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Rams Summer Training Camp 2002-Who's going?

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  • Rams Summer Training Camp 2002-Who's going?

    If anyone is planning on going to the Rams summer training camp here in Macomb, Illinois, please let me know. I know it's kinda early, but in terms of reservations and such, the earlier the better. I would also like to figure out if we could get some sort of rally going if enough people are planning to show up on the same day.

    Training camp is slated for July 26 - August 14. Avoid the 9th-11th, they have a preseason game on the 10th against the Titans. No other plans have been made yet. There is more than likely a block party that will be planned for one of the weekends and they always schedule at least one night practice where they scrimmage under the lights at Hansen Field at Western Illinois Unversity.

    For information about Macomb and Rams Camp, check out or At the moment there isn't much there about this year's camp.

    GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angryram:

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    Hey well be there...on the 28th thru the 30th i think. Let me Know and well get together.


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      You I know about, it's the others I'm wondering about.


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        I'll watch to see everyone's plans through the forum. If I can schedule the trip, I'll probably drive up and back the same day. Please keep us posted as you gather commitments. If anyone is coming to the St. Louis area, be sure to holler.


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        • hawks09
          Rams Training Camp
          by hawks09
          I read today that the Rams are considering UW-Whitewater for training camp. Well, since I attend UWW, I am beyond excited. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

          Does anyone know when they will make a decision? How seriously they are considering WW? The facilities here are top of the line, so if that is part of the decision, I don't see another school edging them.

          Anyone have more info or know around when they will make an announcement? Thanks!
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          Rams training camp
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          Anyone know if the NFL channel has shown the Rams camp yet?
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          Training Camp
          by dave626
          “Each year we will explore all options for training camp.” said Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo. “This year we feel it is in the best interest of our football team to conduct training camp at Russell Training Center.”

          I guess I'll be spending some time in Earth City soon.
          -04-17-2010, 12:22 AM
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          Training Camp Merchandise
          by DJRamFan
          For those in and around Macomb and St. Louis, do the Rams sell merchandise for the training camp. Here in Rochester they sell hats and shirts and stuff that say things like "Bills training camp....Pittsford, NY" etc. Just wondering if the Rams did that too.
          -07-19-2004, 04:53 PM
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          Training Camp
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          Anyone under 18 starting Training Camp Monday?

          I'm starting Training Camp on Monday. And then i have Evaluations too. I have to do what the rookies had to do before getting drafted. Like 40 yard dash, vertical leap, board jump, pro shuttle, cone agility and a lot of more!

          I dont have to worry about starting on Defence cause My Coach told me I already secured the MLB spot and Im the new Defence Team Captain!! I'm trying to Start at RB. It doesnt matter HB or FB. But Im fast.

          So if you play football, what are your postions? Do you start at anyone of them? or What position your trying out for. And what are you going to do in Training Camp/Practices?
          -07-29-2006, 02:27 PM