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  • ???

    On top of our Avatars are these little mine is NFL Europe Allocate. What do these stand for and how do you move up?? Thanks

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    I am pretty sure its by the # of posts...hope that helps!


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        ;) You are very welcome.


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          Dez as it set up so that the more you post the higher the rank you get. The progression is set up to follow the progression of getting on a team roster.


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            Just A Thought...

            In Another Ram's Forum That Uses This Same Type of Bulletin Borad, You Can Put "Titles" There.

            It's Pretty Cool.

            Because Under Your Name, You Can Put Little Catch Pharses or Actual Titles. It's Pretty Neat.

            Oh Dez.....
            Hint, Hint, Hint !!!



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              whats the url of the board so I may have a look ;)

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Ask, And You Shall Receive !!!

                PRO FOOTBALL HUDDLES

                Take A Look !!!


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                  cool, if you know who runs the board, let them know that they need to upgrade from that version due to security issues

                  Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                    Thanks, DEZ !!

                    Thanks Dez,

                    The Guy Who Owns It, Is Andrus Whitewing.

                    Maybe You Can Let Him Know, What You're Talking About.
                    He's A Very Cool Guy (Very Much Like Yourself).

                    Very Laid Back !!!

                    I Think Is E-Mail Address Is: [email protected]

                    Oh Gosh - I Hope He Doesn't Get Mad For Me Giving Out His E-Mail Address !!!
                    Don't Tell Him WHO Gave It To You (Just To Be Safe).
                    Just Say, You Came Across The Forum By Accident,
                    (Man, I Can't Lie To Save My Life) !!!

                    Thanks Dez,



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                      Hey, just checked who owns that forum and is a Saints guy

                      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                        You Are Right Sir !!!

                        Yes, RamDeZ !!!

                        He Owns, !!!
                        Which Is The LARGEST Saints Forum That I Know of.....

                        Don't Worry.
                        He's Still VERY COOL !!!!
                        And, I Suspect, A "Closet Ram Fan". Oh My Gosh, He'll KILL Me For Saying (Typing) That !!!!!

                        Andrus, Has Been Very Helpful To Us Ram Fans !!!



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                          I am sending him a transcript of the above as we speak ;)

                          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                            Sounds like you are in deep **** Karl...better run LOL


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                              No !!!!!

                              :rolleyes: Oh My Gosh !!!!! :rolleyes:

                              I'm SO DEAD !!!!



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                                Triple Digits
                                by DJRamFan
                                Thanks to all the new members...we're now over 100...111 last time i checked.

                                Thanks for the support and feel free to post often... :p
                                -07-02-2001, 04:24 PM
                              • ThunderHawk
                                Thanks Guys....
                                by ThunderHawk
                                For standing up and cheering when Michael Boulware was carted off the field. It's good to know that even though we're Arch Enemies, we're still human. Kudos to all the fans in St. Louis!! We will most certainly do that in return if, God forbid, one of your guys gets hurt up here. FYI, Michael's feeling came back to his legs, and it looks like he's good to go, believe it or not! Good luck the rest of the way guys. I'm really starting to like our rivalry!!! It's getting good now!
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                                If you want to email a friend to let them know about this thread, here is the link


                                I will be passing this onto Mike Martz when the thread runs its coarse.

                                I will only allow positive posts here, if you want to continue kicking the man, do so in another thread.
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                                Just wanted to say thanks!
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                                I think this is the first topic I have made, but I have responded to a couple of posts.

                                Just to let you know, I grew up in Anaheim and lived in CA until about 9 months ago when I moved to AZ (for school). When I started watching football, I rooted for my dads favorite team, which was the LA Rams. I have liked the Rams ever since.

                                Mostly, I just wanted to thank all those people who post recent Rams news all the time, because it is really hard to get it over here in AZ. I can usually find stuff at football sites and the Post-Dispatch, but this site tops it off. If it wasn't for the forum I run (A Madden 06 Online Competition Forum) I would have this as my homepage.

                                Thanks for the hard work!
                                -02-14-2006, 12:35 PM