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  • Warner would prefer NY

    Giants | Warner Would Prefer N.Y. - from
    Fri, 28 May 2004 09:11:06 -0700

    Paul Dottino, of the Bergen Record, reports a source close to St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner said he would prefer to play for the New York Giants, who have told him he could compete for a starting job this year.

    Rams | Warner Meeting With Other Teams - from
    Fri, 28 May 2004 08:55:05 -0700

    Paul Dottino, of the Bergen Record, reports St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner reportedly has met with other teams since visiting the New York Giants on Tuesday, May 11. "There's a lot going on with him right now," agent Mark Bartelstein told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Bartelstein declined to be specific, but claimed Warner has gone on more interviews with other NFL teams.

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    Re: Warner would prefer NY

    Let him go, Thank you Kurt for your services and good luck with your future.


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      Re: Warner would prefer NY

      It looks to be the only team where he'd have a legitimate chance of starting, so I'm not surprised NY is his first choice.


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        Re: Warner would prefer NY

        I'm happy for him, and I hope he takes that starting job from that wuss Eli Manning (assuming he signs with the New York football Giants).


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          Re: Warner would prefer NY

          Why would you call Manning a wuss?


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            Re: Warner would prefer NY

            He just comes off to me as the whiny, wuss type. No harm intended.


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              Re: Warner would prefer NY

              I agree about Manning. I don't think he's a wuss on the field, but his actions on draft day sure didn't win him any brownie points with me. I agree with the sentiment shared by most of the players that were asked on NFL Total Access. Paraphrasing: It's a privelage to play in this league. You should be thankful for being drafted and if you're "all that" then you should shut up, go where you were drafted and make that team better."

              Although they were good athletes I never liked John Elway or Jeff George either. I think it's chicken (bleep) to put yourself above every other player that came before you. No one's that good. If you go to a team that, after you've played there for a couple years, doesn't make an effort to win then you sign a contract somewhere else. If I was a guy like Eli, holding all the cards so to speak, all I would need to do is sign a 2 or 3 year deal with the team that drafted me. Even without saying so, that would illustrate to the team that I would not be sticking around if things didn't improve. Then, if there's been no commitment to improving I could sign with the team of my choice as a free agent. What's so hard about that?

              I know, I know, it's not just about where you play, but about endorsements and crap like that. I agree though, but I don't think it's necessary to be in the largest market to make money with endorsements. Look at Vick or Favre. If you're a stud, the endorsements will come whether you're in Green Bay or New York.

              Going by his actions, it looks to me like Eli is very unsure about himself. He doesn't think he's good enough to lead a team out of mediocrity in San Diego and he's afraid of losing money in endorsements by not being in a major market. Very "wuss-like" if you ask me. Not to mention he's been riding the coat tails of Peyton's success for leverage. He claims to want "to be his own MANning" yet allows his daddy and big brother to interfere when things don't go his way. Wuss.


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                Re: Warner would prefer NY

                Good post, Mokler.


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                • LaRamsFanLongTime
                  Kurt Warner has been benched
                  by LaRamsFanLongTime
                  After another hard loss for the New Yourk Giants, Tom Coughlin announced that Eli Manning will start for the Giants. After the loss Coughlin said Warner would start but Monday the story changed and so did the starting QB for the Giants.

                  "Eli has been involved in the game plan, he knows the system and he will come in and play the game."

                  "Kurt will be very supportive of Eli."
                  This sucks for Kurt, man I was pulling for him.
                  -11-15-2004, 11:37 AM
                • Shadesofgrey
                  Warner named starting Qb for 04
                  by Shadesofgrey

                  This morning Giants head coach Tom Coughlin named Kurt Warner his starting quarterback. Warner beat out the Giants #1 draft choice Eli Manning for the job during an intense quarterback competition this summer....
                  -08-29-2004, 08:59 AM
                • RamWraith
                  Warner gets the nod
                  by RamWraith

                  Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has named Kurt Warner as the starting quarterback when the Giants face the Jets this Friday night. Both Warner and rookie Eli Manning will split time with the first team offense, which is expected to play into the third quarter
                  -08-25-2004, 12:11 PM
                • Nick
         Analysis of Warner Situation
                  by Nick
                  Fantasy Notebook: Fool Me Once, Shame On You. ...
                  By Bob Harris - Senior NFL Analyst -

                  Well, the latest reports filtering out of the Big Apple say Kurt Warner
                  looked sharp during his initial mini-camp workouts this week. His passes
                  were crisp and mostly on target. But as New York Daily News staffer Ralph
                  Vacchiano noted, the surprise was that Eli Manning's passes looked even

                  After struggling through his first mini-camp as a pro early last month,
                  Manning put all that behind him Monday with a much-improved performance
                  that caught the eyes of his coaches and teammates.

                  According to Vacchiano, "his command in the huddle was better and he had a
                  much greater knowledge of the offense. And as a result, he was able to
                  show off the right arm that the Giants worked so hard to acquire in their
                  blockbuster draft-day trade."

                  Wow. Sounds pretty darned good. ...

                  Unfortunately, Manning didn't fare as well Tuesday. Which should come as
                  no surprise. Once again, we're talking about a rookie trying to get up to
                  speed at the league's most difficult position to master.

                  Which is why, I suspect, we'll see a growing media drumbeat surrounding
                  the Warner/Manning competition with Warner putting increasing pressure on
                  his younger teammate as he becomes familiar with the Giants' system and
                  his NFL MVP experience begins to factor into the equation.

                  But that doesn't mean I believe Warner is the best man for this job. Nor
                  am I sure he's not. And I'm not alone in my confusion.

                  In fact, after reviewing some of the opinions being floated by those "in
                  the know," I've come to the conclusion that Warner is as mysterious to the
                  rest of the world as he is to me.

                  A sampling follows. ...

                  In an article published Monday, Sports Illustrated insider Peter King
                  advised readers: "I think Kurt Warner, whatever happens, will be a team
                  player and will help Eli Manning as much as he can with the Giants. Warner
                  is one of the few people I know in football who truly would help the guy
                  behind him even if it meant it might hurt his situation."

                  But former Giants quarterback Phil Simms disagreed.

                  "The perfect guy (for the Giants) was Neil O'Donnell," Simms told the
                  Newark Star-Ledger. "It's not a knock against Kurt, but the agendas are
                  different. Kurt Warner still wants to be a franchise quarterback. He wants
                  to be the guy. ... Kurt Warner will give information to Eli, but he's
                  going to be more concerned about his performance, his knowledge and what
                  he's doing."

                  Another Sports Illustrated writer, NFL guru Paul Zimmerman, took things a
                  step further,...
                  -06-13-2004, 08:36 PM
                • Guest's Avatar
                  QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.
                  by Guest
                  December 29, 2004

                  EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Kurt Warner believes he can and will be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

                  QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.
                  Eli Manning is the Giants’ starter. Therefore, the Giants’ Sunday night season finale against the Dallas Cowboys could well be Warner’s final game in a Giants uniform.

                  “Very possibly,” Warner said today. “I think everybody would foresee that being the case. Who knows what’s going to happen? You never know what the future has in store and what could transpire. But I think that’s everybody’s thought process right now.

                  “I want to be somewhere starting next year. They know it’s not here with the New York Giants. And they understand my point of view 100 percent.”

                  Warner, who was signed as a free agent on June 2 after a record-breaking six-year run with the St. Louis Rams, started the first nine games of the season. The Giants were 5-4 in those games and Warner completed 62.8 percent of his passes (174 of 277) for 2,054 yards, six touchdowns and four interceptions. Warner’s quarterback rating of 86.5 still ranks seventh in the NFC.

                  After a 17-14 loss in Arizona on November 14, coach Tom Coughlin named Manning the new starting quarterback. The first pick in this year’s NFL Draft – and a player the Giants obtained in a trade of draft choices, including this year’s first round pick -- Manning was the quarterback of the future. The only question was when that future would arrive.

                  Since it did, Warner has played just once in relief, an appearance in a hopelessly lost cause in the fourth quarter of a 23-point defeat in Baltimore, where he led the Giants to their only offensive touchdown.

                  Throughout what could have been a difficult or uncomfortable position, Warner has carried himself with dignity and grace. He has helped Manning whenever possible. Warner has publicly advocated that Coughlin stick with Manning, even when the youngster struggled, and it seemed he might have a shot to play again. And Warner has never hidden from the media. Today he entered the locker room and said, “Does anybody need me?”

                  While Warner is an exceptional gentleman, he is also an intense competitor. It is that fire that helped him win two NFL Most Valuable Player awards and twice lead the Rams to the Super Bowl, including a victory five years ago. At 33, Warner insists he has plenty of good football left in him, a notion that was cemented in his own mind by his play early this season.

                  “I’m not going to be content, right now in my career, where I am and what I believe I can do, being a backup next year,” he said. “It’s just the bottom line. It’s nothing against the New York Giants, it’s nothing against the situation, the coaches, the organization. I love my year here. But I’m not content being a backup. I think...
                  -12-29-2004, 06:57 PM