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Balzer says McCleon may be cut??

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  • Balzer says McCleon may be cut??

    Balzer was talking about the possibility of McCleon being a June 1st cut. Apparently if the Rams wait until June 1st McCleon will only count about $300K against our cap and they will save about 2.1 mill against this years cap. The negative part is he will then count 900K against next years cap when the Rams will need more space.

    Balzer claims to have looked closley at his renegotiated deal last year and states that a major part of his bonus money was a 1.7 mil roster bonus that was paid last year and the majority of his cap number this year is a base salary of 2.1 million.

    Now he did not say that this will happen. He just was speculating at things the Rams could do to clear space to sign draft picks or FA's. He feels they would only do it if they got a quality CB in the draft and a solid veteran who could back up Bly or start in his place if Bly were to falter.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. McCleon never really impressed me. Although he was solid, he was burned a lot too. I think with a little more discipline, Bly would be a great starter.



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      i got so pissed at McLeon all season (ask my roommates). Every time the D gave up a big play, it was ALWAYS McLeon getting burned. I would be more than happy moving him to a new position or shipping him out, but we don't need that cap hit.


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        Never Listen To RUMORS !!!!!


        No Disrespect, But I Think "Balzer" Has His Wires Crossed.

        If Anyone Gets Cut June 1st, It Will Be Jacoby Sheppard.
        Dexter McCleon May Be Demoted To Nickle-back (Hey That's A Rock Band - Sorry, I Got Off The Subject There), But, He Won't Be Cut.

        Jacoby Sheppard Is In Mike Martz's Dog House.
        There's NO WAY This Guy, Will Be on The Rams ACTIVE ROSTER At The Beginning of The Season.

        Which Leads Me To Believe -- If Sheppard Is Getting Cut -- Why Would The Rams Also Release Dexter McCleon ????
        Doesn't Make Sense !!

        Once Again (No Disrespect) But I Think "Balzer" Has His Wires Crossed !!!



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          I think Dex is getting a bad rap here.

          Who was the other corner = Williams

          Who was the other team going to thow on all day = Dex
          who was the other team going to avoid throwing to = Williams.

          Dex had one bad play in the Superbowl and everyone is killing him

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            I think Dez is right. One bad play does not a season make. Dex will still be here next year. And, with a little tutalige from Williams he will be a better DB next year.


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              Keep Dex. He's a solid corner and in this league you need all the solid corners you can get.


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                To Karl...

                No disrespect taken...BUT, what does Sheppard really matter? His salary is very slight to what Dex is making. Cutting him would only allow us to sign a water boy.


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                  Originally posted by Moosey56
                  One bad play does not a season make. Dex will still be here next year. And, with a little tutalige from Williams he will be a better DB next year.
                  I was harping on Dexter in Week One through the Super Bowl...."Big Play, who was on coverage, Dexter?.....yup, dammit"

                  He needs a lot of tutelage from the coaches and Aenaes, I'll give him next year, but he's skating on VERY thin ice in my book.:mad:


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                    The Rams certainly will cut Shepard soon, but that won't free up a whole lot of salary cap room.

                    McCleon is a half-way decent corner that gets paid a good corner's salary. My feelings about McCleon go back for a couple of years. From early this season (the Eagles game we almost lost) to the Super Bowl, Dex has been unable to slow down a runny nose. You can even look back to the game the Rams lost against Detroit two years ago (4th and what?!?). Dexter has the ability to play decently from time to time. However, he makes no real exceptional plays to cover for his superior blunders.

                    Yes, he gets thrown to more now that the Rams have Williams, but he is often covering lesser receivers. This is not a real excuse for his below average play on the field. The Rams will continue to have teams throw more at the second CB. Shouldn't that person be someone who can be trusted to consistently play well and not lose games for the team?

                    Bly's only knock is his size. He brings excitement to the game every time he enters and has a real sense for where the ball will be. If the Rams manage to work out something with Walt Harris, there is no reason why Dexter McCleon should still be on the roster. Adding depth in the draft would also be a priority.


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                      Scratch that about Harris. Already gone to the Colts. There are still some other options at corner left, though (Donnie Abraham from Tamba Bay).


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                        What about the possibilty of developing one of the younger DB's?? Say Butler or Whitley??


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                          I wouldn't lose a second of sleep if McCleon is no longer a Ram.


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                            Originally posted by will:
                            If the Rams manage to work out something with Walt Harris, there is no reason why Dexter McCleon should still be on the roster.
                            If the Rams sign another cornerback, that doesn't mean Dex will be gone for sure. The only reason the Rams would attain another cornerback is because Mike Martz stresses having four decent cornerbacks to defend against any NFL team. Jacoby Shepherd will be cut, nonetheless. His attitude is not one of a Ram.



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                              It Seems We Both Agree, Jacoby Sheppard Will Be Gone.
                              The Guy Hasn't Planned Out, And He Blew-Off His Rehab Program Last Season With The Rams !!!

                              The Guy Will Be Gone June 1st.

                              When Sheppard Is Cut, That's Puts Us Down A Defensive Back - or - Cornerback.
                              Mike Martz, Like To Have 5 Cornerbacks/Defensive Backs On The Roster At All Times.
                              It's ALMOST A MUST Now A Days !!!

                              WHEN Sheppard Gets Cuts - And If The Rams Were To Release Dexter McCleon - That Would Put Them Down TWO CB's/DB's.

                              Those Are BIG HOLES To Fill, When Tight Up Against The Salary Cap.

                              Dexter McCleon - Can Be Moved To The Nickle-Back Position, And Will Do Fine There.
                              I Think It Would Be A Bad Mistake, If The Rams Released Him AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

                              Like Will, I Thought The Rams, Where Going To Sign Walt Harris.
                              But, The Colts Already Signed Him, And He's Off The Market.

                              When The Rams Cut Sheppard, They Will More Than Likely DRAFT A Cornerback In The 2nd Round of This Year's Draft.
                              Dre Bly Can Be Moved To The Number 2 Position For This Year - And Dexter Can Fill The Nickle.

                              That Only Leaves J. Bulter (Rookie Last Year) To Fill In -- In Case of Injuries.

                              That's Just A Thought !!



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                                His actions as the rep of the players union is costing people their jobs, and because of the limited cap space available because of no CBA, either they stay as free agents or sign for less then market value. So either way, Upshaw is costing the players money.

                                I cant think for the life of me why the two sides cant just meet in the middle. The owners are offering 56 percent, NFLPA wants 60. Why the hell cant they just settle on 58 percent?

                                These two sides are too concerned with money. The players are earning ridiculous amounts anyway, long snappers are earning $500,000 for playing 16 games in some cases. And I don't think Paul Allen or Dan Snyder are really going to miss that extra 1 or 2%.

                                Sorry for a bit of a rant, and im sure someone will point out something ive said which is wrong, but its just pissing me off. The offseason is quite exciting to watch, as you watch your team get better through free agency or the draft. This year some teams are going to struggle to sign their rookies.
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                                D'Marco Farr on 101: Rams plan to have 3x amount of cap space they currently have
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                                Yesterday on The Fast Lane on 101 ESPN, our very own D'Marco Farr had something very interesting to say:

                                Now I don't know what this all means, but I like it. I wonder if Sam (I hope), offered to restructure his contract so they could use that money on assets that can help him win football games. Wonder who will be cut, or if a long term deal is in the works with Chris Long to reduce his cap number this year?

                                Many possibilities, but the fact DFarr hears our cap space will be around the 30 mil range by the time free agency rolls round is very interesting.

                                Whether it proves to be true or false, we will soon find out. Just thought I'd pass along what I heard, but 30 mil could buy a pretty penny with this deep FA class....
                                -02-15-2012, 01:25 AM
                              • general counsel
                                manu and the cap part 2
                                by general counsel
                                According to barry waller, manus 2006 salary is 1.325 million (he didnt answer as to what the total cap number is if you include the prorated signing bonus)

                                barry says that if manu is cut pre june 1 (which obviously would give you the most use of the savings since presumably that is when there are better guys available to sign), we would save only 125k this year. That is a big big cap hit, over a million dollars. It wont happen guys.

                                if he is cut after june 1, we would take a cap hit of a bit over 400k this year and about 600k next year.

                                These numbers may not be exact, but i think it makes the point (as barry does) that it is unlikely that manu is going anywhere for this season.

                                In 2006, lets throw him the ball and see if he can actually catch and get someone else on the relative cheap who can block. I have no objection to a middle round developmental tight end, but this cap view seems to rule out a high dollar free agent.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
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