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    Just joined the forum and happy to be here. I have been a Rams fan for over 34 years. If I had given up on them after 30 years, I would be a sick man today. Let's get the second ring this year!

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    Welcome to ClanRam.There are some great fans in here so I'm sure you will enjoy it.Take care!


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      Welcome to the best site in the NFL glad your with us. And we feel yoour pain.It's been a tough couple of decades. But we are looking better every day


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        Welcome to the boards, CLANRAM the best sight around....

        R-A-M-S Forever....:helmet: :angryram: :lid: :ram: :shield:


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          Welcome to the clan, Rams_away! For your initiation, you must come to this years Rams summer training camp here in Macomb, Illinois. We'll hook you up with a tattoo and everything! LOL-just kidding.

          I have a great appreciation and envy for lifelong fans. Wish I was one. But, can't change the past, just correct my mistakes for the future.


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            Ram-fan-veteran? Me too, me too!

            Welcome aboard Rams_away! Glad to have you here as a long-time Ram-fan-veteran of many battles.

            Enjoy the Clan! :shield:


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              just curious Jorge; What does a veteran of many battles look like?
              does he have a big beer belly from over indulgence, is he bald from pulling his hair out in the 90's, does he have a nervous twitch and no finger nails from the 80's. god I hope the rams keep winning so I don't have to go through all that again. :o
              Curly ~ Horns


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                Welcome and happy ramming. Beware of any sightings of the "boss" I hear he is a bear to live with :-)


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                • Dirtywater
                  New member here...
                  by Dirtywater
                  Hey guys, I'm a Pat's fan here and just wanted to drop by and say hi now that I'm registered here. I'm not here to troll, but enjoy some good football talk. I respect your franchise and fans.

                  I'm on a lot of NFL forums, but your set of smileys take's the prize.

                  Hope we can talk some good football in the future.

                  -06-22-2005, 07:04 PM
                • sashadpb
                  Greetings from Serbia
                  by sashadpb
                  Hallo to everybody.

                  I'm from Serbia and I'm huuuuge Rams fan. Rams are haveing big fan community in our football forum. We hope so that next year will be much better than this.

                  -01-28-2007, 01:16 PM
                • hoosierdaddy
                  New Member
                  by hoosierdaddy
                  I posted on the MB on the official rams site awhile back. But since it shut down, i hadn't moved on to another MB until i saw the link to this site in Sports Illustrated.

                  So, yeah, hello.
                  -09-22-2006, 08:24 PM
                • MATEOBURRITO
                  I'm new here...Go Rams!
                  by MATEOBURRITO
                  Just wanted to say hi to everyone here and wish the Rams luck in week 3. Hopefully we can rebound from the loss against the Niners, and hopefully we can start scoring some TDs. I'm open to criticism, just no personal attacks please. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to some fun, intelligent Rams talk.
                  -09-19-2006, 03:19 PM
                • RAMSHACKLED
                  New member here!
                  by RAMSHACKLED
                  been a long time fan of the Rams--even though it's tough. I try my best to rep them here on Virgin Island. ;)
                  -10-11-2010, 11:53 PM