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  • Rams vs Bucs

    Being a Ram fan now located in Tampa Bay, I have to say that the over confidence of these Buc fans is getting on my nerves already. Usually I just pop in the tape of Ricky Proehl bringing in that touchdown but tonight I am just not in the mood. I need to vent. Let's hope the Rams start out this year right and show the Eagles what it's like to be a top flight ball club. A solid ass kicking could send the Eagles fans into a panic and hopefully expose those pretenders to the crown for what they are! The same will happen to the NFC "champion" NY Giants..Growing up in NY I have a very deep, deep seated hatred for them. Luckily, the fates have always smiled upon me when it came to Rams/Giants match ups. We own them and this year will be especially harsh for the G Men. The Saints and ***** shouldnt be a problem if we can stay focused and healthy..And then we have the Tampa Bay Bucs......Ooooooo! I can taste it already! Pay back is a *****!
    Drop me a line with any irrational hatred you have for our opponents..I love that stuff..I am a maniac and go ape **** over football!

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    Being a RAM fan from way back, I have to admit to the whiners being my all time HATE team. I know I should feel sorry for this pathetic team but I canny .... I HATE THEM

    Coming in a close second are the TITYS ...... there is something about that smug coach I would love to drop kick him :cool: :rolleyes:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      MMMMM. Gota be the whiners, there aint much in life I hate more than them period. Mind you after last season I can feel hate brewing quite strongly in new orleans. Hell the top and bottom of it is if you aint a ram I don't like you that much anyways.
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        Yes,I would have to say I hate the Whiners the most.Finally,after years of frustration and humiliation our Rams finally dominate SF.I am starting to hate the Saints as well.I liked them better when I felt sorry for them.I also dislike the Cowboys and the Vikes because of the 70's,but we have owned Minnesota the past couple of years so I dont hate them as much.All I have to say today is:Go RAMS!


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          Who is laughing now SF?

          Ah yes. Our west coast nemesis, the San Francisco *****. Whose laughing now Tim McDonald? He sure liked talking trash about the Rams, but I didnt see him leading the Cardinals to any NFC championships? Stupid little hanger on. No more John Taylor and his 90 yard slant plays on MNF! No more Jim Everett hearing the foot steps of Charles Haley! No more Merton Hanks and his god damn chicken dance! Even though the ***** have made the climb back to being respectable ALOT sooner than I would have liked...I dont think we will ever have to worry about the Rams looking past them..Reap the whirlwind you San Francisco sons a *****es and honor the Ram Nation!


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            least fave teams...

            1. 'Fins - grew up in Bills country
            2. Cowboys - cocky, arrogant, ex-cons
            3. Whiners - 'nuff said
            4. 'Aints - my r/m is starting to like them b/c of rickey, last yr didn't help
            5. Titys - we beat 'em in the SB, but like Dez, there's just something about 'em.
            6. Ravens - Modell is a jerk
            7. Steelers - they suck and they're the only team on TV when i'm at school.


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              I really think the rivalry brewing between the Bucs and Rams is healthy. I love going on the Bucs site and talk smack. It is amazing how important a regular season game was to those people.


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                Thanks guitar boy, I hadn't even thought of the vikes hate them too. WE ARE THE REAL OFFENSIVE POWERHOUSE OF THE NFC. Never forgave Joey Browner for getting 2 ints off jim in the wild card loss of 88 season, and also the purply challenged ones for winning a flukey OT win against us in week 6 in 1989, ( you know the blocked punt for a safety game where we scored 3 forth quater Jim everett td passes and they had 7 field goals BORING!!!) starting our 4 game slide which we broke with the giants (I do enjoy the big wins we have had against the giants over the years) Yep they were on the list till Kurt sorted them out.
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                  yes I to remember the niners decade strangle hold on us and love humiliating them now,but it hasn't become a rivalry again because of their downfall.we need to sweep those **** aint's and make them realize their 2-1 series with us was a fluke due to our pathetic defense last year and I don't think im alone when I say we would have beaten them in the playoffs had Az not fumbled that punt! this is the team we have to start beating down and destroy their confidence!!! oh and living in kansas I despise the chefs man I wish we had a regular season rematch with them so we could get my sweet revenge!!!!!


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                    This is a very good topic. For those of you that have read my first posts coming into Ram Land you will see that I considered the Bucs has my possible new team. I couldn't be more glad I chose the Rams for allot of reasons but one of them is the fans. Ram fans have knowledge and class, Bucs fans are uninformed and very harsh. I posted in a Bucs forum 1 year ago asking them what they thought about me coming from the Packers to become a Bucs fan, all I heard was criticism and smart remarks and of course they all called me a bandwagoner. When I came to the Rams all of you were so kind and understood it doesn't matter what the reason is for coming to the Rams, the important thing is I'm here and the more fans the better. I would just shine the Bucs fans off, they are very self-centered. As for least favorite teams, I really don't like the Cowboys, the Ravens get on my nerves, I can't stand the Vikings, and I think we all were pretty sick of the forty-niners dynasty. GO RAMS!


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                      good on you!

                      Good on you warner fan, the more rams the better. I don't subscribe to the theory that because someone has followed a team for longer or been to more games makes them a better fan. I have followed for about 17 years ( as long as I have known that american football exists) but I have only been to 3 games as its a long expensive way to travel from the UK. You get a thumbs up from me [COLOR=red]JUST KEEP ON FOLLOWING DEM RAMS!!!

                      Its a great time to be a rams fan. We have earned this!!!
                      The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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                        I couldn't agree more RamPower. You know there are so many arrogent fans who think because they have been a fan longer then you that they know it all and you know nothing. Thats is absolutely false, here with the Rams we are all a family, especially here in ClanRam. I say it's not how many years you've been a Rams Fan, it's that you are a Rams fan that is important. GO RAMS!


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                          Buc Fans

                          Buc fans are the biggest hypocrites going today. They hate band wagon fans but 5 years ago the stadium would be filled with Packer and Bears fans every time they came to town because there was no Buc fans in Tampa...I could see why they would be a little pissed though. Going from liking the Packers to the Bucs would be like a 49er fans converting over to the Rams now that the Rams are the superior team. I guess Rams fans are more tolerant towards new fans since we just recently changed cities and a acquired whole new fan base....I for one believe that you should stick with your team win, lose, or draw...I dont think the Rams superbowl would have meant nearly as much if I didnt go through all those painful failures and seasons of under achieving..But that is just me.

                          Rams 4 ever.


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                            Kansas City Chiefs

                            This is a team that I always overlook being that I am an LA Rams fan..For St Louis, having Kansas City kick your tail is serious business. Now that Vermeil and our rejects are congregtating over there, look for the bad blood to start flowing soon...They may be the next 49er team that we learn to hate...I wonder how Trent "Fool's Gold" Green is going to do over there with his big numbers and crappy win/loss record.....Any opinions?

                            And I just was looking over our defensive roster and have a real good feeling for about 3 years down the road. Lovie Smith is gonna turn this thing around and I love the fact that he is drafting players from the Florida schools...Speed kills and Allen, Lewis and Polley have plenty of it. Toss in Archuleta and the foundation has been laid for years to come.


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                              I don't think it matters if people feel you are a bandwagoner or not. No one can prove that, it's what's in your heart and who you truly feel you should root for. There is nothing in stone saying you have to root for 1 team your entire life. The way I see it now as a Rams fan is that if tomorrow we had a bunch of Saints fan convert to Rams fan I would say welcome and the more the merrier. GO RAMS!


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                              • Ramdog
                                Hi guys. Glad i found this site.
                                by Ramdog
                                Just wanted to say hi to all my Ram loving friends. I have been a life long Rams fan. About 24 years now. I took the move to St. Louis pretty hard seeing as my roots are in L.A. But as any good loyal fan should do i stuck with them. And i will untill the bitter end of my days.

                                The Rams winning the super bowl was as emotional for me as anything could get. For fans, true fans, your team winning the super bowl, world series, or NBA finals can be pretty damn rewarding. And the Rams wining the bowl was nothing short of rewarding.

                                This season in my eyes has been a very weird one. I'm tired of my heart jumping into my throat everytime the opposing team punts. Or we recieve a kickoff. Warners thumb brought back flashbacks to last years concussion, although in my humble opinion i would rather have Jamie Martin on the field then Trent "i really do suck" green. And i would have to agree with the post about the Rams energy on offense. Where is it? Nobody is so good they can act like the Rams have been. Bring back the Bob and Weave, screw the fines. Most of those guys make in one football game what most of us make in a year. Pay the stupid fine. Money is nothing, but winning is, winning is accomplishing something, money is just a status.

                                The whiners are coming this weekend and all i can say is i have that same feeling i had back in the late 80's early 90's. I despise, with every inch of my soul the *****. I live in Reno nevada, and the Niners are this towns golden boys. Them and the Raiders. Could i be surrounded by two worse teams and fans? Rams games are rarely on TV due to the network affiliates having to play those two teams. It's very depressing. If i have my way on sunday the Rams will annihilate the *****. That would destroy all doubts in the minds of the critics, and the minds of most fans. I think the rams, after the recent criticism, are ready to blow up on somebody. And no, i dont think they blew up on the falcons. I'm talking total domination, they are more then capable of it. Not to mention if we destroy the whiners it might just shut that big mouth, ego inflated idiot named Terrel Owens up. I doubt it but if we are all lucky it just might. Heres to hoping.

                                Oh well i've talked way to long.

                                Well Met
                                -12-04-2001, 02:43 PM
                              • RamDez
                                That was whiners week!
                                by RamDez
                                For all the years that I have been a Rams fan, the constant things in a season were to look forward to whiner week. Win or Lose. I have attended 12 whiner - Ram games and enjoyed wins and a couple of sore losses. I have partied in San Fran and jeered at whiners as they cried. I have sat in my hotel room after a loss and kicked seven bells out of the sofa bed, TV, toilet and anything else that did not move. At home, I would either whoop it up or my dogs would take the hint and run for cover. BUT this ........................

                                I sat in my house, watching on computer with HD quality as the whiners beat up on a team that I could not bring myself to call Rams. This "other team" very likely to be a high school team having a laugh were dressing in the Rams uniforms right enough but there is no way they could be the team I loved! And casting an eye over to the coaching staff! Now who are these guys? Surely not NFL caliber coaches? No way, I know who they are, they are the high school teachers, they are in on the prank, they must be.

                                The coaches on this team are living up and are now listening to the press. The Rams have had it tough, just look at all the injuries they have had, what a hard job it would be to try and deal with this. I remember a few years ago and more than once, watching NFL team getting clobbered with injuries and "dealing" with it, much to the cheers of the same press members. The Ram coaches and management have FAILED and FAILED badly to live up to their contracted jobs to coach and to manage this team. I want them to be fired, all of them. I want a complete clear out of these sudo coaches and managers, get them out of our house.

                                I have not had enough, that was more than several weeks ago, I am now going to actively canvas to get their sorry arses out of my teams colours and to get REAL management and REAL coaches who won’t quit on this RAM team and me, a RAMS FAN.
                                -12-05-2011, 01:39 AM
                              • RamDez
                                That was whiners week!
                                by RamDez
                                For all the years that I have been a Rams fan, the constant things in a season were to look forward to whiner week. Win or Lose. I have attended 12 whiner - Ram games and enjoyed wins and a couple of sore losses. I have partied in San Fran and jeered at whiners as they cried. I have sat in my hotel room after a loss and kicked seven bells out of the sofa bed, TV, toilet and anything else that did not move. At home, I would either whoop it up or my dogs would take the hint and run for cover. BUT...
                                -12-05-2011, 01:39 AM
                              • Saint Fanatik
                                NFC South - Good For The Saints & Rams?
                                by Saint Fanatik
                                With the impending NFC West getting split up and the Saints going to the NFC South, do you all think that will “stunt” the growth of our teams’ rivalry? All they’ve (ESPN, Fox, etc.) been saying how this is a new and heated rivalry. Personally, I love the rivalry, although the games give me a coronary, I am sorry to see the conference split up.

                                I like Kurt Warner. For that matter, who can’t? The guy has one of the greatest stories in the NFL plus the guy has been through hell and back. He’s a nice guy as well. In the same breath, he scares the hell out of me as a Saints fan.

                                Do you all think that when our two team meet up maybe once a year AND in the playoffs, the rivalry will be as heated as it is now with the recent history?

                                Prediction: December 17, 2001 - Saints vs. Rams - Highest Rated Monday Night Game of 2001. ;)
                                -10-30-2001, 12:47 PM
                              • Ramdog
                                Maybe We Need To Lose To The Whiners...
                                by Ramdog
                                I like to look at all things from every angle. And as i sat here thinking i came to the conclusion that losing to the whiners might be exactly what we need. Lets break this down.

                                1. Maybe losing the home field advantage isnt such a bad thing. We are 6-0 on the road. I know that having to play in Chicago or green bay, in the cold is bad, but is it?

                                2. When we lose to the Bucs or the Saints we can pawn it off on those two teams just knowing how to beat us. Every team in the NFL has a couple teams that they have trouble with. We lose to the saints and it's ah well they have our number. But losing to the whiners on the other hand might just be the wake up call we need. It might deflate the ego that the MEDIA has created for us, and it might get those passionate juices flowing again.

                                3. The niners beating the Rams could inflate the already inflated whiner ego. This could be good. For teams in the NFL playing within your division is a war. Consisting of two, possibly more battles in one giant war for supremacy. We took the first battle in the war against the whiners, they may take the second, but we will win the third and decisive battle.

                                So maybe losing this battle against the whiners isn't such a bad thing. It may be just what we need to spark that fire that we all grew accustomed to the last two years. The fire hasn't died, it has only gone into hibernation and just needs to be relit. I keep scanning whiner sites hoping to find some trash talking quote from owens that might end up pinned up in the rams locker room. It Appears Mr. Big mouth is keeping his mouth shut so far. Maybe other teams are seeing what i'm seeing, a dorman monster waiting to be awoken. It took Japan bombing pearl harbour to awaken the united states, maybe a whiner will will awaken this sleeping giant. Who knows.

                                -12-04-2001, 03:35 PM