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any free agent needs??

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  • any free agent needs??

    June 1st is around th corner and there looks to be like a few vets will be cut. Do we have any more glaring needs?? Will the team go after any new and cheaper blood this go around of free agents?

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    Re: any free agent needs??

    I'm not convinced we'll make any signings, but I've heard some rumblings that the Rams are looking at defensive end Chad Bratzke. Not sure how legitimate that one is though.


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      Re: any free agent needs??

      At the risk of repeating myself from prior posts, i would love us to find a punter to bring in if one is available after the cuts at a reasonable price. I read this week that landetta was dead last in net punting last year. I continue to believe that the lack of hang time was one of the big issues affecting the coverage last year and i dont think he was that great on directional punting either. He has reached the point where in order to get the 40 yard distance he just has to kick it as far as he can, without regard to the hang time.

      Landetta has had a productive career. I dont know that he will ever live down the whiff against the bears at the goal line in the playoffs, but he was very solid over the last 37 years that he has been in the league. However, the time has come to either find a veteran who wants a shot at a title for short money or possibly see if ray guy wants to come out of retirement since i am not sure we would be worse off.

      Rumours abound that we will also sign the vet DT from new england whose name is escaping me at the moment (we had him in to workout)

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        Re: any free agent needs??

        Rumours abound that we will also sign the vet DT from new england whose name is escaping me at the moment (we had him in to workout)
        Rick Lyle.

        I don't expect the Rams to sign any starting-caliber players after June 1, as they've said they will sit pat with the roster they have now.


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          Re: any free agent needs??

          I think a scrap heap TE might be in the cards for post June 1st. I was disappointed that the Rams didn't make any moves for Byron Chamberlain after he was cut by the Redskins. He's got to be an improvement over an aging Cam Cleeland. Man, does that guy know how to drop a football.


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            Re: any free agent needs??

            Originally posted by moklerman
            I think a scrap heap TE might be in the cards for post June 1st.
            Do we have any idea of what post-June 1st tight ends will be out there?

            Sort of unrelated, but I was disappointed when Kleinsasser resigned with the Vikes the day before free agency began. I really think he could have been a major addition to the offense.


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              Re: any free agent needs??

              I agree about Jimmy K., but I never wanted to get too excited about the Rams going after him because I knew he was going to cost more than the Rams could spend. He's a stud H-Back that would fit perfectly into the Rams offense, though. I see him as the next level of Jeff Robinson. JK is in the same mold but in addition to versatile, hard working and full of heart, I think he has more talent/ability than JR. I was sad to see Robinson go too, but he's not worth the millions that Dallas forked out.


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                Re: any free agent needs??

                how about a new head coach


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                  Re: any free agent needs??

                  We need a proven DT. If a good one were available, we should sign him and dump Lewis or Kennedy (yeah yeah I heard it all before about JK improving... we'll see)

                  We need a proven LB. We are thin there.

                  I'd like to see us pick up a proven DB... we're young there, and thin, as well.

                  For the last couple years I always felt that our defense was playing above their heads, and they they performed better than their aggregate talent. I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop on the defense. I hope I'm wrong, but in my guy, I think this isn't going to be a good year for the defense. Then again, I tend to be pessimistic about this kind of stuff.


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                  • lordwhttgr
                    Free Agency
                    by lordwhttgr
                    Please Rams, don't do anything!!! Free agency is for teams that need spot filled to get better right now. We are not in that group. We need to build great players from the ground up and that comes from the draft. I mean who is out there that we need so bad that we can't wait and see what is available in the draft. In my honest opinion, our Defense is tight and our Offense just needs tweaked to get going. T Austin, Z Stacy and even K Clemens improved through out the year. We beat teams like the Colts, Bears and the Saints. The Rams where the youngest team in the league last year and we reached 7-9. With Sam coming back, I think we can break into the playoffs for the first time in 10 years.

                    Stay the course, cause it is way more fun that when we had Linehan and watching 1-15 to 3-13 every year!! We don't need those has bens on our team!!!

                    GO RAMS!!!!
                    Buy Season Tickets!!!
                    Keep the Rams in St. Louis!!!
                    -03-12-2014, 06:07 AM
                  • RamWraith
                    Don't expect any free agent miracles for the Rams
                    by RamWraith
                    I am guessing we aren't going to get any big names this off-season. I have this sneaky suspicion that teams will be using their franchise tag on most of the players that are going after big money. All the new money that is out there for teams this season is going to reek havoc with teams like the Rams who have managed their cap well over the last several years. Names like Thomas, Briggs, Clements are all going to get franchised. It is almost cheaper to keep them there at this point. So once again the Rams get hosed.

                    You all might as well start looking at the second tier players that will be getting the big contracts.
                    -01-17-2007, 11:56 AM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    Frustrated by Free Agency? Do the math.
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    I understand that people get annoyed when another team makes a deal that they think the Rams should have made, but consider this...

                    How many "big name" free agents are there this year? Ten... maybe?

                    How many teams are there in the league?

                    There is no guarantee that the Rams will sign any of the big name players.

                    It is entirely unlikely that the Rams will sign multiple big name players.

                    So... while we can all hope, you may want to manage your expectations to avoid disappointment.
                    -03-05-2010, 07:29 AM
                  • zingers16
                    Free Agents
                    by zingers16
                    For everyone that has the Rams going out in free agency and picking up 5-6 players, when was the last time that the Rams ever were that active in free agency? I know they usually sign a couple people each year, but a lot of people seem to have us taking a couple decent names in free agency. I can't remember the last time that the Rams actually went out in free agency and spent a lot of money on a few key players.

                    Now, don't get me wrong, I could see the Rams picking up maybe one of Crowder/Birk/Willis/Butler because the new coaching staff wants changes, but do you really think they will spend money on a couple of them with there prices being driven up by other teams and the possible sale of the franchise?
                    -02-06-2009, 06:22 AM
                  • richtree
                    Any opinions on who will be the first free agent the Rams will actually sign?
                    by richtree
                    The Rams haven't even be mentioned with one free agent all day.

                    We supposedly have AJ Feeley has as our new mentor for Schumar's WCO.

                    Other than that the Rams didn't even have a meeting or a rumbling of a free agent or trade.

                    Anyone have any ideas of something we are considering?

                    After 2 years of nothing, I would like something good to happen before the draft.
                    -03-05-2010, 08:21 PM