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A word of Thanks to Archuleta

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  • A word of Thanks to Archuleta

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Adam Archuleta for introducing plyometrics to the team. I met a chiropractor at a local Home and Lifestyle show who works with the Rams while they are here in Macomb for summer training camp. He told me about this exercise and personal care regiment that the team has taken up. This is the stuff that gives Adam the ability to do a pushup that turns him completely around so that he comes down facing the opposite way. Saw this on the news once, it's amazing!

    This has made the difference with Faulk being able to take all those hits and keep going. This is what gives Wistrom and company the ability to get around the O-line to the QB. It also reduces injuries. I'm sure its nothing new to the league, but it's making a difference, so, I just wanted to make note of it to my fellow clanrammers.