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  • You leave for a week and the whole damn..

    place up and changes on you!

    Hey everybody! I thought I'd come by and check everything out. It's almost draft day and I can't waite for some football!

    Sorry for my lack of posting ferver lately. I have been working nights, going to school and have a new kid. Not to mention that whole Super Bowl thing hurt pretty bad. I didn't want to hear nothin from nobody after that.

    Anyway, great to be back.

    Go Rams!

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    welcome back Porkchop...

    not sure uf you know but we moved to a new home. Things are very close to the same but you have to reregisture. I hope to see you at the Rams NEW home


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    • CHIVOJR28
      I'm N
      by CHIVOJR28
      Hey guys well I'm new to this forum. My dad told me about this forum and hw he lovesit. He's the president of the Southern California Booster Club and it gets popping over here in Cali. But yeah so if we have any booster members on this forum then what's up. I'm currently in the US Navy. I'm on board the USS Bonhomme Richard and I'm Deployed right now. Don't come back til week 8 or 9. But I'm not sweating it. But love the Rams. Loved them since I was in diapers. I guess my dad tought me well. I'm in for a big season. Our schedule looks tough but I know we can make a statement in the league. We started off 5-2 and yes we stumbled but trust me we should've gotten into the playoffs. But i know we can finish strong this year. But we'll see. Be safe back at home. I'll be coming home soon to cheer my RAMS to the Super Bowl.

      RAMS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:l
      -07-21-2007, 05:35 AM
    • Shale
      by Shale
      :: yawn ::

      :: stretch ::

      Oh hey guys ... guess who's back
      -09-15-2004, 11:57 PM
    • DaddoRam
      A new old guy
      by DaddoRam
      Thought I'd check in and say hi. I've been rekindling my interest in the Rams lately. I am one of the biggest fans around, and used to be a lot more active online here and with 'Pagers, and have been out of touch for some time now for several reasons...was very unhappy with some of the team's moves, and held some opinions that weren't very popular with the crowd; had some health problems and just not a lot of free time.
      But I'm following sports as part of my job now, was named Sports Director at the radio station last year, and I'm having a ball even though it's a tremendous amount of work. Got to cover most of the Missouri U season, saw some great football. Worked my first game in an NFL press box in December, covering the "Border War" between Missouri and Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium, got funny stories from that to share some time.
      Also worked the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, incredible experience and for you college fans, if you ever get a chance to go to this game, DO IT! The Cotton Bowl is a first-class operation all the way, should be the next BCS Bowl once they get the new stadium built. The new house Jerry is building for the Cowboys will be incredible, but I'm glad I got to work in the old Cotton Bowl before it's gone.
      Also covered college hoops, got to go to Big 12 Championships in KC, covered 17 games in 4 days, now THAT'S a full week! Doing baseball now, mostly college although I'll get into the Cards and Royals once the College World Series has passed. For you baseball fans, there's a kid pitching at Mizzou named Aaron Crow...remember the name, he'll be in the majors some day.
      Enjoying the draft quite a bit, I'm very happy with the Rams picks, I was familiar with Avery and while I was surprised that Rams grabbed him that early in the 2nd I thought he'd be a first day player, his speed is unbelievable and he'll make some great plays for the Rams, plus they needed special teams guy like this. I'll be looking for two things primarily on Sunday, OL and corner.
      I'm doing a daily sports cast, a weekly one hour show, and then make occassional appearances on the Sunday night sports show on our local NBC affiliate, KOMU channel 8. It's funny as people who know my other work in public radio and friends at church who didn't know what a sports nut I was have seen me on TV and thought I did pretty well. I'm having a ball, pardon the pun! I'm also still doing my regular radio work, and work at my church as a custodian (in my copious free time!) For those who know me from before, believe it or not the kids are 17 and 15 now, both are driving and my little one Janie's played basketball for her school team, is National Honor Society and talking colleges (interested right now in Texas Christian, too far away for my tastes but a really excellent school, it's affiliated with our church and I like that part)
      So, my best to great old friends here like Dez and Dodram and the rest! I'm looking forward to catching...
      -04-27-2008, 06:25 AM
    • VegasRam
      Hey y'all...
      by VegasRam
      Brand new, (as you can see), just getting a feel for how things work here. Looks pretty cool.

      The reason I found this forum was because I clicked on a link to some videos, (on the PD's board), of the Ram-Patriots Superbowl.


      I'm not a conspiracy freak AT ALL, and I know there's cheap shots that go uncalled in every NFL game, and I know I'm prejudiced, but it looked pretty blatant to me.

      Oh well, maybe the country needed it.

      Don't respect the Pats like I used to though...
      -05-21-2005, 09:24 AM
    • AvengerRam
      "First Post"/Full Disclosure
      by AvengerRam
      Hey guys.

      Its me... the artist formerly known as AvengerRam.

      This is not an alternate account. Rather, this is my new account. I've decided to "kill" AvengerRam. He's gone. Never coming back.

      From now on, I'm just going to be a regular member. I'm retired from Mod status. Just one of the crowd.

      I think this is the best approach. I've considered my own thoughts, those expressed by others, and my feelings about this site in general. I want to be a part of things, albeit on a more limited and more relaxed level.

      I really think that the Rams are headed for an exciting period in their history with the new city, new QB, new stadium, and everything else going on. I still want to have an outlet to discuss the Rams and be part of the group. And, this final thread about me notwithstanding, I don't wish to be the focus of discussions here any more.

      So... here I am, RamFanEsq. You can call me David if you'd like.

      Go Rams!
      -05-20-2016, 08:32 AM