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    I am so glad I registered at clan ram. Just to set the record straight for you so called rams fans, I am not a seachickens fan. I have been a rams fan since I was a young kid in the mid 1960's, long before the seachickens even existed. I have always been and will continue to be a rams fan until I leave this earth. I hope most of you have been a rams fan before they moved to missouri. Do I need to live in missouri to be an excepted rams fan. If not missouri, how about california, or maybe ohio, maybe cleveland ohio. I thought the faulk rumor was false, but I thought I might write a post just to make sure. I am so glad I did, where else could I have gotten so much feedback (CRAP!!!!) than from so called rams fans, that think the rams are just for st. louis. If you would like to check out ramstheinsiders you will see that some idiot posted the rumor about faulk breaking his leg. It was most likely a niners fan as any true rams fan would know. Hey moderator thanks for calling me a rookie ram. How long have you been a rams fan. You're lucky if you've been a rams fan for more years than I have. If not then you are just another ROOKIE!!!!! in my book.
    Curly ~ Horns

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    Ferter, Ferter, Ferter, what are we gonna do with you, huh? Nobody ever saw you post before, THAT'S why they did what you're so upset about. WE'RE ALL RAM FANS HERE bud, welcome to ClanRam and help us cheer our great RAMS to victory. It's April, and look at the traffic---Right on!!!;)


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      Hey moderator thanks for calling me a rookie ram. How long have you been a rams fan. You're lucky if you've been a rams fan for more years than I have. If not then you are just another ROOKIE!!!!! in my book.

      Lighten Up.. The Rookie Rams comes from the number of posts. NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!!!!! Chill out


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        If you will consider the evidence, you will see that our teasing you was based on some unfortunate circumstances. About a week ago Dez posted a thread giving us the URL of a Cardinals forum. He suggested that we welcome them to the NFC West and invite them to join us on ClanRam for a little friendly smack. In that thread he stated that he hadn't found a Seahawks forum. The day before your post, I found their forum and passed the URL along to the Clanram crew. I also posted a greeting on the 'Hawks site extending the same invitation to join us here. Shortly after these events, a NEW post from a NEW user located in WASHINGTON says they heard Faulk broke his leg. Given the same circumstance, what conclusion would you draw? Besides, it was all in fun. There was no intent to hurt anyone, and if we overstepped the line, I apologize. If you give us a chance, you'll find a great bunch of fans here who delight in the Rams and in a little good-natured teasing. As RMFN stated, the "rookie" is a reference to how many posts a user has contributed. There is a thread related to that in "Suggestions and helpful instructions." Welcome to ClanRam!


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          RE: faulk(response)

          Ok guys it looks like we settled that!!! I got your attention anyway. I live in the eastern desert of Washington as far away from the wet western part of the state and Seattle, as a guy can get in Washington. I despise the seachickens and that is all you here about in this part of the USA. Not much rams news around here, so I really enjoy the ClanRam site. I thank God for directv so I never have to miss a rams game. Otherwise it would be nothing but seachickens every sunday. Here's a little trivia for you. The seachickens actually played their inaugural preseason games in the NFC west. And of course the rams stomped them something like 54-0. So I guess you could say they are coming home to get another spanking!!!!!!!!! Hey huntdux do you hunt cardinals, and seachickens too?? Ha! Ha! GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

          January 30, 2000------Finally the Vince Lombardi Trophy!!!!!!
          Curly ~ Horns


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            I hunt dux, I hunt geeze, I hunt toikeys, I hunt quail, I hunt peasants, er, I mean pheasants.


            I guess it's time for a new signature! (see below!) BTW, ferter24, when you have contributed 10 posts, you can have a custom avatar.

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              Valiant Ram Veterans...

              Welcome Ferter24! Good to have a long-time Ram fan aboard. :cool:

              :ram: Go RAMS! :shield:


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                Welcome to ClanRam:ram: ......I to go back to the mid 60's when I was about 9 years old.........Good to see there are some long time LA Rams fans out there...:mask:

                GO RAMS...GO RAMS....DO RAMS....:helmet: :helmet:


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                  thanks for the welcome guys. I only wish I had found the clanram sooner. The old rams were something. The Fearsome Foursome - Lamar Lundy, Rosey Grier, Merlin Olsen & Deacon Jones. The Foursome averaged 44 quarterback sacks per season. And who could forget the deacons' HEADSLAP!!!!!!! but the new rams are the best rams team that I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
                  Curly ~ Horns


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                    Welcome to ClanRam ferter24!Sorry about the mix up.Hope its all good.


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                      hey, we are a group of austrian and german rams fans which have a german speaking rams fan forum (
                      since the last few saisons the motivation for posting all day and staying up late for a game gets lower and lower.
                      i want to get the motivation up a little bit - so i thought, that it could be a good idea to connect with the us-community.
                      it would be nice, if you could write some words in the thread (COMMUNITY Rams Fans - United all over the world)
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                      greetings from vienna/austria

                      ps: @admin - i dont want to use this forum for some kind of marketing - and if this thread is in the wrong category pls move it to the right one )

                      pps: sorry for my bad school english
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                      Toronto Rams Fan
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                      Id just like to start out by saying I am a huge Rams fan and the only Fan in toronto that i know of ....
                      My fav player is S.Jackson
                      -02-07-2007, 10:01 AM
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                      The Re-Introduction Thread
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      It seems that we have a nice combination of returning old ClanRam members and transplanted Insiders/ClanRam members here on this awesome new site. As we don't all know each other, perhaps some reintroductions are in order.

                      I'll go first:

                      I am a long time Ram fan from South Florida. I started following the team as a kid because I liked the uniform, and I never stopped. I am an attorney with a wife and two kids. In addition to football, I like cooking, birding, and am a big fan of mythology. I write my own "epic" version of the Rams' exploits called the Book of SpiralHorns, and will continue doing so here on the Real ClanRam. Oh... and I never post polls... well, almost never... okay, sometimes... alright, often.... okay, you'll be sick of them before you know it.

                      Who's next?
                      -05-29-2004, 09:00 PM
                    • supachump
                      100% Support from this FAN
                      by supachump
                      I debated with myself if I should post this. Surely some of the so called "fans" that have given up on the Rams will have some sort of witty reply. However, I've felt an overwhelming urge to post something.

                      The Rams are in a sorry state right now. The front office is making bad decisions, the coach doesn't seem up to the job, our defense is unable to hold it together for an entire game, and our front line isn't protecting the Q-Back making him nervous and unable to find a rhythm.

                      A lot is wrong. But what is right is that the Rams are my team, and for a lot of you on this board, your team as well. Fans have the right to complain and want something better, but a fan should also stick with them and look at the positives no matter how few there seem to be at this particular moment. Contrary to a lot of you, based on the posts I've been reading, I could reluctantly accept another terrible season and another after that and another after that. No, I don't like the abuse and I do want something more, but I stick by my team no matter the outcome.

                      I don't expect everyone to feel the same way and I know that everyone reacts differently. But what I see, as bad as things seem, is a slight improvement from week 1 to week 2. This is what keeps me going. And I do think the team looked slightly better this week. Even if they play even worse next week, I'll still be here and still be a fan, because there is always hope. And when a team is down, this is what makes a fan. And the true test of a fan at that.

                      People with different opinions are welcome on this board is far as I'm concerned. That is what sparks good debate and what could help me something that I wouldn't see otherwise. But when someone becomes so negative that the only thing that comes out of their mouth (fingers?) is down right hatred and they are only sticking around here to spread that hatred. And by their own admission, are no longer a fan and unwilling to follow the team. Well, that's your decision and I support it, but why do you stick around here and continue posting such garbage? Do you feel a need to try and convince more people to join your Anti-Rams social club?

                      I applaud the fans that are sticking behind their team in these bad times. I even applaud the unhappy ones that are overwhelmed with anger, but still hold out a glimmer of hope and remain a fan.

                      Even more so, to the Rams themselves (not that they are listening), but I support you 100%, even in this bad time. You are my team and I stand behind you, just as I would a member of my family. Good times and bad.
                      -09-15-2008, 08:58 AM
                    • LAFAN1968
                      Wanted to say something
                      by LAFAN1968
                      OK thats it. I read things listen to what peeps have to say and its seems most times its standard fan support. Which is fine bandwagon , winning team, and or go w/ the group fan but as a Rams fan from LA to St Louis the qb switching yrs Tommy Prorthro yrs Dickerson yrs &last but not least the 49er yrs . We are not "the same old sorry ass Rams " (HBO Inside the NFL show few yrs back ) WE are somebody to contend w/ and they tasted it once & they're back so when say we are going to beat the Rams on Sunday Remember the Rams that play the games will get it done barring injuries so Fins are coming Sunday and the players have yet to make a statement on the field on why we are "not the same old sorry ass Rams anymore so bring on the smack but this [email protected] belives now just as I did each year after year that the RAMS are for real now and later.

                      See ya'll,
                      -09-27-2001, 03:56 PM