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    Although it might take awhile for the defense to gel, being that it is a new system and there is going to be alot of rookies involved, I think it is a faster, more aggressive bunch and we will even have some depth with Jackson and Jones on the DL. If we can stay healthy, we will do something really special this year. I can feel it...Opening day in Philly will set the tone for the season I believe...Hostile envirorment. Physical defense. We lay an ass whippin' on em and the NFL will know the Rams are back and mean business. Ladies and gentlemen.....Commence ass whippin!

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    Jackson is going to have to play big on 3rd down. Last year, we couldn't stop anyone on 3rd down, and it was mostly the blame of the LB's.


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      3rd Down

      It was just one of those years huh? It would be 3rd down and 8 and they would get 9. 3rd down and 15 and they would get 17. This year they will increase their sack total and that is for damn sure and most of them are gonna come on 3rd down.......I hope.


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        Just signed Pickett. Now, only Arch and away we go


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          Arch is signed , time to go to work !


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            Alright, now comes the fun part. All the negotiating is through, now executing is the term. Arch is way behind, don't look for him to start right way.


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              Arch isnt no slouch you can be sure he is in top shape and has been studying his play book. I think that he will most likely end up starting come opeaning day cause the guy is a work horse. Besides Lovie's system is realy a simple one which doesnt involve a whole lot of blitzing and plays lots of zone. The Rams bigest problem last year wasnt the run it was passing thay got shreaded in the long and short game on passing downs. With the additions of Aeneas, Kim, and Arch in the secondary and with Fields, Davis, Polley, and Allen at backer not only are we faster but we have players that can cover all over the field and can also rush the passer.


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                No matter how good the Corners are you cant always leave them on an Island.... We need some sort of Pass rush. If an nfl quaterback has time to throw the doesnt really matter who it is we get burned..... We need pressure....which we didnt have last year....This is my biggest concern for the defense...

                Go Rams.


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                  Defensive players don't take as long to come up to speed. I have always thought that it was more productive to draft defence with your highest choices and get offence in later rounds or through free-agent system. Offencive players take at least 1 year to have very much of an impact. I think these young players are going to do more than well, I think they are going to kick-butt!!! They will have the luxury of not having to play mistake-proof football. With this offence they can be more aggressive because they won't be playing from behind. Also this is not Bud Carson's defence. Don't get me wrong I think Bud was great and I miss him, but his was a very complicated scheme. This is not. It may take a few games to really come togather but they are going to put some hurt on some people this year and it's going to be fun to watch.

                  It's time to break out a can of wip-ass GO RAMS!!!



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                    I love what Dennis Miller just said, "Park Ranger Martz did a control burn on the defense."


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                      We're on our way!

                      D is looking g-o-o-d!

                      I really liked what they did last night against the Chargers [hey, that game was a Ram win at the end of regulation time, ok? :mad: Okeyyy?!?] Holcomb holding during the winning FG, BAH!!! Big deal! :p

                      With every exhibition game the defense has really shown improvement and determination to support the "greatest show on earth." All we need is to get it on the road now.

                      So it sounds simplistic but, we're on our way! :mad: GO DEEE!!! :mad:


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                        You're right, the D is looking good. But I am a little worried about not getting any sacks. We can't expect Winstrom to get all of them; and right now that's how it looks. Hopefully Chidi will take care of that once he is in game shape. But I am really happy with the D; a lot better than last year.


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                          Enter Grant Wistrom!...

                          Good, strong performance by Rams D yesterday against the Eagles, no doubt about it! In fact, I was kind of surprised! Good, steady pressure on containing McNabb from running wild --for most of the game anyway. They even sacked him a few times!

                          Enter Wistrom Grant. Watch out! :p

                          GO RAMS!!!


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                            They looked good but i will need a couple more games to gain some confidence in them..I still suffer from anxiety attacks from last year when the other team has the ball...Haha...Faster and more aggressive is all I wanted and it looks like that is what we are gonna get!


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                              Yep, loved the way they swarmed to the ball/gang tackled, something glaringly lacking last year!


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                                Its the 3rd Quarter right now
                                by Guest
                                I am typing this as I watch but my mind is made up as far as Bulger. He is pretty darn good He is an accident looking for a place to happen but the kid can throw. It's too bad this defense is so bad because if they were just an average defense then we may have a chance. These keystone players on our defense are always out of position and always lost. They are terrible tacklers and the act like they don't give a damn. Our offense can get it done. They need to jell but I think they will improve while our defense will keep stinking up the place. I still say there is a leadership problem on that team which is why our special teams are bad and the team always looks like its pre-season. Martz needs to light a fire under his coach’s asses hot enough so the effect will ripple through each and every unit. Cannot believe this defense I don't think there is a player on that unit that knows what down it is. This is quite possibly the worst defense I have seen the Rams field with the possible exception of 2000. Well Saints got the ball near our goal line again so I will sign out now.

                                Wait maybe leadership problem is not the way to express it. I think we have a disciplin problem on this team.
                                -09-26-2004, 12:42 PM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                The Critical 3rd Down
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                3rd and 7 for the Faiders on their own 37 with 2:50 on the clock. After all the horrible play, stupid penalties and a seemingly impossible game to win, how heartbreaking was it to fail to make a stop on that play? A chance at redemption squandered. This was a very painful, cruel loss.
                                -09-19-2010, 04:38 PM
                              • Varg6
                                Dominated: 3 and out
                                by Varg6
                                What is with the offense? Honestly, the defense isn't that good, they were doing well for awhile, but the D seems to be on the field the whole game. We get a drive and we punt, what is wrong with us?

                                Edit: Jackson, two fumbles?
                                -09-09-2007, 12:54 PM
                              • live4ramin
                                Could it be? Defense...
                                by live4ramin
                                My love of football is on the offensive side of the ball, particularly the offensive line. The blocking and the pride these guys have when they jel into one unit, usually without much in the way of credit.

                                But silently this team's defense just keeps getting a little better. If these guys can stay healthy and build a little pride in keeping the offense off the field Spags may turn this group of nobodies into something to get excited about.

                                I've never had a great defense to watch on Sundays. It was always time to grab a snack and a cold beverage. It could be a life changer for some of us.
                                -08-29-2010, 07:42 AM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                This Offense Would Be Better If We Actually Threw The Ball
                                by Guest
                                I mean, here we were 0-2 going into Seattle. I THOUGHT we'd open up the offense and pass more. That was why I originally posted that we'd pull out a close one. Then I saw Saunders tell everyone "were gonna run Jackson more". SO I then turned that game into a huge loss. See, you and I, we see what everyone else see's. That this team has little defense so your offense better be moving the ball and scoring to stand a chance. Just a chance.

                                However this coaching staff still insists on forcing the run on early downs with lame-ass toss sweeps repeatedly. Forcing 3rd down after 3rd down. Why would you want to force an ever struggling offense into more and more 3rd downs!? This is Linehan ball, pure and simple. It's the same insanity we saw last year, and were seeing it again regardless of the offensive coordinator. This is the kind of offense you might run with a great offensive line, stable of running backs and a great defense. However we have none of those things.

                                This team could be better if the gameplan were openned up more, I have no doubt about that. They'd at least be more competitive and our opponents would not have it so easy out there to just load up the box on early downs and wait for the inevitable pass on 3rd and 6.

                                The commentators during the Seattle game kept using the phrase "baffling" when referencing why we kept running the ball so much when were down that much. What alternate universe are we in, where a coach can have such a lame gameplan of defeat and still remain coach?

                                Putting Trent Green in, will only help if he is able to actually throw the ball to SETUP THE RUN. Otherwise we'll continue to get blown out.

                                If we try that 50/50 run balance, we'll get killed. We should be running about 40% of the time to open the run game up more and spread teams out with the pass. That would work, that's why were not doing it.

                                I am simply amazed at how bad our playcalling/gameplan is. So what difference does it make who our qb is, if he's going to be put in the same ridiculous 3rd down's continuously?
                                -09-23-2008, 12:23 PM