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  • London Fletcher-please Read

    london fletcher

    What a jerk....I hope he goes straight down the tubes. I can't believe he said that about the team that made him who he is.

    (click on the link then look for the story.."RAMS SUCKED ME DRY"

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    Re: London Fletcher-please Read

    Originally posted by rams=nfl1
    london fletcher

    What a jerk....I hope he goes straight down the tubes. I can't believe he said that about the team that made him who he is.

    (click on the link then look for the story.."RAMS SUCKED ME DRY"
    wow, I got the impression that London Fletcher is a emotional player. Maybe he wears them on his sleave. I for one am sorry to see this kid go. good luck London (except when you play us :p


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      I don't really have a problem with him leaving. Way too emotional for a team leader. I wish Fletch luck in Buffalo, but I think the Rams are better with Jamie Duncan. At least Duncan won't cost us a stop.


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        I was glad that he went to the bills b/c i can keep rooting for him, but it's always ugly and rude when a player disses a former team, especially one that gave him jewelry...:mad:


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          True, you definetely don't want to be doing that to the team that helped get you were you are. I wish him all the luck in Buffalo cause he is going to need it.


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            Those comments made me angry for a while, but then I realized that it's his life and he can make what he wants of it. However, he should have more respect for the team that gave him a chance even though he wasn't drafted.



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              Oh London...........didn't the Rams put the "Franchise" designation on him?


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                . . . When they don't want to re-sign you, they have to paint some sort of picture."

                That comment says it all about Pro Football. Both sides couldn't come to a agreement. The Rams have to do what is best for the Rams and Fletcher had to do what was best for Fletcher.

                There is no wrong side here there are two sides that didn't agree. I for one will still wear my Fletcher jersey proudly, He gave the Rams four great years.

                Good Luck Fletch


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                  Hey RMFN,

                  RMFN, I Feel For You !!!
                  I Know London Is A Big Favorite of Yours.
                  I'm Glad To See You Still Supporting Him Regardless of the Desertion.

                  How Many Buffalo Games Are You Going To Watch This Year ???

                  I Just Thought of Something....

                  London Will Be Looking To Stop Running Back Ricky Williams (Dolphins) Just Like He Did In The "Good Ol' Days" !!

                  The Whole Thing, Reminds Me of The Kevin Carter Situation Last Year - Except London Never "Tanked" A Game.
                  I Hope (For London's Sake), The Situation Doesn't Turn Out The Same As The Kevin Carter Deal (KC Fell Off the Face of The Earth, After Leaving The Rams).

                  Are You Going To Get A Bills Jersey (He, He - Bad Joke).

                  All In Good Fun !!

                  Your Friend,



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                    I am not bothered by the article, it just sounds like he would have liked to stay had the money been there...but the Rams had a price they were willing to pay and he didn't want it, so they found someone who did...Remember as much as its football...its also Big Business. All sides will defend their own views.


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                      London needs to learn a couple things...

                      He and we need to remember where he has come from. He was an undrafted street free agent and given an opprotunity to play with the Rams. At that time we were HURTING for a Mike linebacker. He will soon find out whether he was a product of a good system or an "elite linebacker". The Rams gave London a great opprotunity. So many players in the NFL have slipped through the cracks because it wasn't the right system for them and they became a pruduct of that.

                      London needs to start learning some professionalism and remember from hence he came.

                      I wish him and his family the best, but he needs to count his blessings before he starts talking **** about my Rams, cause he fastly losing this fans support


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                        Like I've said before, he should have kept his mouth shut. But as a Ram fan, I'll miss his fire on defense.

                        Will his Super Bowl experience help the Bills get that monkey off their back?


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                          by Karl Baker

                          London Will Be Looking To Stop Running Back Ricky Williams (Dolphins) Just Like He Did In The "Good Ol' Days" !!

                          That shouldn't be to much of a problem for Fletch


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                            After a few seasons of missing the playoffs, Fletch will understand why quality players are willing to sign for less cash in order to get a legitmate shot at what he has blown off, playing on a contender.


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