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  • Rams=Braves?

    Yes, I shudder at the thought. But before ya'll panic, there are a couple differences between the two. First off, the bravos LOST there first meeting at the Big Show(1991), whereas the Rams WON(99). As a matter of fact, the Bravos lost their second meeting as well. Also, the braves have been there 5, count em' FIVE times and have only one ONCE. Rams of course twice and won once. But this is where the differences end.
    Braves did, do, great in regular season, have tons of front runner fans, and fizzle out at the end. I see the same thing in the Rams. I'm not saying the Rams "fizzled" last year, but it's pretty close, in sports terms. And even in 2000, when they didn;'t even make it, the Rams started out very strong, then fizzled. The Braves, because they've only got one ring to show for it, look like bums IN MY EYES! The Rams will be picked to win it all this year, just like the braves used to be years ago. "Too much talent" the media says. I hate that connotation!! I DON"T WANT THIS HAPPENING TO THE RAMS!! I BELIEVE THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID THIS COMPARISON IS A SB WIN THIS YEAR. HEY THAT'S A LOT OF PRESSURE, I KNOW, BUT I'D RATHER HAVE 1 MORE WIN IN THE SB, THAN SHOW UP 5 MORE TIMES AND LOSE!!!!!!!!
    Look, I'll be a Rams fan for life, that's for sure, I just feel it's imperative they don't look like those Bills (sorry DJ) or Braves, who seem to have NOTHING to show for all the talent they supposedly had. Can the Rams be like my great Yankees?!! Do it for me GOD!! But seriously, The Rams are going ALL THE WAY next year BABY!!! AM I ALONE?? NO WAY, JUST ASK YODA!! !;)
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    Mr Blond,I have to say that I understand the analogy.A Super Bowl appearance for many teams is considered a huge accomplishment,but for our Rams last years Super Bowl loss was viewed by many as a failure.I remember many great Ram teams in the 70's and 80's that couldn't gain total respect because of losses in huge playoff games.I think that is why longtime Rams fans are a tough breed.We've endured thru a lot of heartbreak.So lets not ever forget the 99 season for what it was:MAGIC!Thank God we do have a Super Bowl win to cherish.With that being said,I do agree that is important for our Rams to win it all this season.This team is too damn good to not win another Lombardi.I want to see our boys put all the "overrated talk"to rest.GO RAMS!!!!
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      Yeah, I'm a spoiled brat I'm glad you see the analogy Aries51, and your're right, back in the 80's even making it there would have been a big thing.
      You know, after the superbowl this year, i told myself i'll never get so wound up over the Rams, but that, I want the RAMS to win it this year. Just ONE more. :o And then NEXT year, ANOTHER. And the year after that....ANOTHER.
      I, do, believe, however, that it is HARDER to win a SuperBowl, than any other North American sport. Which makes the one we've won all the more special. 2002-03 IS GONNA BE THE RAMS YEAR, and like you said in another thread, this guy Kurt, he's too good not to win another or two. He's signed with us for another 3-4 years (not too sure exactley), we've got the best coach in the league, and a young D, plus a great rb. GO RAMS BABY YEAH!! :cool:
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        AHH, Mr. Blond!! You ARE THE ONE!! And i totally agree!!


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          It will have to be THIS year...

          Yes, I see it too, excellent point Mr. Blonde / Aries51 / YodaRam! In that respect, this year is critical, it is a "clutch season!"

          Have got to go all the way! ... It IS A MUST!

          :angryram: GO RAMS!!!


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            Re: Rams=Braves?

            Originally posted by Mr.Blond
            Look, I'll be a Rams fan for life, that's for sure, I just feel it's imperative they don't look like those Bills (sorry DJ) or Braves, who seem to have NOTHING to show for all the talent they supposedly had. Can the Rams be like my great Yankees?!! Do it for me GOD!! But seriously, The Rams are going ALL THE WAY next year BABY!!! AM I ALONE?? NO WAY, JUST ASK YODA!! !;)

            I'd rather have been the Bill and the Braves than any of teams that got nowhere near winning it all.
            One win out of five world series isn't a great return, but it's better than none out of five or even none out of none.
            And I'd rather have won four AFC champioships in a row and crumbled in the SB than been one of the teams that never even made the play-offs.

            The truth is that the closer you get to ultimate victory without claiming it, the bigger the loser some people think you to be.
            I don't buy into that. When the Rams lost to the Pats, this board was swamped with Eagles fans calling us the biggest losers of all time.
            Fact is we beat them to get there. The fact we lost makes us the 2nd best team in the NFL, not the worst.
            Yes we want to win SBs - this team deserves better than to go down in history as one season wonders a la teams like the Ravens.
            But it stinks of glory hunting to dismiss our achievements last year as a failure.
            If you were a sprinter would you rather get a sliver medal at the Olympics three times in a row, or would you prefer never even make the final?
            If it's the latter, I'd suggest you have a fear of failure and would rather than Rams finished 8-8 every year than risk making you feel bad when they lost a play-off game.

            Thi sport's tough, everyone is out to win and only one team can. The fact that we've made two SBs in three years in this era of parity and salary caps is a reason to feel proud not ashamed.
            Like I said, people called the Bills losers for their -4 SB record, but what did that make the other AFC teams during that 4 year stretch?

            Success is all relative, but the first is everywhere, second is nowhere logic doesn't add up in a highly competitive league.
            I want to win, but if I can't win I want to come second. This year only the Patriot can look down on us, and that's got to be better than being at the bottom of the pile.


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              I realize that some of the long time Rams fans look on those of us who became fans after the move as bandwagon jumpers. However, if you are willing, consider this. During the gap years, from the Cards departure till the Rams arrival, most of us continued to suffer, following the Cardinals since we had no team to call our own. During the years the Cards WERE here, we suffered with a perenial loser. The "glory years" with the Cardiac Cards of Don Coryell yielded a couple of decent seasons, but for the entire time they were in St. Louis, postseason play consisted of ONE playoff game, and that was a loss. Will I be disappointed if the Rams fall short of the Super Bowl? Sure thing! Will I quit on them? The only way that will EVER happen is if the organization treats the fans the way Bidwell treated us. I have supported them since they came to town, and a couple of post season setbacks isn't going to change that. Out of 32 teams in the NFL, 20 will miss the playoffs altogether. Four will be gone from the playoffs after one game. Four more after the second round. As long as the Rams field a team that has a reasonable shot at competing for the Lombardi trophy, I can't complain. This is not intended as an insult, but all the Rams fans that think they suffered when the team was bad have no clue. Back in the day, they had a team that could challenge and win. That's something that the St. Louis fans NEVER had, till now.


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                The pressure of winning...

                Limey, Huntdux,

                Points very well made! -- And well taken, honestly.

                I think that the pressure Mr. Blond mentioned is REAL. The St. Louis Rams "n-e-e-d to" win it all due to their own realization of talent and reputation. From the executives to the extras, they are simply too much of a class organization not to.

                Mike Martz. And Isaac Bruce, Grant Wistrom, Aeneas Williams, Marshall Faulk, Orlando Pace, Adam Archuleta, Kurt Warner. People like Ricky Proehl, Kim Herring, Jeff Zgonina, Yo Murphy, Adam Timmerman, Torry Holt, Ernie Conwell and Andy McCollum.

                ...They are individuals that, young or old, are mature professionals in that they understand what is at stake here and now. They have heard many true stories and they have their own in terms of what it means to be a RAM in 2002. They know how Merlin Olsen, the great and legendary 74 came so close, sooo close... and never won a Super Bowl.

                Sure, I know Merlin Olsen was not the only one! Neither were the late George Allen, nor Jackie Slater, Deacon Jones, Roman Gabriel, Jack Snow, Jack Pardee or Jack Youngblood. It happens all the time in every sport -- which is why I believe Blonde's Braves editorial is as legitimate and valid as they come.
                It is an intelligent issue. It's :cool:

                I feel today's Rams are on the verge of becoming a dynasty, an NFL team for the ages. The 2002 Rams roster has several players whose names you will undoubtedly find in the Hall of Fame. They are a very real powerhouse with terrific balance and energy to rock any stadium anytime.

                Injuries, mistakes or tragedies are part of the game. Yet we have so much going for us. Tommey Polley, Leonard Little, Trung Canidate, Tyoka Jackson, Jerametrius Butler. Jamie Martin (as a fill-in QB for when we get too far ahead on the scoreboard).

                May all our Rams have a good season.

                That's all it will take to go all the way to the top. :helmet:

                :angryram: GO R A M S!!!


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                  J.V., You are so right on the money!! Great insight! I'm trying to not bury you in flowers as i have been accused of in the past!:o


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                    See Mr. Blond!! I told you! And the important thing is you get indepth analyzing responses! Not little quips! Makes people think!:cool: :shield:


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                      Let me first off, say it's a pleasure talking and going over the Rams with ALL ya'll. Second, Huntdux, by "front-runner" I didn't mean to insult you, or ANY fan on this forum. I definitely DON'T think of you in that way at all, I'm happy if ANYBODY likes the Rams, especially enough to join the Forum. And i don't wanna bury you in flowers ;) but youve stated the whole 'bidwell' thing and i have a new respect for the Stlouis fan. I really didn't know much about the Cards, so i appreciate your insight.
                      When you really think about it, at least for myself, we were all front runners at one point, I think. You like something because you can relate, or think theryre cool, or whatever. What i'm trying to say is, you ain't a frontrunner, because we're ALL frontrunners, be it today or 50 years ago.
                      Now for the Limey, at last we get to talk I hear what your're saying, and it does make sense. I don't really KNOW what my opinion is, on the one hand, part of me says "at least we were there" and the other hand says, "ENOUGH with teasing already!!----either Win the damn trophy or DON'T waste my time!!!!" That's how friggin spoiled i am! I guess we'll just have to see how things work out. GO RAMS BABY YEAH
                      :p P.S. My other team is the Yankees
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                        I need to make one of my points a little clearer. My reference to front-runners, bandwagon jumpers or whatever term you choose was not aimed at anyone who is currently posting with any regularity. It was based on my reading of some threads which have been inactive for some time now. It was IMPLIED, not insinuated that most or all of the local fans are somehow undeserving because they weren't Ram fans when the team wasn't very good. Most of these posts originated with fans from CA. that are still bitter about the move. The only point I was trying to make is that as former Cards fans, we know their pain as well as they do because we experienced the same thing. Our experience may be even more bitter than theirs because they at least had some measure of success. We supported a team with virtually no success. St. Louis has supported this team since the day it arrived, and it wasn't like they were champions when they got here. Just looking for a little respect for the local fans from some of the lifers.
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                          huntdux, people who are bandwagon jumpers know who they are and i don't think Mr. Blond is accusing you of being one. Flowers are in the mail! ;)


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                            Originally posted by huntdux
                            My reference to front-runners, bandwagon jumpers or whatever term you choose was not aimed at anyone who is currently posting with any regularity.
                            Tanx fer the flowers Yoda, but I thought that was my point. No one who is currently posting......earlier threads, different users.

                            The "regulars" have made me feel very welcome here. That's why I keep showing up!!


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                              This saying should be our trademark: "Bury you in flowers" Hahahaha "I don't wanna bury you in flowers...but.... " "Flowers are in the mail" I hope Ram Dez is listening!


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                                Ever since I saw how the '99 Rams beat astronomical odds to win SB XXXIV, I've enjoyed seeing how the odds looked in the offseason, how FA and the draft affect them, and how the odds change right up to the bye week. After that, we all know our chances.

                                But, enough of that. After the disasters of last season, I looked at a site on Dec. 31, 2005. The odds of the Rams winning SB XLI were 200/1.

                                After both Linehan and Haslett were hired, the odds changed to 100/1.

                                Free Agency and draft only helped a bit. The odds went to 60/1.

                                June 1 didn't really change anything for the Rams, so I decided to wait until now to check the odds...and I was shocked! It looks like the odds are getting better for us, even though no one has seen the Rams on the field!

                                Here's the odds sheet as of 7/2/06:

                                30/1. Quite an improvement, and it puts us pretty much in the middle of the pack, instead of with the bottom feeders.

                                I don't really know how to interpret this movement, as many other sites have different odds, but to me it says that the big bettors have seen something that makes the Rams a lot less risky....
                                -07-02-2006, 09:45 AM
                              • ZigZagRam
                                Something to Ponder
                                by ZigZagRam
                                I was bored and started doing a little thinking (scary, I know). If someone were to guarantee the Rams would win one, and only one Super Bowl in the next 5 years, would you take the offer? Or would you rather pass and play all 5 years just hoping that the team wins more than that?
                                -02-28-2005, 12:12 AM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                I have not lowered my standards... Have you?
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Woo-hoo!!! The Rams won again!!!

                                I mean... sure... it was a skin-of-the-teeth win against a really bad team, but hey...

                                A win's a win!!!!


                                Sorry, but mark me down as "unimpressed." I didn't see a team rising up from the depths of an abysmal start. What I saw this week was a team making the same mistakes, missing the same opportunities, and failing to adjust. Yes, the game ended with a game winning interception, but be honest. How many, when the ball left Dilfer's hand, feared (or even expected) that the game would instead be lost on that play?

                                Its not that I don't get that any win, even an ugly one, beats a loss. I do.

                                But I refuse to lower my standards so much that I will get overly excited about a poorly played game in a lost season, even if it ends with a win. I expect more. In another thread, someone suggested (though it seemed more of an accusation) that I still think this is a good team. I can't say that. Right now, the Rams are not a good team. But I also don't think they are this bad. I think that, even with the guys now playing, this team can be better than what we're seeing on the field.

                                I'm not going to play the blame game here. I've done that enough. I simply am saying that I'll never be content with a win that comes only because the other team played even worse than the Rams. I want to see quality play. I want to see progress. I want to see something that will give me hope for the future.

                                I didn't see that yesterday.

                                So, yes, I'm happy the Rams won. But I really don't feel any better about the team.

                                Do you?...
                                -11-19-2007, 08:11 PM
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                                Who do you wish to see win the Super Bowl ??
                                by LaRamsFanLongTime
                                Since the Rams are not going does anyone have a team that they would like to see in the Bowl?

                                I personally would love to see Bettis get his ring. I like Bill cowher and that whole team. They are just a hard working team. It is pretty much the only reason Im still into the playoffs.
                                -01-09-2006, 01:06 AM
                              • Tampa_Ram
                                Best win in last 10 years!!!!!!!!!!
                                by Tampa_Ram
                                If not for the tie this wouldnt be so, but since this was a continuation of sorts, this is the biggest win for the Rams in a long time. Against one of the "best teams in the NFL" to say the least. I dont remember the last time i was so excited and upset in a game, and ended up feeling this dang good. The rivalry has been renewed, whiner fans wont forget this and we wont either. GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                -12-02-2012, 03:00 PM