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    I think I wanted to write about Kurt Warner after the Super Bowl, but didn't get the chance because he was so average and his team lost. But a few numbers from the last three years shouldn't be forgotten. One: Warner is the most accurate quarterback ever, completing 66.9 percent of his throws, better than second-place Steve Young (64.3). Two: Warner is the highest-rated quarterback ever, at 103.0; Young is a light year behind (96.8) in second place. Three, and this is one for the ages: Warner's career 9.02-yards-per-pass-attempt is almost half-a-yard better than No. 2 Otto Graham, at 8.63. No quarterback who has played football in the last 50 years has had a career yards-per-attempt average of eight yards, and Warner's is over 9. "I mean, do people have any idea what we're watching here?" say his coach, Mike Martz.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Thanks for this Dezzie, KURT WARNER FOR PREZIDENT!!! GO RAMS BABY YEAH!!!!!:lid:


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      Kurt Wonder...

      :cool: No. 13 can really get hot! Kurt Wonder.

      He needs only a stainless steel support (R thumb) and, watch out! :eek:

      Two, three, or even four more SBowl Ws ... is ... NOT unrealistic!

      This is not only a matter of establishing the feat as a personal goal --which it is-- rather, it is his potential at play. The Ram coaches, players and experience around him almost secure his place as ONE OF THE BEST NFL QBs e-v-e-r.
      :lid: The decade is still young, he has matured to become awesome. Let's see...
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        I think Kurt is so great that when he is average we tend to get upset. He still threw for over 300 yards in the super bowl and probably is the MVP if the Patriots don't hold our recievers all game!


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          Warner deffinately has paved a great path for himself...but I dont want to taboo his playing for the next season so lets keep focused and remember he is human so if he messes up once we can live...I remember how the press ate up faulks first fumble last season as if he werent allowed to be human.Then it went to 2,3, 4 fumbles...Warner and Faulk are exceptional as far as records and players...but real people too.


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            Jorge, Now that we've got YOU talking, I CAN"T WAIT FOR FOOTBALL!!!!! KURT WARNER FOR PREZIDENT!! Whenever RAMMEX gets talking about 3..4..5..SUPERBOWLS, well, it's amazing! Can't wait GO RAMS BABY YEAH!!!!:p :lid:


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              Warner is great, but what about the INT he threw in the Super Bowl last year. Am I the only one that thinks he did wrong?


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                Originally posted by Mr.Blond
                Thanks for this Dezzie, KURT WARNER FOR PREZIDENT!!! GO RAMS BABY YEAH!!!!!:lid:
                Dezzie?? I got yelled at for calling the boss R.D.....hmmmmm;)


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                  Wow, those are some great stats. Thanks for the info, Dez. It should make us all take a step back and realize what these years are like and how we will remember them forever as Rams fans. I truly take it as an honor to be alive during these times as a Ram fan.



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                    That's me again, NOT showing RESPECT for authority. Let me rephrase that, "Ram Dez, thank you for the statistics on the world's greatest quarterback, Kurt Warner. thanks":upset:


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                      Originally posted by txramsfan
                      Warner is great, but what about the INT he threw in the Super Bowl last year. Am I the only one that thinks he did wrong?
                      I agree that he should have thrown the ball away, but the play should have been called back for the flagrant head slap anyway. There were times in the regular season that he tried to force balls that he should have thrown away, but a few bad decisions will never negate what he has accomplished. Kurt is CONSISTENTLY outperforming some of the greatest Q.B.s to ever play the game in several categories. Go Kurt! Go Rams!!


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                        Originally posted by Mr.Blond
                        That's me again, NOT showing RESPECT for authority.
                        That's "Respect foah authoratahhhhh"

                        And to keep this thing on topic...

                        WARNER = DOMINANCE!



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                          Thanks for the info on warner dez....

                          I just want to say that I think Kurt is the best thing to ever happen to the RAMS, ok I know theres Faulk but I just love watching Kurt play, never rattled just walks to the center and boy does that ball come out flying and put right on the number it's just so DAM exciting watching this guy PLAY!!!!!

                          Also to me he's a great guy out of football aswell!!!!! the NFL needs people like him!!!!!

                          GO KURT can't wait for the new season!!!

                          "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                            Would another MVP be likely for No. 13?

                            Originally posted by majorram
                            ...Also, to me he's a great guy out of football as well!!!!! The NFL needs people like him!!!!!

                            GO KURT! Can't wait for the new season!!! -- Steve
                            You are absolutely correct, sir! ;)

                            :angryram: GO RAMS! LET'S GET IT ON!! ... N-o-w!!!


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                              And yet we still give him hell for throwing interceptions. I think its time we got off the man's back and let him do his job. Seems he's doing it pretty well, regardless of the interceptions and sacks. I sure do enjoy reading something like that though.


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                              • txramsfan
                                Warner as a color analyst?
                                by txramsfan
                                I have always thought that when 13 hangs the pads up for the last time TV should be knocking on his door. The man is articulate, humble, entertaining, has a sense of humor, respected and knows the game inside and out. It's easy to listen to Warner describe situations because he doesn't stutter, and always seems to be confident in what he is talking about.
                                -03-29-2007, 08:58 AM
                              • ButterCup8119
                                Just A Little Something For Whiny Warnerties
                                by ButterCup8119
                                Okay, I want to start out by saying that YES, I do respect Kurt Warner and I greatly appreciate him helping us win Super Bowl 34. What my problem is, when Kurt Warner started slipping, couldnt concentrate in practice "because he was too busy reading his bible", his wife wouldnt shut her big mouth, he couldnt throw a ball with a broken pinky when the ALMIGHTY Brett Farve can play a fantastic game with a broken THUMB. You cant hold on to a player just because he won you one super bowl. Dont you want to win more than just that?? Kurt got a fair start in Arizona and Mikes offense flourished with Marc Bulger. Marc & Torry have undeniable chemistry. No doubt if Kurt Warner would have played that year instead, he would have become a distraction and we would not have done as well as we did. Mike took so much crap for letting warner go, but it was for the better of both sides. Well I dont care if you agree or not, but as a BULGERiTE I felt complelled to post this little stat for you:
                                • QB Marc Bulger (101) needs two touchdown passes to pass Kurt Warner (102) for fourth place on the Rams’ all-time career touchdown completions list.

                                Oh and dont get confused. That was before the game, before his TD pass to BIG GAME (my man)!! He stood up like a man, came back from a concussion and played like a man, no one can deny that. But so that makes it more touchdown and the record goes to who it belongs to

                                <3 Buttercup *Love to Ramsnation*
                                -12-17-2007, 09:09 AM
                              • masi
                                Warner vs. Marino
                                by masi
                                Yesterday i had a discussion with a friend who is a huge Dan Marino's fan. He said that Dan's records will never nbe broken and that our Kurt Warner should be renamed Kurt "one-year-wonder" Warner, because he'll not be able to repeat 1999 and 2000 numbers.
                                I think Kurt has all the skills to reach and surpass most of the Marino achievements, and i'm realy convinced that without the injury, a lot of Marino's record would have already be broken last season.

                                And... Kurt has one thing marino will never have: a ring :cool: :cool: :cool:
                                -06-18-2001, 12:54 PM
                              • RamDez
                                Kurt Warner – A Fond Farewell To A Great Man
                                by RamDez
                                Kurt Warner – A Fond Farewell To A Great Man
                                By Barry Waller
                                June 3rd, 2004

                                There are times when covering an NFL team that even the biggest fan
                                might find to be more work than enjoyment. Dealing with professional athletes
                                is a real pain at times, and trying to give fans the true story when so many rumors have sent them into so many directions is even worse. While there are times that the words fly out of a writer’s mind onto the pages he is composing, there are others when sitting down and rehashing the facts to tell a tale is almost excruciating. If I am doing a column twenty years from now, I probably won’t have had to labor over a story as much as this one.

                                Oh, sure, nobody died, no beloved sports figure met his maker far too young on the day after Memorial Day, which is the toughest stuff to cover from a personal side; but in a lot of ways, it seems like something truly died for Ramsnation when the team released Kurt Warner. When the long predicted move was made official this past Wednesday however, there was no outcry from Rams fans, no wail of sorrow at a tragic event. Not surprisingly, Warner himself left town with the same class and good feelings that are his trademark.

                                Like a parent, spouse, or child who has seen a loved one slowly slip away due to illness, those of us who will never forget what #13 meant to a team and a city have little emotion left to give as the irreversible end finally came. They have gone through the same predictable emotions of anger, denial, bargaining, and depression, then a numb acceptance of our fate, as cancer victims, ever since Kurt Warner began showing he was human after all. Ironically, the most incredible and improbable feel good story in NFL history involved a man who embodies everything decent about the human animal, despite his immortal like play when at his best.

                                As the negative stories and feelings about Warner as the Rams quarterback appeared, they acted upon his legacy like tumors on bodily organs, some spreading and mutating to other areas. We may never know how the negative vibes played a part in what so quickly turned a two time MVP passer into a backup. If Warner shines with the Giants, another team needing the kind of miracle that Warner gave Rams fans and the world in 1999, maybe it will provide a bit of a clue.

                                I was at Warner’s last start, in the Meadowlands against those same Giants, and as painful as it was having to suffer with him on that day, and suffer the slings and arrows of Giants fans during and following the game, I feel blessed that I got to see as much as I could of Kurt Warner in person. It was that personal contact over the past six seasons that makes his inexplicable fall from grace so distressing.

                                In the NFL, everyone knows the salary cap, and other factors makes it nearly impossible to keep players for entire careers, something Rams fans have had to...
                                -06-06-2004, 03:38 AM
                              • Nick
                                Warner's the man, at least to Warner
                                by Nick
                                Warner's the man, at least to Warner

                                First published: Thursday, August 19, 2004

                                ALBANY -- He's still the quarterback who takes teams to Olympus. Still the quarterback whose passing statistics are a fantasy of flight. Still the quarterback whose grocery-bags-to-NFL-MVP story felt as good as a kiss.
                                Kurt Warner is convinced of this.

                                He's gone from superstar to waiver wire. Untouchable to unwanted. At the end in St. Louis, the Rams were as eager to show Warner the door as he was to pass through it. He was signed by the Giants to be a mentor and stopgap, until Eli Manning is ready. Everything in Warner's career has changed -- but him, he insists.

                                In nearly every player's career there comes a time when his skills, as Bill Belichick once said of Bernie Kosar's, diminish. Age and injuries make mortals of all. The player knows when he enters the winter of his career, but he won't publicly admit it.

                                Warner, now 33, says he's the same quarterback, and because he's friendly, and gracious with his time, you want to believe him.

                                But you don't.

                                Once, Warner led the Greatest Show on Turf. Now, he's trying to hold Manning at bay long enough to audition for a starting job with another team next season. That's not the same at all.

                                There has never been an NFL player like Kurt Warner. From stock boy to wonder boy to oh boy, what happened. It would be as if Greg Maddux had gone from video store clerk to Cy Young control artist to a pitcher who stopped throwing strikes, though Warner doesn't see it that way. The Rams' 0-8 record in his last eight games as a starter didn't change Warner's opinion of himself.

                                "You have to say, 'Did Kurt Warner lose those eight games because Kurt Warner didn't play well, or did the Rams lose those last eight games because the team didn't play well?' " Warner said. "I think that's where people sometimes get skewed in their opinion."

                                Warner doesn't mention that the Rams were 18-4 the past two seasons when Marc Bulger started at quarterback. Granted, win-loss percentage isn't everything. But it's something. And playing on the same team, with the same players, Bulger enjoyed success while Warner flopped. But if Warner's fumbling 14 times and throwing 11 interceptions with only four touchdowns in those eight games have cracked his confidence, he conceals it behind his disarming smile.

                                "I feel like I can play as well as anybody in this league," Warner said. "I can still play this game. I don't plan on being average."

                                Thing is, average would be an improvement.

                                One trait players like in their quarterback: accountability. They respect a guy who accepts criticism when warranted and shares praise when deserved. But in a recent conversation, this is as close as Warner came to acknowledging he performed...
                                -08-22-2004, 11:40 AM