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    I've noticed that a lot of people (myself included) have slipped a little on the ratings. :eek:

    Please try and rate the threads you think deserve it (1-5) with the dropdown menu on the bottom right of any thread.

    Thanks, DJ :p

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    I have never done that. What benefit does it do? Do some members only read the "Best" threads? I, myself read them all...
    This space for rent...


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      it's just a way for people to vote on the threads. It adds to the appearance as well as tells "the casual fan" what threads are could.

      Dez, could prob help me out on this one....


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        okay I've rated this as a 1


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          Most threads recently haven't been that good anyway... The only threads people think about rating are the good ones, so they always get 5 stars.



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            the idea about rating threads

            I planned to start a 5 star forum and move all five star threads into it. Sort of a "the best of the Clan" thing.

            But it means that people have to be true when they rate threads. not just give them 5 for the sake of it.

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              To rate or not to rate...

              'Thing is, the unavoidable potential for subjectivity, bias and ambiguity in rating threads makes the whole rating system unreliable.

              The problem / challenge is to obtain "true" ratings, as Dez pointed out. I say let moderators make the call (be sure to wear black and white striped shirts and a cap while at it; please review call before throwing yellow flag and impose strict no-roughing the poster rules).

              Serioulsy, it CAN be useful towards the "Best of ClanRam!" Good idea.

              Given its level of importance and interest, IMO this thread gets 3 stars.

              Last edited by RealRam; -03-14-2002, 05:56 PM.


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                Thanks DOD :upset:

                Just wanted to remind everybody b/c the column was getting kinda dull....ignore this thread i guess.


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                  I think a "Five-Star Forum" wouldn't be a great idea. Especially according to what the members rate a thread. Maybe you could make a forum of the best threads according to replies. The best threads get the most replies, because it shows that more people feel the need to speak up about that topic.


                  P.S.- I just tried to rate a few threads to get the momentum started, but the rating(s) I entered weren't the same as the ones that showed up. One rating didn't even show up. Don't know if it's because changes are being made or if it's just my computer goin crazy... :confused:
                  Last edited by evil disco man; -03-14-2002, 11:58 PM.


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                    when a new thread is started it has to be voted on at least 3 times before the result shows up. This is to stop the person who STARTED the thread, getting in with the 5 star and it allows the forum to start an average

                    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                      Kind like the "Ram God" thing :-)


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                        Originally posted by RamDez:
                        when a new thread is started it has to be voted on at least 3 times before the result shows up. This is to stop the person who STARTED the thread, getting in with the 5 star and it allows the forum to start an average
                        Oh... hehe. Great idea! That should keep the cheating down...



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                          :confused: OK, I know I am not a rocket scientist...thats a given, but I like the rating idea(although I am guilty of not currently using it). I don't think anyone on Clanram is low enough to cheat over something so....well you get the point. I also read most everything weather it rated or not. I don't agree with the fact that the most replies means the best thread.....I like the idel of the moderators doing the voting except they may not want to vote for themselves....I guess that what I am saying is keep it how it is and just start rating...It is also an opinion and I don't want to begin a war, but I think there are several good threads now. However I would be silly to think that everyone will like the same thread!! How do we rate them?? Content on Rams info, comedy, or what?


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