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    For some of our younger Rams fans who might not know here are some facts about our Rams or for some of the newer fans who might not have known about >>

    Rams History :

    Back in 1934, the St. Louis Gunners joined the NFL by purchasing the defunct Cincinnati Reds NFL team. The Reds had lost their first 8 games before they were suspended from the league for defaulting on payments. The St. Louis Gunners, coached by Charles "Chile" Walsh, went 1-2 in their remaining 3 games. Then the Gunners, too, were dropped when they went bankrupt...
    In 1937, the Cleveland Rams were founded by Homer Marshman, a Cleveland attorney. The NFL placed the Cleveland Rams into the NFL Western Division to replace the St. Louis Gunners. Dan Reeves, the son of a New York grocer, purchased the Rams in 1941. Chile Walsh was hired in 1942 as an assistant coach, and was promoted to general manager in 1944. He offered a finders fee of $100 to anyone recommending a player who made the team. Chile hired his brother, Adam, (adam was very good friends with my Uncle's) as head coach in 1945, whereupon they promptly won the NFL championship, going 9-1-0 on the season. Rookie QB Bob Waterfield passed for 1,609 yards an 14 TDs. Top receiver was Jim Benton, with 1,067 yards and 8 TDs. The title game was played on Dec. 15, 1945, in Cleveland. The Rams defeated the Washington Redskins 15-14 in a showdown pitting the Rams rookie QB Bob Waterfield against the Redskins veteran QB Sammy Baugh...

    On January 11, 1946, Reeves asked permission to move the team to Los Angeles, California. Many owners were concerned about the added cost of cross-country travel expenses. Beginning a fine tradition, Reeves offered to pay to the owners an additional $5,000.00 over the existing guarantee when their team played the Rams on the West Coast. The deal was approved, and the Rams became the first NFL team to move West. This began a trend that would spill over to other professional sports, and continue for decades...

    The Rams post a record of 6-4-1 in their first season in Los Angeles, 1947...

    In 1948, the Rams became the first team in the NFL to have a team emblem on their helmets when halfback Fred Gehrke painted horns on the helmets...

    In 1949, the Rams win their first division title in Los Angeles. QB Bob Waterfield and Rookie QB Norm Van Brocklin led the team to an 8-2-2 record. Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch caught 22 passes as the league's first flanker. Tom Fears had 77 receptions for 1,013 yards. In spite of this, the Philadelphia Eagles (11-1-0) held the Rams to only 10 completions for 98 yards, and allowed only 21 yards rushing to defeat the Rams 14-0 in the NFL Championship Game...

    The Rams became the first NFL team to have all their games - both home and away - televised in 1950...

    In 1951, the Rams reversed their television broadcast policy and televised only their away games. They win their third consecutive division title with a 8-4-0 record. They go on to beat the Cleveland Browns 24-17 in the in the first nationally broadcast NFL Championship game...

    Under new coach Sid Gillman, the Rams (9-2-1) once again win their division in 1955. The Cleveland Browns (9-2-1) defeat the Rams 38-14 in the NFL Championship Game...

    In 1960, Pete Rozelle, previous general manager of the Los Angeles Rams, is named the new NFL , commissioner.pete did a wonderfull job making the Rams ...
    In 1967, the NFL split into 4 divisions. The Rams (11-1-2) win the Coastal Division, but lose in the playoffs to the Green Bay Packers 28-7...

    They again win their division in 1969, going 11-3-0 behind Roman Gabriel's 24TD passes and a strong defensive line known as the Fearsome Foursome. The Minnesota Vikings defeat the Rams in the Conference Playoff game 23-20...

    The NFL and AFL merge in 1970, with the NFL teams becoming the National Football Conference (NFC) and the AFL teams becoming the American Football Conference (AFC). Each conference has 3 divisions. The winner of each division, plus one wildcard team from each conference, go to the playoffs...

    Roman Gabriel is traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, and new coach Chuck Knox sees John Hadl direct the Rams to the Western Division title in 1973 behind a 12-2-0 record. The Rams lose to the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs 27-16...

    In 1974, the Rams repeat as Division champions with a 10-4-0 record behind James Harris, the first black player to be a regularly starting quarterback in post-WWII history. They defeat the wildcard Washington Redskins 19-10 in the playoffs, but lose the NFC championship game to the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 14-10...

    The Rams once again win the Western Division in 1975, going 12-2-0 behind the strongest defense in the NFC, allowing only 135 points in 14 games. They defeat the St. Louis Cardinals 35-23 in the playoffs, but once again lose in the NFC championship game. A strong Dallas Cowboy defense limits the Rams to only 22 yards rushing and intercepts 3 times in a 37-7 victory...

    In 1976, the Rams win their Division with a 10-3-1 record. They defeat the Dallas Cowboys 14-12 in the playoffs, but lose to the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC championship game 24-13...

    The Rams post a record of 10-4-0 in 1977 to win the Western Division. The Minnesota Vikings defeat the Rams 14-8 in the playoffs...

    In 1978, the NFL expands to a 16 game season and adds an additional wildcard team to the playoffs. The division winner with the best record receives a bye for the first round of the playoffs. The Rams again win their division with a record of 12-4-0. They win their playoff game 34-10 against the Minnesota Vikings, but lose to the Dallas Cowboys 28-0 in the Championship game...

    The Rams win their 7th consecutive Division title in 1979 with a 9-7-0 record. They defeat the Dallas Cowboys 21-19 in the playoff game, and finally win the Conference title by defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-0. In their first Super Bowl appearance, The Rams take a 19-17 lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers into the fourth quarter, but give up two TDs and lose 31-19...

    In 1980, the Rams make the playoffs as a wildcard team, but are defeated in the first playoff game by the Dallas Cowboys 34-13...

    The Rams again enter the playoffs as a wildcard in 1983. They win their first playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys 24-17, but lose in the second round to the Washington Redskins by a score of 51-7...

    In 1984, the Rams again earn the wildcard berth in the playoffs. They lose in the first round to the New York Giants 16-13...

    In 1985, the Rams (11-5-0) once again win the Western Division title by defeating the San Francisco ***** in a showdown game. They defeat the Dallas Cowboys 20-0 in the first round of the playoffs, and are defeated by the Chicago Bears 24-0 in the second round...

    1986 sees the Rams again in the playoffs as a wildcard team, losing in the first round to the Washington Redskins 19-7...

    In 1988, the wildcard Rams lose in the first playoff game to the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 20-17...

    1989 marks the last appearance of the Rams in the playoffs for the next 10 years, with 14 playoff appearances over the previous 17 years behind 7 different quarterbacks. Again as a wildcard contender, the Rams post two consecutive playoff victories on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. They lose the NFC Championship game to the San Francisco *****...

    The year 1991 marks some rather dubious achievements for the Rams. Their 3-13 season sets a franchise record for the most defeats in a season. And for the first time in its history, no Rams player makes the Pro Bowl team...

    In 1995, the Los Angeles Rams become the first team in the NFL to move from West to East as they relocate to St. Louis, which the St. Louis Cardinals had vacated in 1988. They retain the Rams logo, uniform, and colors. After a disastrous 23-57 record over the previous 5 seasons, they bring in Rich Brooks as the new head coach and Steve Ortmayer as the new general manager, and make sweeping changes in personnel. The 1995 Rams roster shows 22 new players on the scene. Part way through the season, they move into the brand new state of the art TWA Dome located in downtown St. Louis. They finish the season with a 7-9 record...

    Dick Vermeil is hired by the Rams as head coach in 1997. Vermeil, who had coached the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl in 1980. During his first two seasons with the Rams, Vermeil posts a 9-23 record...

    1999 saw the Rams, who had one of the worst records of the 1990s, win the divisional title with a 13-3 record after making some player, coach, and front office changes. Among the changes: Mike Martz coming in as offensive coordinator and Charlie Armey is hired as Vice President of Player Personnel. The Rams success continued as they went on to win Super Bowl XXXIV by defeating the Tennessee Titans 23-16 in one of the most exciting championship games ever played. Vermeil won Coach of the Year honors; Quarterback Kurt Warner, breaking several NFL records, earned both the NFL and Super Bowl MVP; Running Back Marshall Faulk and Wide Receiver Isaac Bruce, along with Warner, become the standouts of the 1999 season...

    The 2000 season saw the same powerful offense, but for some reason it appeared that the defense had simply forgotten how to play or lost their desire. For we saw them drop from a #6 ranking all the way out of the top ten. This was a major blow to the Rams as well as losing Kurt Warner for more than 5 weeks, combined with the poor play of the defense and special teams, it was no wonder that they were not able to achieve a SB repeat. Yet they did finish 10-6 and remained the best offense in the NFL. Nothing to sneeze at...

    In 2001 the Rams continued to create havoc in the NFL and once again scored over 500 points for the season. Their best record in the NFL of 14-2 led them to their 2nd SB in just 3 years. Unfortunately for the Rams and a few choice calls made by the ever increasing miserable NFL officiating the Rams lost the SB by a last second field goal, ending the game with a score of 20-17...

    2002 would turn out to be one of the Rams worst seasons since 1998, coming off a disappointing SB loss and riddled with injuries throughout the season the Rams just couldn't get enough wind behind their sails to pull off a winning season. A very disappointing season indeed forfor our Rams I don't think they or anyone esle has truly got over this lose...

    2003....well history did not repeat itself with regards to the Rams record. It was a season that saw the team go 12-4, Torry Holt become the #1 receiver in the NFL, win the NFC West Championship Title and move onto the first round of the playoffs. But all of this was over shadowed by other darker issues that loomed over the Rams the entire season. 2003 was a tumultus season. Martz came marching in at the beginning of the season proclaiming Kurt Warner to be the starter and would remain the starter even if he should falter. Well, as all fans know now, Kurt did falter in the first game of the year, suffering a concussion from lack of protection and being banged around like a rag doll due to a 80-20 pass/rush scenario that Martz threw him into...

    Who would have known that would be the very last time that anyone would ever see Kurt Warner play for the Rams in 2003? Never giving the fans or Kurt a straightforward answer as to why he did not give him back his job after being declared healthy by the medical staff. The Rams saw Marc Bulger take over and win most the games by relying upon the defense and/or the leg of Jeff Wilkins. Fans were torn apart, divided by the Bulger/Warner issue which was never resolved during the season. The so called playoff ready QB would only in the end prove that he was nowhere near ready for such lofty pursuits when he crumbled during his first playoff appearance by throwing 3 very crucial INT's and his coach losing faith in him, refused to put back in the two time MVP to try and win it and instead settled for overtime and losing. Stating that he had to stick to his convictions...

    As successful as the 2003 season appeared on the outside, it left many fans with a bitter taste in their mouths and with many questions left unanswered as the season ended and the 2004 season was on the distant horizon...

    2004....Rams begin the season by kicking the 2 time MVP, SB MVP, most prolific QB in NFL history, kicked Kurt Warner to the curb. No thanks . Just "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya"...I think it was time for Marc but it could have been handled better just my opinion...

    This event nearly tore the fans in half and during the entire season there were feuds all over the country between the two factions. Along with the Warner War, Little found himself in trouble with the law again and the team had to deal with this amongst other problems that seemed to arise throughout the season. Another Pace hold out, Turly/Martz feud over his injured back which caused him to be placed on IR...

    The inconsistency of the team on both offense and defense had fans reeling on their heels and watching the NFC West Title being handed to the on nearly a weekly basis only to lose site of it in the end by giving it to Seattle. Then of course there was the record set at the end of the year for the Rams being the first 8-8 team to make it to the playoffs and actually win. But alas, the following week was ended in humiliation as the Falcons made mince meat of the Rams offensive line...

    The most that can be said about the 2004 season is that it was definately a rollercoaster ride that a lot of fans would rather not been on but "Its the love of the game and our Rams"...

    >>>>Rams Famous Firsts<<<<

    The first professional sports team to move West of the Mississippi
    The first NFL team in the post-WWII era to employ black players
    The first to use an insignia or logo on the helmet
    The first to play before one million spectators in a season
    Participated in the first game to use sudden-death in overtime The first to employ a full-time scouting staff
    The first to employ a full-time special teams coach (Dick Vermeil - 1969)
    The first to regularly televise away games
    First team to have a player selected to 14 consecutive Pro-Bowl appearances (Merlin Olsen)
    The first team to win seven consecutive division titles (1973-79)
    The first team with more than six defeats to play in the Super Bowl (1979 record: 9-7)
    The first NFL team to move back East
    The first NFL team to loose all 8 divisional games one year, then win all 8 divisional games the next.
    The first franchise to win a NFL championship in 3 different cities (Cleveland 1945; Los Angeles 1951; St. Louis 1999)

    ***How The Rams Got Their Name

    According to Hal Lebovitz, Homer Marshman, founder of the Cleveland team, met one day with reporters. Realizing he had to come up with a name for the team, he asked their suggestions. The consensus was that it should be a short name so as to fit easily into a headline... Fordham, in New York, was a big football school at the time, and their team name, "Rams," seemed to fit the criteria perfectly. Saying, "We can't get one shorter than that," the name was adopted by the Cleveland team...
    "GC" is this what you where looking for ? their will be more detail as the offseason goes a long on players that I've watched and met hope this is what you meant and looking for right ?... I thought this might be a good way to start ??? what do think ???
    To the the younger Rams Fans our history is still in the making with our Rams. cause we are living history right now, never forget that some day you will be able to tell others about our Rams history as some of us do here from time to time..."OldRamsFan"
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    Re: Rams History

    Hey "psycho" how are you doing my friend ??? Hope you enjoyed...
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      Re: Rams History

      Thanks for the info

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        Re: Rams History

        Thank you OldRamsFan, I knew a lot of the history but I had no idea how many times we made it into the playoffs back in the 60's and 70's. I also never knew we were the first team to have insignia on helmet thats awesome. The rams definitely have a place in history and are an old franchise team.


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          Re: Rams History

          I started a book a couple of years ago about the history of the Rams. I have slacked off and don't have a great deal of material organized. I have read a number of books by past Rams players. I am presently reading a book by Pat Haden about his rookie season.

          A small contribution....the jersey numbers that have been retired:

          7 Bob Waterfield

          29 Eric Dickerson

          74 Merlin Olson

          78 Jackie Slater

          85 Jack Youngblood


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            Re: Rams History

            nice post especially for the younger rammies not really knowing the history of the rams!!!!!!!! it is nice for the older ram fans that just want to admirer our rams at a glance and realize that yes our rams organization is fuuucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!


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              Re: Rams History

              Originally posted by AlphaRam
              I started a book a couple of years ago about the history of the Rams. I have slacked off and don't have a great deal of material organized. I have read a number of books by past Rams players. I am presently reading a book by Pat Haden about his rookie season.

              A small contribution....the jersey numbers that have been retired:

              7 Bob Waterfield

              29 Eric Dickerson

              74 Merlin Olson

              78 Jackie Slater

              85 Jack Youngblood
              Thank you for your info "alphaRam" any type of stuff like thats is cool add as much as you like thanks again...Oh by the I fore got to mention in the thread about the Rams and 1936 Afl I will explain later thanks "GC"...
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                "Happy days are here again", (for those who are so inclined);)

                Rams are turning things around at last
                Shaw and Ziggy’s crap is in the past
                Spag's is here to stay, the die is cast
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                Ron Bartell has got his corner spot
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                Steven Jackson’s glad he’s now a Dad
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                Our receivers seem to lack some age
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                As a team, this all will take some time
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                So OK, I hope this finds you well
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                top 10 NFL Rivalries of all time
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                Since most of us are feeling pretty bad about our seaqson I thought I would throw in a little football triva , some might disagree , This info comes from SI and the NFL ...
                No.1. Cowboys & Redskins
                The Cowboys and Redskins have hated each other since the series began in 1960 and the rivalry has blossomed into one of the greatest in sports. The two franchises have won eight Super Bowls combined and even in the rare down years, each has given the other trouble. There are too many great games to list, but this year's Monday Night thriller, in which Washington shocked Dallas with a come-from-behind 14-13 victory, has to be among them.
                No.2. Bears & Packers
                The NFL's oldest rivalry has maintained a level of hatred since 1921, when the Chicago Staleys (the franchise that evolved into the Bears) hammered the Packers 20-0. Over 50 Hall of Famers-to-be have played in this rivalry, in which the Bears hold an 85-78-6 edge.
                No.3. Chiefs & Raiders These former AFL powerhouses, both of whom have rabid fans, have been going at it for over four decades. The rivalry hit a high – or a low, actually – in 1970, when the Raiders' Ben Davidson speared Chiefs QB Len Dawson in a play that ended up costing Kansas City a key late-season game.
                No.4. Giants & Eagles The intensity of this rivalry can be summed up by two plays: Chuck Bednarik's vicious hit on Frank Gifford in 1960 and "The Miracle at the Meadowlands" (Herman Edwards' return of a Joe Pisarcik fumble for a key win in 1978). The Eagles ended up on top in both those games, but the Giants have gotten in plenty of licks over the years.
                No.5. Steelers & Browns
                The original rust-belt rivalry, these two teams have a long history of not liking each other. The cities are separated by fewer than 100 miles and both have incredible passion for their teams. The Steelers had the decisive edge in the ‘70s, but the Browns stormed back in the ‘80s. When the NFL returned to Cleveland in 1999, Pittsburgh was the Browns first home opponent. The Steelers won that game 43-0, but the Browns got their revenge with a shocking 16-15 win in Pittsburgh.
                No.6. Broncos & Raiders
                The rivalry got going in the ‘70s, when the Broncos had to beat the consistently excellent Raiders to enter the upper echelon of the AFC. The teams hated each other then and things have only gotten worse. The hatred between Broncos coach Mike Shanahan and Oakland's front office is legendary. Raiders owner Al Davis not only fired Shanahan, but also allegedly refused to pay him the remainder of his contract, starting a feud that is still among the NFL's best.
                No.7. Packers & VikingsThe Packers were not very welcoming when the Vikings entered the NFL in 1961; Green Bay dominating the series early. But then Minnesota took off under Bud Grant as Green Bay suffered in the post-Vince Lombardi era. The series has been marked by close games, with...
                -12-19-2005, 10:29 AM
              • OldRamsfan
                Some of our Rams Historical Moments
                by OldRamsfan
                I do this from time to time I hope no one minds , this is fun for me to do and I hope others enjoy the reading... I have been asked to write my experiences as a ram fan over the last 40 + years the players Ive meet and watched play , Iam about 1/2 thru it as free time is hard to find at times... Hope you enjoy ?

                Historical Moments:

                1946: With the arrival of the defending NFL Champion Rams, Los Angeles finally had a major professional team. The new Los Angeles Rams proved to be ahead of their time right away as they signed halfback Kenny Washington, and WR Woody Strode. The two became the first black players to play in the NFL since the NFL instituted a ban on black players in 1932. On September 29th the city of Los Angeles hosted its first game at the historic Los Angels Memorial Coliseum, which hosted the 1932 Olympics. In the first official NFL game at the Coliseum the Rams were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles 25-14. After a win and a tie oh the road, the Rams got their first LA win on October 20th against the Detroit Lions. However the Rams would lose 3 of their next 5, as hopes for a repeat NFL Championship faded. The Rams would close their first season in Los Angeles with a 6-4-1 record.

                1947: Owner Dan F. Reeves assumes GM duties after Charlie Walsh reigns. He would name Bob Snyder to replace Adam Walsh who also resigned. Under coach Snyder the Rams would be hobbled by injuries all season finishing with a 6-6 record.

                1948: The Rams enter the season with a new coach and a new look. The new look comes courtesy of HB Fred Gehrke, an industrial design artist in the off-season. Gehrke had designed yellow horns on the side of the helmet making the Rams the first NFL team to have a team insignia or logo on their helmet; by 1960 all teams with the exception of 1 would have it. The new look Rams were led on to the field by Charles Shaughnessy when Bb Snyder resigned 19 days before the start of the season. After winning and tie their first 2 games the Rams struggled mightily losing 4 of 5. However the Rams would finish strongly by winning 4 of 5 to post a 6-5-1 record.

                1949: The Rams get off to a flying start winning their first 6 games. The winning streak was capped by a 27-24 victory over the Chicago Bears before a Rams record crowd of 86,080 in Los Angles Memorial Coliseum. The Rams would hold on to the Western Division Championship by going 2-2-2 over their final 6 games. In the NFL Championship Game played at the Coliseum heavy rain and a sloppy field combine to slow down the Rams offense as teh Philadelphia Eagles win the NFL Championship with a 14-0 win.

                1950: Under new coach Joe Stydahar the Rams set 22 offensive records rolling to a 9-3 record, which was good enough to earn them a first place tie with Chicago Bears for the Western Division Championship. A high flying passing game with star recievers Tom Fears, and Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch
                -03-30-2006, 08:32 AM
              • RamsSB99
                To many holes to fill. If healthy the following could give us a decent season IMO.
                by RamsSB99
                Assuming we have an uncapped year here are the unrestricted free agents I would like to see the Rams go after.

                Unrestricted Free Agents:
                Leigh Bodden CB 6'1 195
                Ben Watson TE 6'3 255
                Julius Peppers DE 6'7 283 (If we don't trade for Umenyiora the cheaper less commitment option)

                RD 1: Ndamukong Suh 6'4 305 DT (Would help entire defense DE's, LB's & DB's)
                RD 2: Sean Witherspoon 6'1 241 LB (Need another quality LB to go with J. Lau)
                RD 3: Danario Alexander 6'5 216 WR (big WR slowed early in career by injury)
                RD 4: Trade for Osi Umenyiora 6'3 261 DE (good at applying pressure)

                Resign the following restricted free agents:
                O.J. Atogwe 5'11 210 28 FS (resign)
                Alex Barron 6'7 315 27 OT (value sign)
                Clifton Ryan 6’3 316 26 DT (value sign)

                David Vobora 6’1 238 23 (value sign)

                Although I am not a big Bulger fan I would not mind keeping him one more year if we could address several other areas of concern. Bulger can be serviceable and its not like we are going from a 1 win team to the Superbowl in one year. Laurent Robinson looked like he might be our best WR prior to going down last year. If he returns healthy and we get Danario Alexander a big WR who had an outstanding college year (more then a TD per game and nearly 130 yards per game) then we might have a decent WR core to go along with Jacksons running game.

                Here would be our starters with the additions mentioned:

                DE – Chris Long 6'3 265 24
                DT – Ndamukong Suh 6’4 305 (Draft Round 1)
                DT- Clifton Ryan 6’3 316 26 (Resign RFA)
                DE – Osi Umenyora 6’3 261 29 (Trade 4th round pick) OR Julius Peppers

                SLB –David Vobora 6’1 238 23(Resign RFA)
                MLB – James Laurinatis 6’2 245 23
                WLB – Sean Witherspoon 6’1 241 (Draft Round 2)

                CB – Ron Bartell 6'1 210 27
                CB – Leigh Bodden 6’1 193 28 (Sign UFA)
                FS – O.J. Atogwe 5'11 210 28 (Resign RFA)
                SS – James Butler 6’3 215 27

                QB – Marc Bulger
                RB – Steven Jackson 6'2 235 26
                FB – Mike Karney 5’11 260 28
                TE – Ben Watson 6’3 255 29
                (Sign UFA)
                WR – Laurent Robinson 6’2 195 24, Brandon Gibson 6’1 205 22
                WR – Donnie Avery 5'11 185 25, Danario Alexander 6’5 216 (Round 3)
                LT – Jason Smith 6’5 305 23
                LG – Jacob Bell 6'4 295 28
                C – Jason Brown 6'3 320 26
                RG – John Greco 6'4 315 24,Adam Goldberg 6’7 320 29
                RT - Alex Barron 6'7 315 27 (Resign RFA)

                Special Teams
                K – Josh Brown 6’0 212 30
                P – Donnie Jones 6’2 222 29
                -02-14-2010, 02:48 PM
              • RamFan_Til_I_Die
                Rams History & Fun Facts.
                by RamFan_Til_I_Die
                I thought I'd use the bye week to give some insight into the Rams organization and history. Some may know this all already, some may not. Regardless, it's neat to look back at the history of the Rams and see what a truly great football organization we have in the St Louis Rams.

                FUN FACTS from:

                The Rams Name: The franchise was originated in Cleveland in 1936 as a member of the American Football League. In 1937 the team joined the NFL. Principal owner Homer Marshman and his general manager, Damon “Buzz” Wetzel picked the Rams name because Wetzel had said his favorite football team had always been the Fordham Rams and Marshman liked the sound of the name. The original uniform colors were red and black, also the colors of Fordham U.

                The Rams Horn: Halfback Fred Gehrke, an art major in college, made a pen-and-ink sketch of a ram's horn in 1947 and showed the rendering to Bob Snyder, the team's head coach. Gehrke suggested the design would make an eye-catching addition to the team's helmets. Snyder could not visualize the artwork, so Gehrke painted the design on the leather headgear. The following season, the Rams became the first pro team with a helmet insignia. Today, the Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team without a helmet logo.

                Gehrke's effort required considerable maintenance. The paint would chip off the helmets from the numerous player collisions during games. Gehrke would take many helmets home after games and retouch the horn. The problem was lessened in 1949, when the Rams went to a plastic helmet, and disappeared in 1972, when decals with strong adhesive backing were used on the helmets.

                :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l

                - Courtesy of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame-

                Rams Facts, Firsts, & Records:

                Original Franchise Location: The team was originally located in Cleveland, Ohio (1937-45).

                First Draft Choice: Johnny Drake, B, Purdue, 1937.

                First Regular-Season Game: A 28-0 loss to the Detroit Lions, 9/10/37.

                First Regular-Season Win: A 21-3 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, 9/17/37.

                Original Team Colors: Red and black

                First Winning Season: 1945 (9-1).

                First Playoff Appearance: A 15-14 victory over the Washington Redskins in the 1945 NFL Championship game, 12/16/45.

                First Super Bowl Appearance: A 31-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XIV, 1/20/80.

                First Player Elected to the Hall of Fame: QB Bob Waterfield, 1965.

                First All-League Selection: Johnny Drake, 1940.

                First to Rush 200 Yards in a Game: Dan Towler, 205 yards vs. the Baltimore Colts, 11/22/53.

                First to Gain 300 Yards Receiving in a Game: Jim Benton's 303 yards receiving vs. the Detroit Lions on
                -10-21-2006, 05:06 PM