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    ST. LOUIS -- The St. Louis Rams have acquired WR/KR Terrence Wilkins from the Indianapolis in exchange for an undisclosed draft pick, the team announced today.

    Wilkins, 5-10, 180, played his previous three NFL seasons in Indianapolis. He has caught 119 passes for 1,466 yards and seven touchdowns, despite starting only 22 of 41 career games. He has returned 91 punts for 847 yards (9.3 average) and two touchdowns and has averaged 22.0 yards per return on 110 kickoff returns with one touchdown. Wilkins ranked fifth in receptions and receiving yards among all 2002 free agent wide receivers, and tied for fourth in touchdown receptions in the same category.

    "He's a good fit for us," said Rams' head coach Mike Martz. "Terrence can line up in a lot of places. He can catch, return punts and kickoffs, and he'll bring speed and attitude to our team. It's difficult to replace Az Hakim, but I believe we have helped ourselves considerably with this trade. This represents one of our most important moves of the off-season. "

    Sounds like we have filled our need for a 4th wide receiver and kick off and punt returner. If Mad mike says he'll fill the bill I am sure not going to argue with the Master

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    Does anyone know how his attitude is? Is his locker room presence a plus? I hope he will fit in well and not hurt the teams chemistry. I am really fired up about us having filled the 4th receiver.


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      Thank you Indy Colts for another fine trade, any other stars you would like to unload so we can stack our stable. Wilkins is a steal. Three-way player, speed, quickness, hands, he might be able to throw also. Armey has done his magic again. Who knows if the guy is a head case in the locker room. Timmerman-Pace-Warner-Marshall-Ike will educate the guy on how to get along in the system and keep his trap shut. And he'll love the city. Look for nothing but TD's this year from this guy. Kickoffs, TD----Across the middle zig-zag gone,TD--- Fly pattern gone,TD. Nice pickup. Punter vet Mitch Berger is suppose to sign today, solid punter.


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        Another great pick-up for the team. I am very surprised that the RAMS were able to get a talent like this. Az-Hakim was great, but I think Wilkins will be a solid player, with excellent abilities.

        Kurt get this guy the ball !!
        Always a Rams Fan............

        Rex Allen Markel


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          Wilkins will probably fill the THIRD wide receiver spot with Proehl staying at #4. Wilkins will essentially be replacing what the Rams lost with Az going to Detroit. Actually, I'd much rather have Wilkins than Az (especially considering the price tags).

          He seems dependable enough to be our go to return man as well.


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            Good job, Rams. Once again you proved that your front office is second to none. Do not let Charley Army go--anywhere!! Now the Rams will focus their attention somewhere else in the first round of the draft and who knows, maybe another wide receiver of great quality will be available later. This is a draft rich in receivers. Let's see how the draft plays out.


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              Why would anyone doubt Dick Armey" choice of a player. If he did not have an attitude that would fit in with the Rams he would still be in Indy or whereever. Remember noone wanted Kurt and Marshall had a bad attitude. If that isn't enough to give Dick the benefit of the doubt then I don't know what is. I have all the faith in the world in their choices