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    Met a guy the other day wearing a Ram's shirt. Commented on it & he replied that it was the only clean one in his closet or he'd have worn something else. When I questioned him he said he didn't want to even talk about "THEM". Asked why, he replied they had let him down cruelly & he would be a long time getting over it. Couldn't figure out how, as Conference champs they had let anyone down & said so! And then the truth came out after much spluttering, "Besides, I lost 500 bucks on them!!!" Now, my question is: Is this a Rams fan & if there are any more like him out there can we send them to LA with a one- way ticket on a leaky boat??????? If you're not a fan when they lose, you're not a fan!

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    If you're not a fan when they lose, you're not a fan!

    Been a season ticket holder since day one in St Louis. Missed maybe 6 games. I will be at my seat when they are 0-12 or 12-0.


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      The true fans are the ones that stick to a team whether or not they're winning. The guy you met obviously isn't a Rams fan, let alone a football fan.

      By the way, love the pic RMFN!



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        Betting will always ruin it. Then it becomes about the money. That's not a fan, that's a gambler.


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          BTW, tell him if he doesn't care about them, I'll take any Rams shirts he has.


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            Trueblooded RAM...

            Originally posted by MsWistRAM
            Betting will always ruin it. Then it becomes about the money. That's not a fan, that's a gambler.
            Soooo true! :cool:


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              Hey !!!!


              Now, my question is: Is this a Rams fan & if there are any more like him out there can we send them to LA with a one- way ticket on a leaky boat???????
              Don't Send Him Here !!!

              We Don't Want Him !!!

              And A "leaky boat" ???
              How Are You Traveling ???

              Maybe By A Bus With A Broken Axil Would Have Been A Better Means of Transpertation (He, He).

              And What's Wrong With Us RAM FANS IN L.A. ???

              Brother, You Cut Me, And I BLEED Blue & Gold !!!



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                I say we send 'em to Dallas. Sounds like most Cowboy fans to me.



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                  Don't forget San Fransisco. They can always use another "whiner" in thier midst.


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                    Eagles Fans would eat this fan for a tailgate party. What a loser.


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                      This guy really sounds like a Whiner fan. True Gold & Blue since the Feragamo Days. #18 Lives.


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                        probably just a bandwagoner, who thought he had easy money.


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                          I am a Rams fan. Not an L.A. Rams fan, not a Cleveland Rams fan, not a St. Louis Rams fan. You are either a fan of your city or a fan of the Rams. If you are a fan of your city then please excuse yourself from Rams nation. I followed the Rams from LA to St. Louis and now back to LA. If you are done with the Rams because they moved then be done. Breaking up is hard to do but sometimes you just gotta let go. No reason for parting shots and bitterness just let go. There is a thread for no excessive celebration well let's not be excessively bitter either. So what are you a Rams fan or a city fan?
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                          There are no two words guaranteed to stir the pot and enrage followers of a certain team like the words "True Fan". When one's loyalty is questioned or someone accuses someone else of being "less a fan" because they don't agree with them on a variety of issues, it is the equivalent of hitting below the belt. When phrases like "See Ya", "Don't let the Door hit you in the ***", Goodbye and Good Riddance" are thrown about, it is both insulting and juvenile.

                          I submit to you the following scenarios:

                          1. A guy decides to avoid being a slave to the television each Sunday and do something constructive instead of watching bad football. He chooses to play with his kids, do yard work, go to the gym or whatever. Can he no longer call himself a Rams fan?
                          2. A guy decides to cancel his NFL ticket package because he doesn't want to pay good money for the "privilege" of being ticked off during Rams football in light of their 6 wins over the past three seasons. Is he no longer a true fan?
                          3. A guy with Rams season tickets decides to give his tickets away/ sell at a reduced rate and not go to the games. Is he no longer a "True Rams Fan"?
                          4. A guy pays $100.00 to go see the Rams on the road. The team is down 38-0 AT THE HALF. He elects to go home with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter to resist the urge of killing idiot home fans while watching a non-effort. Is he no longer a true fan? (By the way, this was me at last yrs. Rams-Jets disaster- the worst football game this franchise has ever played).
                          5. Absolutely sick to death from losing and not having anything to cheer about, a fan rips the team and/or individual players/management on this forum or elsewhere. He is more negative than positive because there is much more negative than positive happening on the field, and it is his way to vent. Is he now considered less of a fan?

                          I'm sorry, but in my opinion, if you answered anything other than "NO" to any of the above, you have it wrong. As far as I'm concerned, everyone on this board is a true fan for coming on here and commenting on this weekly gut ache called Rams football.

                          Wondering what you think-
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                 the Rams/Patriots Super Bowl again.
                          ....forgive Lawrence Phillips, Eric Crouch or Drew Bennett.
                          ...forget how it felt watching the GSOT when it was clicking.
                          ...stop hating the Dallas Cowboys.
                          ...think any team has a cooler helmet.
                 too far from a TV or internet connection on game day.
                          ...think any player is tougher than Jack Youngblood.
                          ...forget Los Angeles.
                          ...tell anyone about my night in Vegas with the Pom Pom Mom.
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                          I'm 30 - My childhood was spent in Los Angeles, meaning I was an LA Rams fan from 4 until 13 or whatever, when they moved to St Louis. I stayed a Rams fan, always have been a Rams fan, even living in Dallas now w/ the Cowboy bandwagon ride at full force. I really couldn't help it - even tho they moved, they just had a place in my heart.

                          So my question to the St Louis folks is - will you still be a fan? I visited St Louis for 4 days, went to casinos, talked with a lot of locals - I couldn't even find someone who gave a darn about the Rams. This was in 2011. It was all Cardinals, and when I brought up the Rams, it was like I was speaking Chinese.

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