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    It's my firm belief that the Rams could literally eat up the NFL if they would only beef up the offensive line. Orlando Pace is great, but we need a few more like him. Not to mention some depth in case of injuries. Just imagine an offensive line that could open a hole into the defensive secondary virtually at will. Marshall Faulk would shatter the season record for yards gained. The Rams would not need to rely on passing as much, and Kurt's accuracy would result in fewer interceptions.

    Now I know there may be doubters out there who would say, well look at how low the sacks on Warner were this past season. I think, however, that is due mainly to Kurt's quick release and quick decision making. Also consider this, while Kurt was not sacked a lot, he was pressured quite a bit. I don't think this has much of an impact on Kurt himself, but as we all know, if he's got the time, he'll put six on the board.

    It has just been my feeling that the Rams Offensive line, while quite talented in some areas, has been shallow, and prone fatigue.

    What do you guys think?

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    Trying at tackle...

    Hi ILRamFan! :cool:

    You've got a point if one looks particularly at the present: Ryan Tucker gone and Rod Jones, contract wise, as "probable."

    I believe Rams OLine is a good and reliable one IF we manage to fill-in that right tackle spot, it's HUGE right now!

    Pace, Nütten, McCollum, Timmerman and ??? ought to keep up a strong barrier/bulldozer for this season ... especially after learning from the past three seasons or, said in a better and positive way, "especially now that they are more experienced." They know each other well and make a solid potential in this department for two, three more seasons, again, pending the right OT.

    I like Rod Jones. He's big, experienced and would want to make up for a questionable Super Bowl XXXVI performance. I hope he has 16 games of vindication this year.
    Glad you joined the :shield:

    :lid: Go RAMS!


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      I really dont see any problems with our O-Line. I think as a whole it ranks in the top 4 in the NFL.

      I agree with being deeper but that is about it.


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        I agree with ILRAMFAN, We need avother impact lineman like Pace...


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          I agree that we need to be careful with the depth...we have to remain tight and strong if we are going to have sucess this next season. I think they did get a little weak sometimes so If we can get someone who can keep pressure low on warner we will be good to go. Just my opinion.


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            Yes, we need a RT and we could use more depth. But our line is considered by many experts and one of the best in the game. We are anchored by one of the best lineman in the game in Pace. It has been a proven fact that the Rams can run when ever they want to. I'm sure if we went to a power run game we would have the top rushing team in the league. But that is not are style. Some things to consider: it's much harder to pass block than it is to run block, and the Rams probably get blitzed more than any team in the league. With all that said, this line does a hell of a job. Yeah, we could use a few things; but what team in the NFL couldn't use some things on the O-line.


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              Our O-Line is good, NOT great. I would like to see one FA on the line as well as one, maybe two, taken in the Draft. I am satisfied with it one week, but not the next (i.e. Giants game). It's good, but it could be a helluva lot better.


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                I don't neccessarily think that the Rams O-Line is bad, or below average. One of the things I am most concerned about it the depth of the line. Injuries seem to make a lot of difference in the play of the line. Also consider this: Rams need depth to rotate players to prevent overtiring. I think it would be a good idea to start a process like Lovie did on Defense and move the players in and out of the game. It's been my observation that the Rams Offensive line seems fatigued near the end of very physical games.

                For all that I think Jim Hanifan is great offensive line coach. He's done an excellent job, but he needs help, a quality right tackle, and more depth on the line.


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                  Probably won't happen but if he drops, St. Louie could snag Toniu Fonoti :o


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                    Are there any other good RT's out there form Free Agents or Perhaps the Draft.. Thats how we picked up Pace


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                      I think in comparison, it's a pretty good O-line, but I do think it needs juicing up a bit. I have seen Warner, (rarely, thank goodness) glare at the line when the pressure got to him. You can't stop everyone all the time, but sometimes its frustrating to see him do that much scrabbling. Shouldn't rely on his ability alone to get the job done. And with some departures, it is a concern. I'm sure the front office is pondering the situation themselves and will come up with a satifying solution.


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                        I doubt the Rams will have the chance to draft Toniu Fonoti, as he is the best interior lineman available for the draft. One mock draft had the Rams taking Keyou Craver (CB-Nebraska)- that could be interesting! ;)

                        Anyway, our offensive line is often overlooked. I am concerned with our depth, though, but I have faith that our front office will take care of that.

                        By the way, one stat that most haven't noticed is that the Rams have the best yard-per-carry average in the NFL. That says something about our linemen.



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                          I think running backs like Marshall Faulk (a.k.a. "The Best Player in the Game") and Trung Canidate have a great deal to do with the Rams high yds per attempt.


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                            Just found a mock draft that has the Rams taking Andre Gurode of Colorado #1.


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                              huntdux, what site?