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    Now that the Rams have signed Proehl we need to focus on getting a receiver or 2 in the draft. Stay away from the rest of Vets out there, they are not going to solve any future problems for us except cost big money. The answer to our future lays in last year, this year and next years draft. We are going to be finding out soon if Armey is all he has been made out to be. ;)

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    Very true. Since we only signed Proehl for a year, we need to draft a young receiver to take the third spot and then possibly draft someone next year to take Ricky's spot. We could also draft two receivers in this draft, or have Yo Murphy or another roster gem come up and take Ricky's spot when he leaves.



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      I totally agree - WR in early (Round 1 or 2) then one later on sunday.

      Proehl will help us next year but we'll be in this again next year. There really aren't anybody out there we could use - let them go to the 'skins.


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      • txramsfan
        Draft Ideas for next year
        by txramsfan
        Where do the Rams need to concentrate on during the 2002 NFL draft? I am under the impression that a QB and lots of D help are really going to be needed, especially in the depth department on D. Not to say the QB necessarily has to start, and not that we need to waste a 1st RD pick on one, but it would be nice to have the insurance policy.

        I know the draft is far away, but we should be able to see how the Rams have played and find spots where shoring up is needed.


        D Line
        O Line
        D Secondary
        Skill Positions
        -11-28-2001, 08:21 AM
      • RamsSB99
        We need a 3 starters out of this draft (big draft)
        by RamsSB99
        We need to have a big draft and come away with three starters in order to have a big turn around this year. I know you are lucky to get 1 or 2 starters but we need a big draft to have a good shot at being better then an 8-8 team.

        Those three starters need to come from the following positions:

        We also need to add at least 2 cheaper veteran free agents after the draft that could challenge for a starting spot or rotation type player.

        Two positions we could look at via free agency besides those listed above:
        RB (Backup Jackson)
        CB (If Hill don't pan out)
        -04-20-2009, 07:58 PM
      • Tiko377
        Will this draft be the draft that the changes the Rams?
        by Tiko377
        I think this could be the draft that changes the Rams into a wildcard team not this upcoming year but in 2 years.

        what does everyone think?
        -03-24-2010, 01:17 PM
      • rammiser
        Praying for a good draft.
        by rammiser
        We all have our opinions and likes and dislikes but we all agree on one thing. Can we please just have an excellent draft for a change? No matter who we draft or what direction we go in how about we get lucky and land some diamonds in the rough and have our players turn out to be good ones. I have my thoughts on who id like but if it improves our Rams I really dont care. I cant take too many more 2 win seasons. I had my fill of those in the 80's and early 90's. So please may the football gods shine down upon us and bless our draft with solid football players. Oh and make sure the Whiners,Hags,Cards and Patsies crap out.
        -04-23-2009, 08:22 PM
      • RamsFanSam
        It's not the coaches, it's not Sam...
        by RamsFanSam
        It's our recievers - including the tight ends and running backs. I don't know if they changed the footballs this year to make them less "sticky", or if the gloves are different, or what. All I know is that last season, with many of the same guys, Sam was firing the ball a heck of a lot faster and it seems like there was more balls that were caught.

        This is kind of a little off the main subject, but I noticed something peculiar...last season, every time Sam threw a pass, you could hear the sonic boom as the ball left his hand. This year, it seems as if the ball is thrown a tiny bit slower...could this be the result of being more comfortable in his second year, or is this due to a concious effort to make the balls more catchable for the recievers?

        OK, back to the main subject...

        Bradford has it in him to be a great QB. Right now, he's good. Dang good. If he had Faulk, Proehl, Holt, and Bruce to throw to, he would make everyone think Kurt Warner had a clone. It is RARE that I praise anyone so much...Avenger can verify this, as he heard me complain about everyone and everything during the Rams/Eagles game. My problem is the recievers. I don't think there are, in all honesty, more than ten current wide recievers in the NFL that are as good as Bruce and/or Holt were back in '99-'04.

        There's not that many that I know of that will be coming up for the draft next April that look like true #1 recievers, either.

        If we were to sign a FA or trade for a current player, the cost may be too high for the return. We don't really have any "good" players that we can afford to trade. No one wants to get rid of Jackson or Long or Bradford or Laurainitis. That means we would have to likely trade multiple players to get a true #1 WR. This may sound OK, getting rid of 2 or 3 of our "lessers" for one good one, but there is the "what if" factor: for instance, what if our "#1" was injured, and we had traded Amendola and DX to get him? We'd be up that famous creek without a propulsion device. Even if we signed a FA, where would the money come from? We'd have to either cut player salaries or just cut players to get there...and trust me, if you are working for someone who cuts your pay and expects the same work out of you, they aren't going to get it. So, there's that negative aspect, too.

        So, that really leaves the draft as the only clear option. I'm one who believes that the Rams should draft according to need IF there is a player worthy of the draft position. In other words, if we need a shutdown corner (and we do) and the best one in the draft is at best a second round player, then we don't draft him until that round. Instead, we look at the best player available in the first round, compare the draftee's position and talents against our needs, and then make a concious decision that is best for the team.

        Since we still have many glaring...
        -09-20-2011, 03:16 PM