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  • Morton and Bruce...Bruce and Morton

    The more I read this morining, the more I think we will might see Morton in the Blue and Gold next year.

    Could this mean the end of Bruce next year?? Bruce is getting to a point in his career where financial demands are going to be exhausting to a team. Holt is getting to point in his career where he is going to demand BIG money. Could the Rams be looking at Morton for the number two spot after thisseason, and drafting another reciever first round this year to groom for the number 3.

    I REALLY think if we sign Morton you all can say good-bye to our greatest receiver ever

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    I find it hard to believe that Martz would give up one of his prized receivers so easily. Martz would sacrifice the whole defense, both of his legs, and maybe his mother to keep the talent that he has on offense. I don't see him letting either Bruce or Holt go anytime soon.


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      If we do sign Morton? That could create a problem next year with cap considerations. Holt is going to be expensive in the coming years, and, Morton is also a quality reciever that will not be cheap! As far as Bruce leaving, No way Martz will let him go. He is one of the best if not the best receivers in the league.


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        I'm with Will on this one I just don't see Mad Martz giving up one of his best recievers espcially Bruce and letting him go!!!! although tough decisions are going to have to be made...

        My god I don't even won't to think about that thought, to me Bruce was the Rams in the early 90'ssss
        "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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          There will be all kinds of cap problems next year. This coming year may be our last in this particular window of opportunity anyway.

          We need a quality third receiver. If we can sign Morton, let's sign him and let 2003 take care of itself.


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            Bruce will be retiring a Ram....Morton probably will sign elsewhere.


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              Has anyone heard what kind of $$$ Morton is looking for or what he was making with the Lions???


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                Sign Morton and let Bruce go? Two simple words will answer this idea:

                Hell. No.



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                  With that in mind,thats why they are'nt offering Ricky more and I think if does not sign they will rely on draft and an open tryout for #3 with current recievers. Unless someone will take a one year deal, because we have to take care of #1 & #2. Ike and Torry our both elite, and alot of teams will make offers. I think that was the original intrest in Carter, a possible 1 year deal.


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                    Morton and Bruce are both 9 yr. vets. Isaac has what, five years left on the contract he signed when Kevin "candyman" Carter balked? He's not going anywhere until injuries eat him up, besides, Morton is probably in Hakim's boat looking for "starter" money.


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                      Morton would be a great addition.....But, I think you are right HuntDux. I don't think he would like being in the #3 spot....


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                        Originally posted by X-FACTOR28:
                        With that in mind,thats why they are'nt offering Ricky more
                        Mike Martz has said that he would love to keep Ricky, but they can't afford to offer any more money to him than they already have. The Rams can't really control that; it all comes down to Ricky. If he really wants to stay with the Rams, he can, but if he wants another chance on another team with more money, then that's his decision to make- Not ours, unfortunately. :upset:



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                          Anybody have any idea what Morton would be looking for salary wise. It seems to me that it would probably be over the $750,000 the Rams are offering Proehl.

                          If that is the case, then why aren't the Rams using the extra money from Warner's restructured contract to sweeten the offer for Proehl. Or at least give the man his two year contract.


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                            That's what I dont get, Ricky wants two years and retire a RAM, they can't afford that, and that's why they want a vet (ala Carter) looking for a one year deal? Is Ricky in Martz's eyes not good enough for the three spot? Carter is'nt exactly a burner, so I don't understand exactly what thier shooting for here. Not to mention Carter is gotta want more than Ricky (using Carter as an example) Morton probably wants a multi-year deal, Carter blew his shot, so I dont see alot of options, certainly no one out there with Hakim type speed. I don't know much about Jeravicious(?) was'nt he a 3rd down wr in ny? I know the giants are'nt exactly a wr hotbed. If they are going to sign someone, Morton is probably the best left.
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                              Bruce Almighty
                              by Guest
                              you all had too see this catch by bruce , again , another sideline pass when time was running down , beats his coverage , cuts too the outside lines , catch - under control , left foot down , right toe's dragging dirt . BEAUTIFUL . and people are trying to shuffle him out the door to detroit and mike martz . if the rams want to get bigger , stronger and faster , then draft people like that , and not overpay ridiculous money to a 3rd receiver guy's . i'm sorry guy's , but BRUCE is keepin up with the jones's , and he looks alot better than a whole bunch of starters that i've seen this year on other teams .if he is dumped , and they sign some nobody with potential to be a great receiver , i can only believe that the rams FO , wants to move the team again . maybe there is a market for them in SOUTH DAKOTA , then we would have the s.d. rams.
                              -12-21-2007, 02:37 PM
                            • UK Ramfan 83
                              Bruce and Holt still diving then ?!?!
                              by UK Ramfan 83

                              Sorry if this has been said before. I'm new to the board, though not to the Rams..(25yrs and counting)

                              I noticed this trend started about 7yrs ago between Holt and Bruce, and infected the likes of Az, and Prohel a little bit..

                              They catch the ball in open field, and then as they approach 'ANY' defender that is in front of them....well,.....they just fall to the floor at the tacklers feet?!

                              I hated watching that when it all started, and I noticed that they were doing it again on Sunday a bit. Now I don't get access to very many games on tv, so I don't know if they have never 'stopped' this practice. It looks lame, and re-enforces the stuff that used to get said by the likes of Joe Horn and some of the Bucc's players, that the Rams play soft..

                              I'm all for avoiding injury, and no, they aren't the biggest and strongest of receivers, but come on, cover the ball, dip your head, and .....BAM!
                              You don't see other 'slight' receivers doing it. I don't think I have ever seen Marvin Harrison do it, and he is similar in stature (not size) to Bruce and Holt.

                              Impetous is an odd thing you know guys! You may just run over a few of them, or at least cause a miss tackle.

                              Not only that, but it looks real wet!

                              But hey, is it just me who is seeing it creep back in? (That's if it never left in the first place!)

                              -11-20-2007, 01:20 PM
                            • MauiRam
                              Martz miffed by Hall snub of Rams WRs
                              by MauiRam
                              By Jim Thomas

                              In less than a week, the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s selection committee will gather in San Francisco to elect the Class of 2016.

                              Among the 15 modern-era finalists are wide receivers Marvin Harrison and Terrell Owens. For the life of him, former Rams coach Mike Martz doesn’t understand why Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt aren’t in the discussion.

                              For the second year in a row, Bruce and Holt failed to reach the finals in the Hall of Fame voting. All the more disconcerting to Martz is the fact that Owens leapfrogged Bruce and Holt into the finals in this, Owens’ first year of eligibility.

                              “‘Surprised’ isn’t the word,” Martz said. “You can’t print how I felt when T.O. leapfrogged those two. That’s just plain out-and-out ridiculous.”

                              In contrast to Owens’ often controversial career, the Rams didn’t really have any divas, showboats, or “me” players during the brief but dazzling Greatest Show on Turf period. From Kurt Warner, to Orlando Pace, to Bruce and Holt — even Marshall Faulk — the Rams just went about their business under Dick Vermeil, and then Martz, as head coach.

                              “Had they promoted themselves, which was contrary to everything we were about, they’d probably get in without an issue,” Martz said. “Had they pulled a T.O., they’re probably in without an issue. That’s just not who we were.

                              “If they big-timed it and did all that dumb stuff, they’d get in probably earlier. I think they’ll eventually get in. I don’t think that’s an issue, but it’s tragic that people think of them like that. If Marvin Harrison gets in, how could they not get in?”

                              One of the problems with the biggest stars of the Greatest Show is that they all retired at the same time, which meant they all became Hall-eligible at the same time. Warner, Pace, Bruce and Holt all became eligible for the first time a year ago.

                              And there’s simply no way four members of the same team are going in during the same year. (A maximum of five modern-era players can be elected each year.)

                              So if Pace and Warner get in soon, that probably helps clear the decks for Bruce and Holt to a degree. Pace and Warner are both finalists for the second year in a row. It will be surprising if Pace doesn’t get in this year; then again, it was surprising that he didn’t get in last year. The first-time eligibility of Brett Favre this year may make it tough for Warner to make the Class of 2016.

                              There’s no doubt that Bruce and Holt have Hall of Fame credentials. For starters, both caught touchdown passes in the Rams’ Super Bowl XXXIV triumph over Tennessee, with Bruce’s being the game-winner.

                              “You kinda start with that,” Martz said “Look at their production. More importantly, look at their yards per catch. And then look at it consistently over a long period of time — it’ll compare to anybody. In some cases, nobody comes close....
                              -01-31-2016, 12:26 AM
                            • RamDez
                              Bruce showing that career has gone deep
                              by RamDez
                              Bruce showing that career has gone deep
                              By Jim Thomas
                              Of the Post-Dispatch
                              Thursday, Sep. 16 2004

                              Georgia Frontiere made a rare practice appearance Wednesday afternoon at Rams
                              Park. She spoke briefly with coach Mike Martz and president of football
                              operations Jay Zygmunt. But when practice was over, guess who she walked off
                              the field with? Why, Isaac Bruce.

                              Some around the NFL seemingly have forgotten that Bruce exists. But not the
                              Rams' team owner.

                              "She's always been great to me," Bruce said. "She's been great to my family
                              from the first day I met her in Los Angeles. After I was drafted, she sent my
                              mother a bouquet of flowers, and told my mother she'd take care of me. And
                              she's held true to that."

                              Bruce has held up his end of the bargain. Four Pro Bowls; 1996 NFL leader in
                              reception yards; two-time team MVP; game-winning catch in Super Bowl XXXIV;
                              career club leader in both catches and reception yards.

                              He's steadily moving up the NFL's career charts as well, ranking 15th in
                              reception yards (10,573) and 19th in receptions (697).

                              "Yeah, (the numbers) mean a lot," Bruce said. "Especially once I'm done
                              playing. But I don't see that happening any time soon."

                              At times, coaches, scouts, fans, and the media have short memories. Some would
                              tell you that NFL stands for "Not For Long." But for those thinking Bruce, at
                              age 31, was approaching the twilight of his career, he delivered this simple
                              message through his play last Sunday against Arizona: Think again.

                              Bruce caught nine passes for 112 yards against the Cardinals, including the
                              game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

                              "It was a whole lot of fun," Bruce said. "It was pretty much how we scripted
                              it. It put us a game up in the division. We come out and start off on a winning
                              note, and expect a carryover."

                              For the first time since his hamstring injury years (1997-1998), Bruce dipped
                              below 1,000 yards receiving last season. An ankle injury cost him one game, and
                              limited him in the regular-season finale against Detroit.

                              With Torry Holt seemingly becoming more entrenched as the Rams' go-to wide
                              receiver, there were questions about whether Bruce's skills were in decline.
                              Not to the extent of questions concerning teammate Marshall Faulk, but
                              questions nonetheless.

                              "Him and Marshall, I get a kick out of people saying they're not the same, and
                              they've lost speed," Atlanta coach Jim Mora said Wednesday, on a conference
                              call with St. Louis reporters. "They haven't lost anything. They're great
                              athletes. They're great competitors. They take care of their bodies." ...
                              -09-16-2004, 12:08 AM
                            • clarasDK
                              Should we bring back Bruce?
                              by clarasDK
                              Isaac Bruce might not be a part of the whiners plans for the comming season should we bring him back so that he can retire where he belongs?

                              I voted yes becaue I think he could be a good tutor for our young WR's. And because I cannot stand seeing him not being a Ram
                              -03-15-2009, 07:45 AM