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  • I Was Thinking....

    It's Saturday AND I'm Bored - Extremely BORED !!!

    "Evil Disco Man" - I Know You Don't Like To Talk About The Draft, So You Can Stop Reading.... Unless You're Bored Also (He, He).

    And I Was Thinking....

    What If, The Rams DON'T Draft A Wide Receiver With Their 1st Pick In The Draft (Number 31 Overall).

    I Mean, We've All Been Assuming That's How They'd Pick.
    Or At Least - I Have.

    But, The Wide Reciever Position Is Very Deep In This Year's Draft.... Or At Least, That What We've All Heard or Read Somewhere (Right.).

    But, What If (Big Jump Here Karl - You KNOW How Mike Martz Loves His Offense), The Rams Don't Draft A Wide Receiver In The 1st Round.
    What Position, Other Than Wide Receiver Would They Take ???

    Offensive Tackle - Probably Not. The Rams Have A Need Here, But They Don't Like To Play Rookies (With Kurt's Health on The Line).
    Their Philosophy Has Been To Draft Them In Later Rounds, And Develope Them Under Jim Hannifan (Right ??).

    Cornerback - Maybe. Jacoby Sheppard Is Still on The Roster (Why, I Have No Idea). So There Is A Need Here As Well.

    Linebacker - Maybe. We'll Have To See If The Rams Sign Anyone Else Here In Free Agency (This Holdman Guy From Chicago).

    Defensive Tackle - Yes, There Is A Need There. Maybe This Will Be Our First Pick Overall.
    But We Drafted SO HEAVY Last Year, With Defense..... It's Hard To Think Mike Martz Will Do That Again This Year.
    It Just Hurts My Mind To Think of It.

    Quarterback - Probably Not. They Just Signed Jamie Martin To A Two Year Extension, And Marc Bulger Is The New Up-and-Coming Kid on The Block.
    Well, If Joey Harrington Falls This Far - There'd Be No Way To Pass Him Up. But That Won't Happen.
    Might As Well Ask For The Winning Lottery Numbers.

    Long Snapper - No, Not In The First Round.

    Defensive End - This Is Also Another Possibility !!!
    I'd Love To Have Julius Peppers !!!
    But Everyone Tells Me I'm A Bozo For Thinking The Rams Will Trade Up To Get Him.
    There's A Big Drop Off In Talent After Peppers - So It Wouldn't Merit A First Round Selection.


    Back To My Question.

    If The Rams DON'T DRAFT A Wide Receiver With Their First Overall Pick, What Is The Next Type of Player The Rams Will Probably Select ????

    Please Help Me Out Here.
    Anyone & Everyone !!!
    I Want To Know Your Thoughts !!!

    Thanks In Advance,


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    Hey KB,

    I think they make a move up, and draft either a stud O lineman like a Pace, or go after one of the great MLB's in this years draft. Both areas are in dire need.

    WR's, I think we are lucky that we are in such a fortunate deep draft at that position. I too think they pass on the skill position in the first round and try to find a gem in the later rounds.

    Wouldn't be surprised if they get a chance at Quentin Jammer of Texas they don't take him. Best DB in college football this year outside of Roy Williams. Not sure if Williams would be around anywhere the Rams end up in this draft.

    Mike Williams is a big OT out of Texas and Bryant McKennie is another O line stud out of Miami. With Jones wavering, watch this position during draft day.

    They may go with Napolean Harris, OLB out of Northwestern


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      Well, I'm bored so I'll reply.

      My guess would be that the Rams would draft a cornerback if they didn't draft a receiver. Mike Martz has emphasized many times this offseason the importance of having 4 talented cornerbacks in order to compete in the NFL. Jacoby Shepherd has been having attitude problems, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him released in the near future.



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        I still get the feeling they might go for a runner if (in the unlikely event) if they don't do wr.

        Martz showed his restraint last year but that will change this draft

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Thanks Everyone !!!

          Thanks Guys For Replying !!!


          We Do Need A Full Back.
          I Don't Think Justin Waston or James Hodgins Has Resigned Yet With The Rams.
          I Think Both Are Restricted Free Agents.

          I Think, The Only First Round Fullback Prospects Are:

          William Green - 6'1 - 215 - Boston College*
          TJ Duckett - 6'2 - 265 - Michigan State*

          Green Will Be Gone In The Top 25. He Is The Best RB/FB On The Board !!!
          Duckett Is A Monster !!! He's Huge !!!
          This Is The Type of Player The Rams Haven't Had On Their Roster In A Long Time.
          This Is The Type of Player, You Give The Ball To, When It's Fourth And Inches.
          He'll MOVE The Whole Line of Scrimmage Backwards.
          I Can See Him Picked At 31 !!! Good Call !!!

          Evil Disco Man

          If the Dallas Cowboys Don't Trade Out of The Number 6 Slot, It's Been Said on Numerous Draft Boards, That They'll Select: Quentin Jammer Out of Texas.
          Phillip Buchanon And Mike Rumph (From Miami), Are Also Projected To Go In The First Round.
          I Like Rumph, But, I Think Buchanon Is A Little Small For The Type of Cornerback That The Rams Need.
          Phillip Buchanon Is Listed At: 5'10 - 180.

          In The Second Round, There Are A Couple of Good (Not Great - But Good) Cornerbacks - That Should Be On The Board When The Rams Pick At 62:

          Derek Ross - 6'1 - 196 - Ohio State*
          Lito Sheppard - 5'9 - 194 - Florida*
          Keyou Craver - 5'10 - 190 - Nebraska
          Joseph Jefferson - 6'0 - 200 - Western Kentucky

          One Or More of These Guys Could Even Fall Into The Third Round !!!


          I See Your Point As Well !!!
          The Best Right Tackle (Which Is What We Need), Is:
          Mike Williams - 6'6 - 370 - Texas
          This Guy Is A Mountain !!!!
          He Is DEFINITELY A Top Five Pick !!!!
          He Weighed In At the Indy Combine At 378 lbs.
          He's Quick For His Weight. And The Scouts Said, He Benched Pressed Like 33 Times (Holy Smokes !!).
          So Yes, If St. Louis Moves Up In The Draft - It Would Be VERY SMART To Pick This Guy Up.
          I Don't Think The Rams Make A Jersery Big Enough For This Guy !!!
          That Would Be Sweet !!!

          From What I've Read, There Isn't That Much At Linebacker....
          Once Again, From What I've Read.

          The Only Players That Are Worth A First Round Look Are:

          Napoleon Harris - 6'3 - 243 - Northwestern -- Who'll Probably Go To The Oakland Raiders.

          Robert Thomas - 6'0 - 240 - UCLA -- Who Has Injury Problems


          Trev Faulk - 6'3 - 226 - LSU * -- Who Most Scouts Said Would Last Until the 2nd Round.

          I Hate Waiting Until April For The Draft !!!!
          It Makes Me CRAZY !!!!

          The Off-Season Almost Makes Me Wish, The USFL Had Lasted !!!
          You Guys Remember The USFL ???
          Oh My Gosh - Now I'm Letting You All Know My Age (Yikes!!).

          Anyway, Thanks Again EVERYONE, For Responding To My Post.
          It Really Helps To Get Others Points of View !!!!

          Thanks Again !!!



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            I wouldn't be surprised to see the RAMS go after a DB that has "shutdouwn corner" capabilities if there was a guy like that available at 31. I doubt seriously that they would trade up. I just read a "how they stand now" salary cap breakdown. The RAMS are about 200K under the cap. There will be some restructuring/player cutting just to free up money for the draft. I hope I am wrong, but I remember reading once that you had to have a certain amount of cap room to be able to draft. If that is correct, June 1 cuts won't help. If it's not true, then expect a lot ($ wise) of June 1 cuts.



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              Due to the Rams cap room situation I wouldnt be surprised if we traded our 1st round pick for a couple of lower round picks.I think we will go after a CB or WR first.However,I have hard time seeing how this years draft will be a productive one.Money looks kinda tight right now.I just hope our front office can work some of their magic!!


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                I can't see us trading the pick, but I personally would love to see the Rams draft a DB if one is available and I think it's first on Martz's list unless the ones he wants are gone, then he reverts to WR.


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                  I think most of what you guys have been saying is right. If Martz shows restraint and doesn't draft a WR in the first round, he will probably go with a CB. However, if one of the better O-linemen falls to 31 (Mike Pearson - OT or Andre Gurode - OG), he might go that way.

                  Aries makes a great point. The Rams may be able to trade down if they do not find a good value at 31. The CB situation is similar to the wide receivers in that there are several good options that are all close in ability.

                  I don't think, though, that the Rams should even consider drafting a DT at 31. First, all of the quality options at this position (Henderson, Bryant, Haynesworth, and Simms) will probably be long gone by our pick. Second, the Rams already have several options at this position including D. Lewis who was injured for most of last year. Also, Zgonina and Young played admirably in their starting roles.

                  A DE would make more sense to me, but not a 'tweener like Dwight Freeney (who could be available at 31). Someone more like Dennis Johnson from Kentucky or Anthony Weaver from Notre Dame could be options at 31.


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                    What Would You Take For It ???


                    Originally posted by Aries51
                    ....I wouldnt be surprised if we traded our 1st round pick for a couple of lower round picks.
                    Aries, Let's Just Say, We're Sitting At 31 - And We're On The Clock....
                    Some Team Calls Us - And Asks Us To Trade.

                    What Do You Think - Would Be Fair Compensation ??
                    I Mean, It's The Bottom of The First Round - Only Two Picks To Go Before The Second Round Starts.
                    So Basically, It Is The Second Round....

                    What Would You Ask of The Team That Called ??
                    Their 2nd Pick & A 3rd ??? Is That Fair ???

                    That Would Give St. Louis Two Number 2's And Three Number 3's.

                    I Don't See ANY TEAM Doing That, But Stranger Things Have Happened....

                    What Are Your Thoughts ???



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                      KB, it's all supply and demand. it would depend which team want to trade and how keen they are to have the spot. We all know what the Saints gave to pick Ricky Williams because they WANTED him sooooo bad. Desperation will make even experienced personnel men pay over the odds for that one player to take the team to the Super Bowl.

                      But I couldn't agree more, it's basically a 2nd round pick but the kid will want first round money , so maybe we should be ready to trade down and save some cap room


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                        You make a good point Karl.The 31st pick is not cream of the crop.Truthfully,I dont know!I just think that 31st pick could be dangerous money-wise.Guys,I think we are set at the defensive line position.I think Ryan Pickett is gonna be a stud this year and Lewis will shine as a DE.I could be wrong ,but I feel we can get a good receiver and CB in the later rounds.I just dont see how we have 1st round money to burn.I wish I had more inside info!!!! (and you are right Karl,a 2nd and 3rd pick wouldnt be fair,but our front office got Marshall and that didnt look fair,and we got Williams last year and that didnt look fair.I really think our front office can get the best of somebody this year!):
                        Last edited by Aries51; -03-18-2002, 02:10 PM.


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                          A couple of things....First Jacoby Sheperd is basicly off the roster. He was put on Reserved last year, which is like the Death Row. The coaches have had it with him. Second... I can see Mike Williams dropping to us. From my sources...he had a bad combine...and his workouts have been less that exceptional. I know none of us here like the combine...but the Owners do, and as much as we don't want to believe, draft the players, not us. plus lets remember my sleeper...AARON LOCKETT!!!!!!


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                            Williams certainly did not have an impressive combine, but even a poor combine performance will not drop him from a top ten pick to 31. There may be a good value on the line at 31, but Williams probably won't be it.

                            Also, I agree that Lewis should have a big year on the defensive line this year, but the last time I saw he was slated as a DT. Has he lost weight in the off season? Are the Rams going to try him at DE? Anybody hear anything. That would be an interesting switch.


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                              Originally posted by will

                              Also, I agree that Lewis should have a big year on the defensive line this year, but the last time I saw he was slated as a DT. Has he lost weight in the off season? Are the Rams going to try him at DE? Anybody hear anything. That would be an interesting switch.
                              Yes,I have read and heard that Kollar wants to try moving Lewis to DE.It could be a good move.I'm sure we will hear more during training camp.
                              ST.LOUIS RAMS:THE MOST FRUSTRATING TEAM IN THE NFL!!!


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                                QUARTERBACKPlayerSchoolHt.Wt.Proj. RdNate DavisBall State6-12182-3Josh
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                                and also to back up Marc Bulger.

                                WIDE RECEIVERPlayerSchoolHt.Wt.Proj. RdJeremy
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                                would provide a boost to the Rams' corps of wideouts, especially if Torry Holt
                                isn't back. They also could use a returner, which makes Maclin

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                                RUNNING BACKPlayerSchoolHt.Wt.Proj. RdShonn
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                                he'll be tempting.

                                DEFENSIVE TACKLEPlayerSchoolHt.Wt.Proj. RdRicky
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                                -01-15-2009, 04:46 AM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                DRAFT guru's on crack.
                                by Guest
                                I know you guy's pop around websites to check these (GURU'S) draft's and such. but this pat kirwin guy has to be smoking something , just out of this planets reach, i don't know where he get's HIS information from , but someone help me please, just how bad did the rams pass defense stink up the field last year anyway. i would swear that they finished 7th or 8th , or top10 or something. this guy has us picking DARELL REVIS with #13 , because we havn't fixed the problems we have at our CB-S positions .and to boot , we let that MACK TRUCK from arkansas , ANDERSON i think his name is , go right past us and slip to #15 or #16 or something of the sort. ya know, i need to start smokin weed , because if reallity looks like that to a PROFESIONAL FOOTBALL GURU- DRAFT EXPERT , just imagine the crap i could think up talkin to you guy's. so please help me understand how bad our team really is , and how totally stupid we all are for thinking we need line help. and also, if JUSTIN HARRELL jumped up into the middle of the first round , ( I LOVE THIS GUY) why wouldn't we grab him. he was projected last year to be a high first round pick until his injury.
                                -04-09-2007, 12:45 PM
                              • mikhal5569
                                Confused about the supplemental draft
                                by mikhal5569
                                I haven't had a ton of time to look into this, but to the best of my knowledge the Supplemental Draft recently happened a week or two ago, correct?

                                What is the status of the running back everyone seems to want, Harvey Unga? Do the Rams have the first rights to drop a fourth or fifth round pick down for him or is this more of the highest bidder type thing?

                                Also, how long do the teams have to make their bid for Supplemental Draft players?

                                All I know is we could really use a back like Unga.
                                -07-14-2010, 06:40 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Say no to the Vets
                                by RamWraith
                                Now that the Rams have signed Proehl we need to focus on getting a receiver or 2 in the draft. Stay away from the rest of Vets out there, they are not going to solve any future problems for us except cost big money. The answer to our future lays in last year, this year and next years draft. We are going to be finding out soon if Armey is all he has been made out to be. ;)
                                -04-03-2002, 12:01 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Now That We Know Where The Rams Will DRaft...
                                by Guest
                                who do you think is most likely to be around at the 22nd pick ( or 31st or 32nd if they make it to the superbowl )?

                                give the draftee you would like them to draft and the draftee you think they will most likely draft.
                                -01-03-2005, 10:52 PM