any means and when you combine that with the fact that he has only been playing organized football for roughly six years it has alarmed a few teams about him being a true "Top 10" draft choice.
          "He's (McKinnie) still going to be a very high selection, but 19 reps is below average for a lineman and his 40-time was a tad slow, as well", according to one area scout in attendance.
          His pure size alone intimidates opponents and also caused him to knock over the vertical testing pole on Pro Day.
          It is interesting that both McKinnie and Mike Williams (Texas) had questions raised about their status as Top 10 picks, which might be enough to cause a flurry of trades come draft day.

          Miami senior OT Bryant McKinnie is the top-rated offensive lineman for this year's draft.
          His exciting blend of strength, size and above-average footwork combined with his ever-improving technique should make him a ten-year starter in the NFL.
          He did not allow a single sack during his college career.
          Mckinnie weighed in at 343 pounds at the Combine and did a full workout at his Pro Day on March 7th.


          The Reason, Why the Rams Cut Ryan Tucker Loose, Was Because Mike Martz LOST FAITH IN HIM !!!
          Also, Because of His Salary.
          Last Year, During Free Agency - the Miami Dolphins Tried To Sign Ryan Tucker As A "Restricted Free Agent" - And Signed Ryan Tucker To An Offer Sheet.
          All the Good Tackles, Were Basically Gone (At That Time In Free Agency) So The Rams Had No Choice Than To Match the Dolphins Signing Sheet. Thus, the HIGH SALARY Numbers This Year.

          The Rams Thought, They Could Resign Rod Jones - This Year - Because of All The Support Mike Martz, Showed Rod Jones At The Begining of Last Year's Training Camp (Remember His Mental Break-down).
          Well, It Turns Out, That Support Show To Him By The Coaching Staff Didn't Mean Anything To Rod Jones - And He Is Looking For A Bigger Payday.

          No More Cuts Would Be Needed.
          Every Team - Has A Certain Amount of Money That They Are Allotted To The New Draftees. Each Team, Has To Be Under That Number -- Thus All the CUTS of Veteran Players That We Have Been Seeing Since March 1st.

          What IMPACT (Key Word: Impact - Immediate Player) Can The Rams Draft At the 31st Selection.
          Answer: None.

          Hope That Helps,



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            Correct, no impact player will be available that far down, but that's not what we need. It wasn't what we needed in the 2000 Draft when we got Canidate.

            This draft is about filling holes and preparing for the future. Last year's draft was about impact players and we got them. This year it's about holes...WR #3, DB, etc. We could use help at OL, but we don't need to blow the bank to do so.

            I have confidence in the Rams and the way they will draft.


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              I don't think it's necessarily true that the Rams would be giving up the future for instant success in this case. If the right person was available, which I am not sure that McKinnie is (but Jammer might be), I say trade up. A sure bet in the draft is extremely rare and if you have the opportunity and the means you should take advantage of one (see Orlando Pace).

              All that being said. The question remains of who in the draft can be that impact player. There may be no one, but the possibility is interesting. If the Rams scouts see something they like, they have the luxury of being able to make a move.


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                I hate pre-draft talk. What's the point? Just wait until the draft and you'll see what happens. I'm sure none of us would've been talking about taking Trung Canidate in the first round a couple years ago. ;)



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                  DJRamFan- Why do you say we would be throwing out the future to save the present...I don't agree with you but shoulden't it be the other way around. We would make our O-Line that much better, I don't see any other needs we should address if we pull off this trade

                  Just an idea


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                    Ah, come on; I had Trung picked from the get go.

                    Of course if that was true I would be in a different business today.