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Canidate as a WR?

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  • Canidate as a WR?

    Word on the street has it that Canidate will be the WR to replace Hakim. Any truth?

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    Depends on which street you heard it and how much the residents know about football.
    He's got the pace to play WR, no doubt. You've just got to question whether he's got the hands to go with it.


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      I hadn't heard, but would be curious to know!


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        That would be one way to get him in the game, but it would hurt if Marshall went down, Either no backup or missing a receiver. Draft or FA a receiver and use him at both positions...
        This space for rent...


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          Don't be shocked if it happens


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            Different Rumors....


            I Was Around The Block, And I Heard Trung Was On The Trading Blocks !!
            So I Guess We're Hanging Out on Different Streets.

            And As Far As Trading Positions To Wide Reciever, The Rams Have A HISTORY About Taking A Player A Moving Him Around.

            For Example: Jeff Robinson - Came Out of College As A Defensive End. What Do The Rams Do....
            Move Him To Tight-End, And Long Snapper !!
            I'll Miss That Guy !! I Hope He Does Well In Dallas !!

            Another Example: Avieon Cason. A GREAT RETURN SPECIALIST.
            And A Runningback In College.
            What Do The Rams Do....
            Move Him To Wide Reciever, And Then Safety.

            I Know of, Three or Four Other Moves, But I'm To Lasy To Look Them Up Right Now.

            Our Head Coaching Staff Does This ALL The Time !!!!
            So I Wouldn't Be Surprised.



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              I would sure like to see him stay behind Marshal faulk. He is good there .


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                Can't see him "moving " to be the 3rd wideout but equally don't be surprised to see him lining up as a wideout. Martz likes to move people about to get the match ups he wants


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                  I'm with DODRAM on this one. Martz certainly might line Canidate up as a WR from time to time, but don't count on him putting Canidate on the roster as a WR.

                  As for trading Canidate, it is certainly an interesting idea. I can only imagine trading him for a couple of day 1 draft picks (a 2nd and a 3rd) in this years or next years draft. However, do the Rams have salary cap room to be able to pay whoever we draft with the extra picks?


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                    Don't count on him not using him predominantly as a WR. We have to get some use of a first round pick.

                    I don't put anything past MM


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                      One problem....height. After the Eagles game when we were talking I was almost as tall as him...and im like 5 foot 7.


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                        DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!

                        Maybe as a 4th 0r 5th, but this guy is the aire-apperent to the best running back in football, he is a rb. Quit worrying, my fellow RAM faithful, we have a great staff and they'll get this done. Though I love Ricky and would hate to see him go.


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                          Moving Trung would create a big hole at running back. Holcombe is a restricted free agent.


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                            i don't see it happening....Trung is the heir apparent to Marshall, moving him to WR would create interesting matchups but really screw up his learning process at RB.


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                              Just look at the Jets game last year to see how valuable he is as a backup runningback. Hopefully he'll stay there and improve. I doubt he'll be moved to WR for good, we aren't that desperate... Are we? ;)