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  • Something In The Works ????

    O.K. This Was Posted Today, on the Post Dispatch Web-Site.
    I Know, It Probably Should Be Posted on the "Articles" Forum.

    But The Reason I Posted It Here - Was Because I Have Some Thoughts on It (Maybe I Shouldn't Read Between The Lines).
    Here Is The Article:

    Proehl visits Giants, leaves without deal
    BY JIM THOMAS Of the Post-Dispatch
    03/14/2002 05:30 AM

    Ricky Proehl's free-agent visit with the New York Giants went well, but the Rams' wide receiver left Wednesday without a contract offer.

    According to Proehl's agent, Alan Herman, the Giants expressed a lot of interest in Proehl, but would have to free up some salary cap room before offering a contract. Proehl also has a visit scheduled with the expansion Houston Texans. The Rams have had a one-year offer of $750,000 on the table for a while, but Proehl is looking for more money.

    The Rams are considering bringing in some wide receivers for visits, but otherwise will go slow on the free-agent front until after the NFL owners' meetings next week in Orlando, Fla.

    Meanwhile, former Rams linebacker Mark Fields is drawing interest from Dallas and Carolina, according to his agent Jim Steiner.

    O.K. - Here Are My Thoughts:

    Why Are The Rams Waiting Until After The "Owners Meetings" ???
    What Significance Do They Hold ???

    Is Mike Martz Attending The Owners Meetings ???
    If So, Why ???

    Is It Possible, The Rams Are Holding Off Any Further Signings Because They Are Trying To Make A Trade With Another NFL Team ???

    Maybe, Just Maybe, They'll Approach Another Team For A Trade Up In The Draft. Thereby Getting The Receiver They Really Want In The Draft (I'm Guessing Here - Big Time).

    Does Anyone Know Anything ????
    If So, Please Share !!!!

    Thanks In Advance,


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    Golly Gee !!!
    10 People Have Viewed This Post (So Far Today)....

    And No Replies !!!

    What's Up With That !!!


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      I don't really think anything is in the works, but you never know with Martz.

      Remember, the Rams weren't trigger happy last year till late, and right up till draft day they were making deals.


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        I'm not posting cause yer avitar scares me ;)

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Free Agency is turning into a buyers market , just ask Chris Carter :p

          Wait til later , say til after the owners meeting and lots of players and their agents will be pretty desperate to get a contract for next season, especially if it happens to be with a team that has SB aspirations, Sorry Chris no can do.


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            You never know with Madman Martz, but we could try to trade for someone right before the draft again (Aeneas Williams last year). Don't worry about it. Nothing to fret about. ;)



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              U'r right EDM, plenty time to go, sad to see Robinson and Fletcher go but there's a long time til we need to worry about not having players


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                I don't really think that the Rams would trade up for a WR. There are about 6 or 7 WRs this year that are all closely rated. I haven't heard of one clear cut, top receiver.

                Jabar Gaffney
                Ashley Lelie
                Javon Walker
                Andre Davis
                Josh Reed
                Donte Stallworth
                Marquis Walker
                Antonio Bryant

                Which name stands out as your top choice?


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                  Thanks Everyone !!!

                  I Figured It Out.
                  Well Maybe - I Figured It Out.
                  I'm Guessing.

                  After Posting This Same Question Elsewhere (I Know - Me Bad !!), I Was Able To Piece Together Some Information.

                  Most of The GM's And Head Coaches Go To These Meetings.
                  Some Trades Get Done, And This Is Where Each of the NFL Teams Let Each Other Know What's Going On (With Their Own Organizations).

                  For Example: It's Been Reported, That the Bills, Cowboys, & Vikings Are Looking To Trade Down In This Year's Draft.

                  This Is Where Those Organizations Come Together To See, If Their Are Any Takers (Unofficial & Off The Record).

                  Also, This Is Where The Final Bugets (For Each Team) Comes Together,
                  The Owners, Let the GM's Know What They Are Allowed To Spend, And So Forth.

                  Man, I'd Love To Attend These Meetings.
                  I'd Like To Hear What's Going On, And Just Be A Fly on The Wall.
                  See Who Hangs Out With Who, And What They're Talking About.
                  I Think It'd Be A Super Time.

                  Thanks Everyone, For Answering the Question !!!



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                    Any interest in Johnny Morton? He was released today by Detroit.:cool:


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                      Originally posted by sb34rams:
                      Any interest in Johnny Morton? He was released today by Detroit. :cool:
                      Well, to keep it short... no.



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                        New "newcomers" at WR...

                        Enlisted for now as part of Rams WRs apart from Bruce / Holt / Murphy:

                        No. NAME HGT. WT. DOB YPRO CLGE

                        N/#- Eugene Baker, 6-2 183 3/18/76 1 Kent State
                        N/#- Darran Hall, 5-10 168 9/8/75 1 Colorado State
                        N/#- Robert Kilow, 5-10 171 2/29/76 1 Arkansas State
                        15 - Dane Looker, 6-0 193 5/5/76 2 Washington
                        82 - Francis St. Paul, 5-9 180 4/25/79 R Northern Arizona
                        N/#- Chris Taylor, 5-9 180 4/25/79 R Northern Arizona

                        I realize this info does not resolve the Ricky Proehl dilemma, yet I wonder where all these early name additions will end up after training camp. Amazingly, Ricky Proehl's name is not currently in the Ram's Official Roster -- which is where I found the above temp recruits.

                        Karl-Baker, I hope that after all the activities you explained are said and done at this important meeting ... that No. 87's name will be on the dotted line until the end of the line, as a RAM!

                        :confused: What suspense...


                        P.S. Karl, Who is that masked man anyway? :eek:


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                          Hannibal Lector, I think his (character's) name is. In "The Silence of the Lambs"- correct me if I'm wrong. ;)



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                            I think I saw Baker's avatar hangin out in Venice Beach a couple months back:rolleyes: Seriously dude, that has got to go:p
                            And to Jorge: You rule bro, you get my five ***** rating as a poster, not taking anything away from Disco, Aries, DJ et al, but after reading your post about 'ratings', I'm happy to have a smart Rams fan like yourself to be able to post with. THE RAMS and the CLAN rule A+++++ A little :wayoff: but hey, it had to be said. take care ya'll:evilram:


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                              Jorge Valdivia,

                              Hello Jorge,

                              P.S. Karl, Who is that masked man anyway?
                              The Avatar Picture - Evil Disco Man Is Correct.
                              It's Hannibal Lector.

                              It That Who You Where Referring To ???

                              Or Where You Asking About Me "Karl-Baker" ??

                              Yes, I Post Everywhere !!!
                              I Always Use The Same User-name.
                              That Way, People Will Know Me.
                              If You've Seen My User-name On Other Forums, It's Probably Me.

                              I Posted All Last Season in the "Rams' Chat Room" During the Games.
                              That's How I Was Introduced To "RamDez" -- I Think.

                              I Also Post on the Herd's Forum & the Post Dispatch Forum (But I Really Don't Like Those Two).
                              The Forum I Mainly Post on (Pro Football Huddles), It's Just Like This One, But It's Gotten REALLY Quiet There (Stupid Off-Season).

                              You May Have Also Seen Me Post on The Saints ( Forum, The Eagles Forum (Concreat Board), or the Patriots Forum.

                              I Use the Same User Name For All of Them.
                              I've Posted Several Times on The 49er's Forum & the Seahawks Forum - But I Keep Getting Thrown Off (They Don't Like Me).

                              As Far As The Ricky Proehl Situation - I Agree 110% Percent With You. I Want Him Resigned In The Worst Way !!!

                              But The Thing Is, He Was Upset That The Rams Front Office (And Mike Martz) Didn't Offer Him A Contract When Az Hakim Departed.
                              He Thought (As Do I), He Should Have Been The Rams' Number 3 Receiver.
                              Then The Chris Carter MESS Happened, And Ricky Was Put Off By The Situation !!!! BIG TIME !!!!

                              Gosh - I Hope Mike Martz Can Get This Worked Out !!!

                              As Far As The Other Receivers, Dane Looker (Who's Now Playing In NFL Europe) and Francis St. Paul Have The Best Chances To Make The Active Roster For The Rams.

                              We Traded Dane Looker To New England - And Then They Cut Him. Then We Picked Him Up Again.

                              Francis St Paul, We Drafted, Let Him Go Because of Injuries (And Bad Work Out Performances) - He Was Signed By Tampa Bay and Then Released.
                              We Then Signed Him To Our Practice Squad.

                              The Other Four: Eugene Baker, Darran Hall, Robert Kilow, & Chris Taylor I Have No Clue Who They Are - More Than Likely, Just Training Camp Rookies.

                              Jorge - I Want Ricky Back As Well !!!!

                              I Hope It Gets Worked Out Soon !!!!

                              Let's All Keep Our Fingers Crossed !!!!