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    Love the new look Dez, you're always improving things in here. The big Forum should be high posting once the season starts and the boards are unlocked. Thanks for my new board

    You do an awesome job and everyone loves it in here. :cool: :p

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    well thank you :cool:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Couldn't agree more. It seems to be improvred very often and is everything you would expect from RamDez who has been helping british ram fans see the light for a few years now. Top stuff Dez your work is appreciated highly.;) ;)
      The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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        Hope the defense this year has as good of a look as this. We need Little to really step up this year.


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          Yes I agree, I'm a new Rams fan and so far this is the best message board I've run into for the team. The Sportsline Rams Board is very slow and the members don't post to often so it's kind of dull. This board is what Rams football is all about. GO RAMS!


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          • RamFan©
            Very Nice
            by RamFan©
            This is a very nice forum Dez. You have done an incredible job with the color scheme. It's easy on the eyes to say the least. BUT DEZ! Shouldn't you be working on our defense? hehehe.
            Seriously though on my next mail out I will be sure that this forum is pointed out and linked. There is going to be many Rams Fans liking this place.
            It Reminds me of when I first Walked into the new Pac Bell Park (Yea I am a SF Giants fan) last year my first thought was "This is what a ball park should look like." My first impressions of this forum reminded me of that. Absolutely incredibly well done.
            Colors are awsome DEZ
            -04-01-2001, 12:08 PM
          • Rambos
            Thanks guys
            by Rambos
            Just wanted to thank the people on this board, this has been and still is a tough season for our Rams. Never have I seen so many injuries even our coach is down. This year has been far from my expectations going in. Just wanted to say thanks to the fans on this board that have made it the best place to talk Ram football, get updates and keep the dream alive. When you’re down to your third string QB that pretty much sums up the season. Thanks guys for keeping it as positive as possible.
            -11-30-2005, 07:49 AM
          • Guest's Avatar
            I'm calm
            by Guest
            You had me scared there for a while Dez but the forum looks great so I am now stable. Not sure about the new smilies there a little scary.
            -06-18-2005, 06:08 PM
          • MARTINmeetMATHIS
            Rams have edge on Jags
            by MARTINmeetMATHIS
            ...' message board and web page. your guys' is much nicer. ohhh, you didnt think i was talking about the game!?! but seriously, our forum looks pretty pale in comparison.
            -10-26-2005, 11:04 AM
          • general counsel
            Major Ram is coming to TOWN!!!!! Thanks to dez and the mods.
            by general counsel
            Major ram and his wife, the lovely lis warner, are coming to atlanta this week on their way to the bash in st louis. I will be entertaining them will an epic food fest, unlimited grog, and a full tour of my rams museum. This is something i have been looking forward to for a couple of months and represents one of the very best things about this great board that dez has created for all of us. Mr. and Mrs. Major will carry my best wishes to the Bash, i have been trying to close a transaction for two months and am tied up workwise and wont be able to attend.

            The opportunity to make new friendships with people in disparate places around the globe, as we share our mutual love of the Horns, is something to behold. This would not be possible without Dez and the mods and once again, as the season approaches, we should all take a minute to thank them for everything they do for us. Cash donations to dez to help him support the site in addition to our gratitude are always welcome. I make that pitch on dez's behalf, dez is so humble that i hope we dont take him for granted. He has changed the quality of life for every single one of us.

            Ramming speed to all

            general counsel
            -09-04-2006, 12:26 PM