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    The Rams have had some great first round draft picks. From Crazylegs to Pace. Dickerson, Hacksaw and Isiah Robertson were second to none. But, the 3 best if you go by what they gave the Rams are Jack Youngblood, Merlin Olsen and Tom Mack. Almost 600 consecutive games played, 32 pro bowl appearances and as you know all three in Canton. The 75 draft was probably their best. Dennis Harrah, Mike Fanning, Doug France, Monte Jackson and Pat Haden. The 77 draft wasn't bad, Brudzinski, Cromwell, Wendell Tyler, Vinnie Ferragamo and Billy Waddy (Ferragamo and Waddy memories). The greatest values were Deacon Jones and Larry Brooks, both went in the 14th round.
    AND in the 8th round was a Ram great Rich Saul.
    And in the pic he wasn't a bad third rounder.
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    Let us not forget the 2001 draft: Archuleta, and Damione Lewis in the first round, and the value pick; Tommy Polley in the second round. Archuleta was excellent, Lewis got a season ending injury early, but Tommy Polley was outstanding, perhaps even pro-bowl quality.


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      I to liked the 2001 Draft. I think we also may have a 3rd WR in St Paul or what about 2nd year man Yo Murphy.......... Lewis, Archuleta & Polley were the big stand outs... Go Defense....


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        Murphy has been around for about six years...just not with the Rams. I THINK his career started in Minnesota

        I thought the best draft was when we got Phillips, Kennison and Banks...all in one year...KIDDING :-)


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          But that '96 Draft could have read Eddie George, Marvin Harrison, and Terrell Owens (I threw that last one in for kicks).

          The 2001 Draft was exceptional, but it could have been better. Had the Rams not come out with two or three high impact players it would have been a let down.

          Don't get me wrong. I still think that Lewis will be a productive pro, but so far only two of the five first day picks for the Rams have really produced. Allen is now gone to the Texans. Milton Wynn has disappeared down the Mississippi River. St. Paul and Lewis were injured. And Manemaneula and Pickett had average seasons at best. If a couple more of these players develops to be anywhere near as dominant as Polley and Archuleta (see Damione Lewis), then I will sing this draft's praises for all time.


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            J-Ram lol I remember the experts said we had the best draft with those three underacheivers. Where the klosterman, rosenbloom rams picked awesome with those number one picks that helped the rams stay a monster all thru the 70's. shaw and company blew it with the draft picks we got for dickerson. we could of been a force in the 90's.