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  • The Re-Introduction Thread

    It seems that we have a nice combination of returning old ClanRam members and transplanted Insiders/ClanRam members here on this awesome new site. As we don't all know each other, perhaps some reintroductions are in order.

    I'll go first:

    I am a long time Ram fan from South Florida. I started following the team as a kid because I liked the uniform, and I never stopped. I am an attorney with a wife and two kids. In addition to football, I like cooking, birding, and am a big fan of mythology. I write my own "epic" version of the Rams' exploits called the Book of SpiralHorns, and will continue doing so here on the Real ClanRam. Oh... and I never post polls... well, almost never... okay, sometimes... alright, often.... okay, you'll be sick of them before you know it.

    Who's next?

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    Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

    I inherited my love for the RAMS from my father. I grew up in Southern California and as I moved the RAMS always stayed with me. I now live in Wisconsin with my wife and two daughters. I must say in the land of Cheeseheads, I being the lone RAM fan I know locally, can breathe a sigh of relief knowing I can come to the Clan and talk about RAMS football. Cause really, who wants to talk about the Packers, aye.


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      Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

      I've been a Rams fan since 1994 when they moved into my home town. Prior to the relocation I wasn't too big of a football fan, but as soon as I saw my first St. Louis Rams football game, I was hooked. I'm a student at Saint Louis University, studying business management. Other hobbies include playing any sport, fantasy football, Madden and NCAA football video gaming, Blues hockey, Cardinals baseball, and sleeping. I've been a member of the ClanRam board at the Insider website since preseason last year as TheNewbie.


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        Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

        Been a rams fan for almost 20 years now, From when I saw Dickerson on British TV. Just loved the blue and yellow uniform. I live in the UK.

        Dez first set us up with the rams booster club, uk (UK RAMS booster club, cough cough, a typo early on) after the rams moved to STL to keep us UK fans together. The numbers (if I remember correctly) went upto around 300 european fans, for this paper based non profit publication. At the time not many Uk rams fans had the internet and meeting up with someone to talk rams football or even about football was highly unlikely, particulally in the less populated areas. Named eventually clanram, this provided the fans with news, gossip and contact with the rams in a way we had never experienced before. Infact I would go as far to say that I may not be a rams fan today, if not for clanram, back in the early 90's I had zero football fans to talk and listen too and football was no longer telivised on free television. Now I watch the rams live in the US at least once a year.

        Its Good to be back home.
        The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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          Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

          WOW, where to start?

          I am orginally from Wisconsin and was tranplanted in Minnesota back in 1994. I have been a Rams fan since a saw the horns. I am married with a little girl of 6, who is a Rams fan as well.

          I have been on this crazy ride with Dez for many years and have enojoyed every minute of it. All the rest you are all going to have to figure out for yourselves.


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            Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

            OK, where to start? I guess to make sense, I will have to go back to 1985...
            When the Bears beat the Rams 24-0 in the NFC championship game, mama saw the "Super Bowl Shuffle" video that the Bears put out, and she got hooked on football. (She was 9). Back then, I had just moved ex-wife #1 and my son back from Texas, and was a "once in a great while" Cowboys fan...(For Shame!!!!) Anyway, for some strange reason, instead of going on the bandwagon and becoming a Bears fan like her mother, Tawn decided to follow the Rams.
            Fast foward to 1999....
            I met Tawn in the summer of '99, and when the pre-season started, she, of course, had the TV tuned in on the Rams. I watched a couple of the pre-season games with her, and loved the way those boys from St. Louis played football...not like the Cards of years ago, not like the Cowboys, and nothing like the Chiefs. They had a style that caught my eye. Every game that was broadcast here in Springfield (and in '99, that was about half of them) I watched, while Tawn was at work listening on the radio to the play-by-play. (Worked great on the days that the games were not on TV). The only games that St. Louis lost that year she didn't listen to....maybe some wierd Karma thing, who knows?
            Well, after the Super Bowl, we had a little Rams Cheerleader born in July of 2000. She would sit in my lap and watch the games with me, quiet and content. When I tried watching any other team, she lost interest. She wore her cheerleader outfit for every game....
            Now, that little Rams fan is almost 4. "Rams" was one of the first words she learned to write. She goes ballistic every Sunday during off-season because she can't watch "her" Rams. Even her older sister has joined the ranks of Rams well as my son.
            Our bedroom is painted gold and blue. We have a Kurt Warner poster. We have a LA Rams belt buckle made for the '94 season. We have a Rams alarm clock. Needless to say, when we bleed, it is blue and gold, and our blood cells are not platelets, but spiral horns..... :smug:


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              Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

              Where to start.

              Been a Ram fan since I was old enough to spell footbell.

              "You could do your taxes in the time it takes me to have an orgasm."


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                Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

                Well, I've been a fan since birth, but it really started back in 74', when I went to my first game in LA against the dreaded enemy, the whiners. I can't remember the score, but I've been a die hard fan ever since and this will be my 30th season as a Rams fan. I'm looking forward to the Bash, and to spending a lot of free time on our new home site.
                JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                  Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

                  I've been a Rams fan since childhood. I grew up in SoCal and Central Cal until I graduated and joined the service. Transplanted to Idaho when I got out of the service. I am married with 3 kids now and another on the way ( due in December ). my 2 daughters sit and watch football with me every Sunday. my son just turned 1 this year, but you better believe I will be training him early.
                  I've loved the Rams for as long as I can remember, and used to wager with my high school teachers because they were 49er fans ( that was when I lived in Central Cal and the Bay area was closer than L.A. ).
                  one of the sub teachers was Joe Montana's cousin ( looked just like him- it was scary ). made my blood boil. man, do I hate the Niners ( although not as much now because they suck ). competition always stirs the hatred more.

                  on a side note, I miss the old colors and uni's. :offtopic:

                  my wife hates it when I watch Ram games because I get so pissed when the game is not going well that I throw the remotes across the room in disgust. don't know how many I've broke. oh well, when you bleed blue and gold, what else does she expect.

                  great post.


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                    Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

                    I had been getting interested in football for a couple or so years but since not many other than Giant games were broadcast I was just semi interested. There is alot to be said for color TV! Games wern't quite the same in Black and White! LOL Most of my passion was spent on the Cardinal baseball team since '64 and I remained strictly a baseball fan mainly because all my friends and I played ball every day either organized or on the sandlot. No one was really that interested in football. In '66 I saw Gabriel in a sports magazine in color and loved the uniform and helmet so much I became a fan of the team. I tried to follow the team as much as I could but being from NY got very little info except the Monday morning line scores. This just increased my Ram desire. I've never liked any other NFL team and probably never will. Old habits die hard! They almost died pretty hard in the 90s! LOL I'm also a Laker fan, since Kareem joined the club. Like AvengerRam I'm also live in Florida about 2 hours north of Weston in Palm Bay. I'm a die hard fan and can't get enough Ram Football. Too bad my wife is a Dallas Cowboy fan! :tongue:


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                      Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

                      I myself am a fan of about 13 years of my 19 year life. My uncle had a LA Rams mirror in his bedroom (which he is YET to give up to me), and I thought it was cool, and became a fan.

                      I am the only Fan I have seen posting on this board (or the Insider's ClanRam board) that is Canadian. I live about an hour from Totonto, Ontario, and attend the University of Toronto where I am studing Commerce.

                      I am a diehard fan, and my bedroom at my parents house is referred to by my friends and family as "the shrine". Blue and Gold paint, the logo painted on the wall and floor to roof memrobelia. My favourite Rams are Torry Holt, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Marc Bulger and Marshall Faulk.

                      Thats 'bout it....


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                        Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

                        In 1976 I wanted a football jacket for Christmas, I was 9 at the time. I didn't know much about football so I picked a jacket out of the Sears catalog that I liked the best. (I almost picked the Chargers)

                        The Rams jacket arrived and I wore it constantly. I lived in Sacramento (Northern CA) among many 49er fans. They all would give me a hard time about the Rams when they saw my jacket but I didn't care, the Rams were my team.

                        I was watching in '79 when they lost to the Steelers and at the last game of the season when they almost pulled it out against the Panthers.

                        I have been off the boards for a couple of years but saw Dezís email and wanted to jump in again. See you all around.


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                          Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

                          Originally posted by RAMMAN68
                 really started back in 74', when I went to my first game in LA against the dreaded enemy, the whiners. I can't remember the score...
                          Wow. That was the exact game I was at when I first fell in love with the Rams! Small world, I say! I sat in the endzone bleachers at the Coliseum. The score was 37-14, the Rams CRUSHING the pitful Whiners. What a glorious day that was!


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                            Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

                            Spent the summer/fall of 1979 , travelling round the states and fell in love with the Rams when I was in LA. Stayed with them when they moved :ramlogo:
                            GO CLAYMORES : DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN


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                              Re: The Re-Introduction Thread

                              I have been a fan since the move to St Louis. Got season tickets so I could watch players like Jerry Rice and Steve Young but started liking the Rams about half way through the season when I got to know the players. Now I have a two year old that loves the Rams. I have some pictures downloaded into a screen saver and everytime they come on the computer he starts talking about the Rams games and wants to see them again.


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