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  • Season tickets arrived

    Hey, my season tickets arrived and they are the worse tickets ever.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Yes, they are so bad you should just pack them up and ship them to me ;)


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      OK, whats your address ............... NOT

      I mean ... why GREEN :rolleyes:

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        to me, that is a very beautiful ticket.
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          I liked last year's ones with the players picture.
          And as Dez said... why green?!?

          We don't even have Green on our roster anymore
          :clanram: Visit RAMSITALIA The first Rams fanzine in Italy :clanram:


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            Yeah, they could have tried a little harder on the design, Guess they could have only used The offense on the Tix though, they didnt want to put anybody on them that was playing for another team?;)


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            • NFLTopGun
              Rams-Ravens tickets
              by NFLTopGun
              Hey Rams' fans. I have Rams-Ravens preseason tickets available for over 50% off the face value. Here's what I have:

              Section 137, 12th row, 3 tickets. Face value is $99 each. Selling for $45 each.
              Section 125, 4th row, 3 tickets. Aisle seat. Face value is $77 each. Selling for $35 each.

              I live in West County of STL, so I can meet. Or I can mail the tickets if you're out of state. I believe Rams has a website where I can transfer tickets to you if you prefer to do it that way. Let me know if interested.

              You can contact me here or email me at [email protected].

              GO RAMS!
              -08-15-2013, 06:48 AM
            • THOLTFAN81
              Rams Season Tickets
              by THOLTFAN81
              I was bored today just browsing the internet and was just looking up Rams season tickets (I live in NJ). I saw that they were relatively cheap for the cost of tickets around here. Cost you an arm and a leg just for a soda and a hot dog at a giants/jets game like 14$ for the two. If i lived in the St Louis area i would definitely be an owner of season tickets regardless. Was just wondering how many of you on here are season ticket holders? I think next season I am going to be making a trip to a game.
              -02-12-2010, 08:23 PM
            • Tony Banks
              Rams Season Tickets
              by Tony Banks
              I just paid off my season tickets for this season! Lets go Rams 2008!!!

              -03-14-2008, 09:21 AM
            • BigGame
              I got tickets...
              by BigGame
              I got tickets this morning to the Bills-Rams contest on November 21st.

              Anyone else planning on attending this game? If so, mabey we could do a little tailgating, as I'm sure the Rams fans will need to stick together in a usually hostile Ralph Wilson Stadium.

              Unfortunatly, it looks like the Bills did well with season ticket sales, as even though I got my tickets officially 3 minutes after they went on sale, there was nothing available in the lower bowl.
              -07-17-2004, 06:41 PM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Rams Tickets: All Games - 2 Seats, 50 Yard Line, 3 rows up in 409 Upper
              by RamsInfiniti
              Hey All. I have my tickets available to anybody that wants them. Just won't be able to afford many trips to St. Lou this year.

              I have two seats, 440 EE, on the aisle, 50 yard line. They are three rows up.

              Will let any game go for face value.

              Preseason games I'll let go for half price.

              Hit me up by PM if interested. I have hard tickets in hand, or can send you PDFs.
              -07-28-2010, 08:21 AM