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With Morton signing, this helps the Rams in the Draft

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  • With Morton signing, this helps the Rams in the Draft

    Most mock drafts had the Chiefs selecting Donte Stallworth at their slot early in the draft. This probably changes the Chiefs draft direction to the defensive side of the ball due to the extent of the contract for Morton.

    Next team that will possibly select a WR is Denver at 19, and they will select Stallworth. Saints may select Reed instead of Gaffney, and Lelie will go to the Pack. So the Rams get the WR they really wanted in Gaffney without moving up in the draft in the first round. I do see them getting an earlier pick in the second or an additional second rounder if this scenario works.

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    What can you tell us about Gaffney?????


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      They say he has to grow up but he could be an excellent WR. Maybe Holt and him would put on another great show like Hakim did. Gaffney goes up for balls well, but not a great blocker. Was the #1 WR in the Florida scheme this year, but that also can't guarantee success. Remember Reidel Anthony anyone?

      If not Gaffney, maybe this puts us in a better position to trade up in the first round, maybe to the 15th pick. May not have to give up as much and still get Stallworth.


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        Not too many of th RAM WR were great blockers until we got ahold of them....