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    Ok... Ram fans I got a projected depth chart, It looks good.. I think we have a defense.. I am no longer concerned about our secondary. thats what killed us last year it sucked bad so it already has improved because you cannot get any worse....


    WR- 88 Holt 82 St. Paul*
    OLT-76 Pace 50 Tucker 70 St. Clair
    OLG-61 Nutten 67 McCollum 64 Swanson
    C-67 McCollum 64 Garcia 65 Newell
    ORG-62 Timmerman 64 Garcia 73 Spikes 69 Smith*
    ORT-50 Tucker 71 Noa 73 Spikes
    TE-84 Conwell 45 Robinson 86 Manumaleuna*
    WR-80 Bruce 81 Hakim 89 Wynn*
    QB-13 Warner 9 Germaine 16 Justine
    FB-42 Hodgins 33 Watson 44 Walendy
    RB-28 Faulk 25 Holcolmbe 24 Canidate


    DLE-95 Jones 91 Little 92 Brown
    DLT-92 Lewis* 99 Agnew 97 Jackson
    DRT-97 Jackson 79 Pickett* 90 Zgonina
    DRE-98 Winstrom 77 Moran 95 Word
    LLB-55 Fields 52 Polley* 91 Zimmerman
    MLB-59 Fletcher 51 Allen* 53 Miller
    RLB-52 Polly* 58 Davis 56 Cohen
    LCB-35 Williams 22 Shepherd 37 Butler*
    RCB-21 McCleon 32 Bly 36 Crutchfield
    SS-33 Archuleta* 38 Coady
    FS-20 Herring 38 Coady 27 Bowen


    P-4 Baker
    PK-14 Wilkins
    H-16 Justin
    PR-81 Hakim 32 Bly
    KR-24 Canidate 32 Bly
    KC-45 Robinson 90 Zgonina 61 Nutten


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    I'f agree with a lot of the names you've posted but I'm sure Ricky Proehl will get a roster spot.

    I'm not sure if they'll carry 3 centers and probably Newell won't make the team.

    I've a sneaky feeling that Allred will make it either as a TE or maybe at FB. also I hear Cason has starred at mini camp might have a shout at making it.

    Unfortunately Miller and Word were released so that will leave a couple of defensive spots on the roster , maybe Devin Bush will get one of them but he might be a goner even with his re-worked contract. I'd like to see Bowen given a chance but I don't think they will carry him and Coady


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      Right roster for Rams...

      That's right.

      Ricky Proehl's experience and hands are too valuable to not be part of the main events. Also, I can't see Arch and Lewis as starters at D during the starting games this season. I'd like to see a Gaylon Hyder or a Jeff Zgonina there as DTs instead.

      One can only imagine the complexity of both the O and D schemes that coaches have to design and study! Talk about a professional career... to bring out the best players and plans at the best time; to bring out the best IN the best!

      To win another championship with the right roster for the Rams.

      Nice job though, IkeRam! Thanks for your logistics behind that weapons list. That's some ammo! :cool:


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        Hayder bombed in Europe , he wasn't even starting for the Rhein Fire , I don't know whether he has problems but he is not an NFL standard player at present. I think he was released along with Miller last week.

        Personally I'd probably like to see Lewis starting Ithink he could be a force from day 1 , I'd hope it might be Agnew filling the other spot at DT to give some experience and use Zgonina and A.N. OTHER in the rotation. I must admit the more I read about Pickett the more I reckon he is more of a project than I would like , especially taken in the first round.

        Likewise Arch looks like a project and I'd be surprised ( and happy) if he starts week 1.


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          Thanks for the update DodRAM. I wasn't aware.

          On second thought, I'll have to agree. Perhaps those two rookies, Archuleta and Lewis, ARE impact players from the get go. Rams did, afterall, come up with a solid selection at the draft.

          Obviously, Martz and company know what they're doing because they know what the players are doing. ...And what they are capable of.

          I'm glad IkeRam started this thread, I appreciate the info.

          I'll stay tuned for the latest news as the preseason approaches.

          ClanRam is the place to be! "1-2-3-RAMS-HUP!!!" (eager and excited Rams at pep meeting)... Yeah!


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            I'd like to second the thanks to Ikeram for starting thethread, it certainly made me stop & think for awhile. i just can't wait for training camp never mind actual games


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              I haven't heard yet how soon Polley is going to start. So far just special teams and backup LB is all I have heard for him.