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The media created myth of SB36

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  • The media created myth of SB36

    The media crucified Martz after SB36. Martz was the scapegoat for their inept analysis and belichick was made out the genius. Many fans jumped on this bandwaggon and are still riding it today.

    This is the same media that never mentioned the officiating at all. Not a word - Not a peep. NOTHING!! And yet fans buy into their crap about Martz being out coached. It's preposterous to say the least.

    For those fans who do not know the game and who have seemingly forgot the events leading up to and the game itself; let's recap.

    The Rams and patriots played during the regular season at Foxborro. The Rams prevailed but it was a close game.

    The oddsmakers inflated the odds and made the Rams a huge favorite before the start of SB36. This was done to increase the amount of wagering. The Rams were not as big of favorite as the oddsmakers made them out to be. The oddsmakers were simply trying to increase the volume of wagers.

    Leading up to the game Martz said that he thought the game would be close. He indicated that belichick was the brightest defensive mind in the game. He stated that the belichick coached defense would be and had been the Rams offense's toughest test.

    Not many seem to remember these comments from Martz. The stage was set by the brightest offensive mind giving the brightest defensive mind his due and stating it would be a close hard fought game.

    There was no posturing by Martz that his team was vastly superior to the pats. That existed only in the minds of fans and much of the media.

    Well as we all know the game was close. Very close. Certainly the belichick defense was well schooled in playing on the edge of the rules and the officials were intent on letting them play their game.

    Martz stayed true to his form. He was an aggressive play caller who went with the pass first philosophy. Attack, attack and attack again. This was Mike Martz and this was his Rams team. Running against the pats defense was at a premium, just as it still is today.

    The Rams made some mistakes during the course of the game and Wilkins missed a FG. Asside from the mistakes and the poor officiating, via the non-calls, against the pats defense, the game boiled down to the pats final drive.

    Redmond did not get out of bounds, to stop the clock, but the refs indicated otherwise. Lovie blitzed only one time, and they had Brady sacked, but he got away with intentional grounding.

    Well as we all know - The rest is history. The game was close and hard fought just as Martz predicted. And yet fans, who do not listen and do not understand the game, perpetuate the media created myth that belichick was a genius and Martz was a goat.

    Curly ~ Horns

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    Re: The media created myth of SB36

    excellent post Ferter. i couldnt agree more.


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      Re: The media created myth of SB36

      That damn Media!! They are always messing with the Rams. They cause all our problems.

      Jumping on the bandwagon huh? Lets see Marshall is averaging almost five yards a carry and 7 yards a touch. Running was not so hard against those pats and should have been used more in the Super Bowl. 17 carries was not enough in my book. Remember the Rams were undefeated when Marshall had over 20 carries that year. He was the offensive player of the year and he was used sparingly in the second half? When you are down you go to your big dogs and no one on that team was better then Faulk that year. Everybody that played the Rams said having to keep their eyes on Marshall distracted their defence.

      Martz stayed true to his form. He was an aggressive play caller who went with the pass first philosophy.
      Yeah he did stay true to his form he choked in a big game and did not get his players ready to play. Like you said he knew they were in for some trouble they should have been better prepared. I wont put that whole game on Martz shoulder but to act like the HEAD COACH is not responsible on some level for a loss like that????Its all just the media hype??LOL

      I will never cry about the officiating I watched the Lakers win 3 championships despite bad officiating it can be done.
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        Re: The media created myth of SB36

        You are the classic example LaRamsFanLongTime.

        Yeah, go ahead and open your book of woulda, shoulda, coulda. If you had a clue you would realize my post centers around your type of speculation.

        You simply assume that Faulk would have been able to run at will against the pats defense. Yet it is all speculation. You have not an inkling of proof. Yet you berate and crucify Martz on pure speculation alone.

        You state that Faulk was a threat, which is true, but the pats defense was keying on Faulk. The Rams tried to utilize him in the passing game, but he was being held.

        You then go on to state that Martz choked. I guess you say this because you think he should have ran the ball more? If the run had not been successful, and the pats win the battle of field position, I imagine you are the type that would say Martz choked because he would not pass more?

        What proof do you have that Martz did not prepare? What proof do you have that the players were not ready to play? Is your proof the fact that they lost a close hard fought game? If so, you don't understand the game and I really don't know why I should waste a minute of my time responding to your flawed thinking. But first, let me just finish with your ending

        You go on to laugh about a loss like that. Again, I guess you did not read the post? You are the type who figured the Rams should have won the game by a large margin? I mean what the hell does it mean when you say "a loss like that"?

        And then your final abstract summary is to compare the NBA to the NFL? Good God man, get a freaking clue.

        Curly ~ Horns


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          Re: The media created myth of SB36

          Just watched Ramtime's videos again and all I got to say is wow! There should have been both fines and penalties given to the Pats. Terrible job by the officials.
          As always.....

          GO RAMS!!!


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            Re: The media created myth of SB36

            Martz was out-coached.

            All he had to give that last half was that dumba**-I don't have a clue- someone will save me smirk.

            Run or pass BB had Martz'z answer. Give the right man his respect.
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            Look away. I'm hideous. __ Cozmo Kramer


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              Re: The media created myth of SB36

              The Rams didn't catch many breaks in that game, but I will say that Martz was outcoached in that game.

              The Rams won the first contest, and the Pats blitzed like crazy. In the superbowl, Belichick changed his strategy and rarely blitzed. Belichick has an incredible record of beating teams he has already played earlier in the year. He learns. He adjusts.

              Martz is just Martz. "We do what we do". No adjustments. And it made it that much easier for Belichick to strategize against.

              Bad Calls...Yes. Bad decision by Kurt Warner to throw the out...Yes. Poor prevent defense by the Rams in the last 2 minutes...Yes. Mike Martz outcoached by Belichick...Yes.


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                Re: The media created myth of SB36

                No less an authority than Jim Mora, the whiners DC at the time said that he was "amazed" at what Belichick got away with in that game and I think he used the word "mugged" to describe what happened to the Rams WR's.

                He then of course, said that if they could get away with it then he was going to do it too and I don't think this was an opinion exclusive to Jim. Look what happened the following season, teams weren't just doing it to the Rams WR's they were doing it to everyone, passing yardages fell, scoring was down and people were complaining.

                That wasn't rectified until last season.

                The only criticism that I would level at Martz in that game was his failure to adjust to how the game was being refereed. I don't think that you could say that he was comprehensively outcoached however. A 3 point margin certainly wouldn't suggest it and it wasn't my impression of the game.

                Martz wasn't the reason we lost the game, we lost the game because we played a good team coached by a good coach who have gone on to prove they deserved it.

                We lost one to a 4th qtr field goal and we won one on a 4th qtr tackle.


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                  Re: The media created myth of SB36

                  Originally posted by .ramfan.
                  Just watched Ramtime's videos again and all I got to say is wow! There should have been both fines and penalties given to the Pats. Terrible job by the officials.
                  What are these videos and how can I see them?


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                    Re: The media created myth of SB36

                    Wow!! Very good post. Great points from both sides. I agree with both of you on many points. Martz was outcoached which was not hard as he is a moron. The officiating was indeed terrible. BB is a great coach; his players stay with him and play hard for him - all the time. I think, that without the help of the officials, the Rams blow the patriots away in a route.


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                      Re: The media created myth of SB36

                      so let me get this straight, you first say the guy was outcoached and that mike martz is a moron.

                      then you go on to say the rams would have blown out the patriots had it not been for the horrible officiating.

                      so which is it? how you can be out coached if the only reason you lost was because of the horrible officiating?

                      please make up your mind and try again. thank you.


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                        Re: The media created myth of SB36

                        I think Martz was outcoached. Here's why, he didnt adjust. That was the problem. If the Pats are attacking Warner like that and mugging receivers, you need to switch to the running game. This is where Martz failed miserably as a coach. If you stopped the passing game, then you would win. Now, it wasnt easy to stop the passing game, but it was done and Martz was unable to adjust.


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                          Re: The media created myth of SB36

                          The Rams should have won. They were the best team that year. When they played the Patriots earlier in the year - in Foxboro - the Rams won 24-17 only because Martz ran out the clock in the red zone at the end of the game.

                          A combination of factors lead to the Rams losing, including horrific officiating, Warner playing with the rib injury suffered against Green Bay, poor playcalling by the Rams, and a bit of bad luck.

                          Maybe the Rams were not quite the juggernaut the press made them out to be, and the Patriots were certainly better than the weak underdog they were portrayed to be, but the bottom line is that the Rams should have won.

                          It was a missed opportunity and, as we know all to well, opportunities don't come every day.


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                            Re: The media created myth of SB36

                            Originally posted by Fat Pang
                            The only criticism that I would level at Martz in that game was his failure to adjust to how the game was being refereed.
                            I tend to agree with this. If Martz would have taken what the officials were allowing, he could have negated the advantage the Pats were getting, or forced the game to be called fairly. To me, that was a lost opportunity.


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                              Re: The media created myth of SB36

                              I haven't watched the game since it was played but I seem to remember that most of the Pats first 17 points were set up off of Rams turnovers. Didn't most of Brady's passing yardage in the game come on the final drive? The Rams were 14 point favorites for a good reason. The game was to be played indoors AND the Rams were on a 3 roll where they were scoring points by the bucket load. After watching the Rams all that season I thought the Rams were gonna win by a blowout also. The Pats did what they had too to win but the bottom line is that if the Rams don't turn over the ball they probably win the game. Maybe Martz could have done more to make adjustments but in my opinion turnovers decided the game. Right or wrong, the losing coach being crucified by the press should be expected. Oh, and since Belichick has won 3 Super bowls now, I think folks saying he is a better coach than Martz is in no way out of line.


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                                Martz Has To Go.... PERIOD!!!!!
                                by Guest
                                I know there are alot of Martz fans here, but he has to go. it is his responsibility to get his team ready for each game and he clearly didn't get the job done.

                                he had 2 weeks to prepare for this game and the Patriots were descimated in the secondary. this should have been a big win. instead it is a big loss.

                                I've heard all the arguements that this team does not have the talent on the defensive side of the ball or the offensive line. but you can't tell me if Belichek was coaching this team that he would be getting the most out of this team and they would be winning.

                                the Patriots don't have superstars on their team. can you even name an offensive lineman on the Patriots? exactly my point. no real superstars but dominating the NFL.

                                Belichek chould turn this team around with the same personel. no doubt about it. Martz has not made the most of his tenure and that is why it is time for him to go.

                                now, will the Rmas actually fire him? NO!!!!! they will blame it on the defense and fire Marmie and Martz will skate by again.

                                sorry Martz fans and supporters, but you know I am right about this.

                                if another coach could make winners out of the dame personel and the coach you have can't, it's time to fire the coach.
                                -11-07-2004, 08:49 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Martz doesn't believe spying charges
                                by RamWraith
                                By Mike Klis
                                The Denver Post
                                Article Last Updated: 02/21/2008

                                INDIANAPOLIS If it matters, Mike Martz doesn't believe the New England Patriots spied on his walkthrough practice prior on the eve of Super Bowl XXXVI.

                                Interested in the investigation. But not yet convinced he was one of the NFL's most notorious victims.

                                Martz was head coach of the St. Louis Rams, the juggernaut of the 2001 season that was shocked by the heavily underdog Patriots, 20-17.

                                "Maybe it helped them, maybe it didn't," Martz said Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine he is attending as the San Francisco *****' new offensive coordinator. "But you'll never be able to measure that if they did do that. You're assuming they did that and I choose to believe they didn't do that."

                                The Pats won two more Super Bowls, but have since been caught illegally videotaping opposing coaches' signals by the league. While that transgression cost the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick a combined $1.25 million in fines and a first-round draft pick, a more damaging accusation could be a Boston Herald report that the Pats illegally taped the Rams' final walkthrough before their Super Bowl meeting.

                                The league is negotiating with Matt Walsh, who formerly worked in the Pats' video department until he was fired in 2003. The league wants to know if the Rams' walkthrough was taped, if it was Walsh who taped it, and if he still has that tape.

                                "Of course, I'm interested," Martz said. "I was involved in that. It was my responsibility. I was responsible for a lot of people in that game. I am interested. But I'm going to assume it's totally false. Until they prove otherwise, there's not much to talk about."
                                -02-21-2008, 03:26 PM
                              • sbramfan
                                When Mike Martz Jumped the Shark....
                                by sbramfan
                                Now I know that the majority of us here wished that Mike Martz would have fixed the special teams and the defense and kept his job, and even though he was apparently fired for his issues with the FO, in my mind, there was a coaching turning point as well...

                                The Rams were 4-3 last year heading into the bye. Mike Martz had an extra week to prepare for the coach that had out-coached him in the Superbowl. The Rams had the Patriots at home. They came out flat, and with a terrible game plan. I don't even remember the exact play, but at some point the Rams called a trick play that didn't fool anyone, and they were already losing big time. It made me sick. This was Martz' big payback for the Superbowl loss? The Pats put up 40 points that day and was a terrible loss at home.

                                I also believe the players got the bye week off and recall being frustrated with that as well. As if they were still the team that was rolling over people and deserved the time off, when they should have been practicing in pads to learn how to tackle that week...
                                -01-10-2006, 02:26 AM
                              • bruce4life
                                At least this certain someone had balls...
                                by bruce4life
                                Mr.mike martz....

                                When he coached you always knew that we would at least be competitive.... Enoug said
                                -12-06-2011, 08:40 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Martz does things his own way--ESPN Insider
                                by RamWraith
                                By Jeff Reynolds
                                Pro Football Weekly

                                ST. LOUIS It's June 1, and the temperature, climbing above 85 degrees on a cloudless day at a tucked-away corporate park west of St. Louis, creates the slightest haze outside the oversized windows at Rams Park.

                                The blinds, tilted upward in his second-floor corner office, rob Rams head coach Mike Martz of a view of an empty practice field and a justifiably quiet blacktop parking lot.

                                Even in a navy and gray floral printed polo shirt embroidered with the logo of a past golf tournament, Martz portrays perfectly the image of a studious football coach. Angling toward the front edge of his mahogany U-shaped desk, Martz shifts an iced Diet Pepsi to the right to uncover a bound, double-sided printout. The standard white, 8-by-11-inch paper stands about two inches thick, lying flat in Martz's outstretched hand.

                                "Third-down plays we had ready and never called," Martz says, a sense of dissatisfaction in his voice. "We don't have a playbook. We have a book with the system in it as described with some of the base offense. If you put everything together on that top rack , that is about half of what we do. It's never-ending."

                                Mike Martz has a 51-29 regular-season record as the Rams head coach.This is Mike Martz, the subject of justifiably passionate debate among football fans who can't agree whether he's brilliant, smarmy, stubborn, ignorant or some combination of those traits. The man often portrayed as a prima-donna dictator displays only pictures of his dogs, Rocky and Buddy, and his family. There is no Super Bowl ring, no glamorous display of career achievements. Nothing that says Martz is the extroverted narcissist many assume him to be.

                                He is asked about defensive coordinator Larry Marmie, who has been ridiculed frequently since replacing Lovie Smith, who went on to become the head coach of the Bears.

                                "Criticism, most often, is without understanding," Martz says in a persuasive tone, sounding like an attorney during closing arguments.

                                He's not back on his heels, but there is evidence in his irritatingly relaxed posture that Martz has been here before.

                                Many things make Martz an easy target. For one, his offense sits with some traditionalists the 3-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust generation as well as poetry does with a butcher. He also refuses to bother with self-defense, leading second-guessers to keep guessing. Take Super Bowl XXXVI for example, a loss that one confidant says still "haunts him" as has been widely speculated.

                                Smith, who worked with Martz at Arizona State, was on the St. Louis coaching staff from 2001-03 and called that game "the toughest loss I've ever been a part of."

                                The Rams lost to the Patriots 20-17 on a last-second field goal, and following the game, the Rams'...
                                -06-30-2005, 02:01 PM