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    In limited time, this guy has shown he can play. He's aggressive and he's got something to prove after the "incident". I for one am backing this guy whole heartedly and believe if nothing else he has a greater appreciation for life and the opportunities he has before him. He is my choice for surprise player of the year...Mark my words and get back to me in week 8 when he has 10 sacks or more.....AND he will finish the season with more sacks then Kevin Carter...

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    Little gained weight and didn't lose any speed. That is the key, no loss in the speed area. Him and Wistrom should wreak havoc on the ends, which may open the middle for Lewis.


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      Difficult choice...

      Difficult choice for me right now during pre-season. Too many uncertainties going on due to roster changes / injuries.

      How about a favourite D player on a week by week basis? :p

      So far, however, I've liked rookie D. Lewis' performance and plays. Can't wait to see a standard starting squad set-up 'a la'...

      Wistrom / Zgonina / Lewis / Little [better as starter than Ahanotu?]

      Fields / Fletcher / Davis

      Williams / Shepherd

      Herring / Archuleta

      By the way, is Arch ok?
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        Meet Mr. Little

        My boy tore it up and next week against the Giants expect more of the same..Especially when we jump out to a big lead and force that lush racist Kerry Collins have to throw the ball...Next week will be SWEET!


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          That makes 5!

          Only got to that bumbling lush Collins once last week...Looks like he'll have to take it out of Vinny's ASS this week in NY. Look for 2 sacks, a forced fumble and a pressure that leads to an INT and 6...Bold, but true!

          Kevin Carter..How many sacks does he have again?


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            6 down..4 to go and 2 games to do it!

            Little collected his 6th sack of the year against the Jets yesterday. This son of a ***** is QUICK off the line. He has two home games vs the Saints and the Panthers to make my prediction come true...Go Little!

            10 sacks. 8 games.


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              Hey HH, I think Kevin Carter got his first sack of the year yesturday.

              Only 9 more to catch Little

              I bet Lewis has more sacks at the end of the year!


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                Dauntless D...

                Yeah, the entire Rams D is really making a statement! Week after week, they are playing as if they were a bunch of successful seasoned veterans, and here it's only their first year as a unit!
                Late 4th qrtr - I really thought they were going to keep NYJ on the ground w/ 7 points. Rams defended very well against the run, fair aerial D. It was the special teams that let the Jets advance.

                Sure thing: Little is locked on making plays -- sacks OR stops! Adam Archuleta, learning fast and well, so eager, disciplined; ditto Tommey Polley; you've got the London wall; great inspirational play by Aeneas; Tyoka's truck, Young coming of age, the "Wistorm" etc., etc. Damione Lewis shall not become a flop, he's being well coached and ought to develop into an outstanding DT with pressence!

                Aggressive RAMS DEE! YEEAAAH!! Reminds me of a yestermonicker, the Fearsome Foursome and their formidable RAM foreheads! What a defense that was! Not just the front four but the whole group! 1967, they had either fewest points --or yards-- allowed in the NFL, can't remember. Fearful for teams to face...

                I hope Zgonina is healing well, coming back strong after the bye. Not sure how Matt Bowen is doing.

                Anyway, Aeneas is my pick for yesterday's Deeman [ok, so his spectacular INT/TD made it easier for me].

                Come on DEFENSE! GO RAMS!!!