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Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

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  • Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

    So lets have a last poll on the guy.
    He will florish and get NFL MVP 04
    He will do a fine job until Manning takes over
    He will continue to struggle
    He will not handle the pressure
    He will not make the end of the season
    He will be cut before the start of the season

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

    I don't think he'll do anything special in New York, but I think he'll perform adequately while Manning is being groomed for the position. If their offensive line can't stay healthy, then he'll have some problems.


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      Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

      I am very sad to see KW go but the NFL is a business.

      I hope that he does not go to New York because with the pathetic OL the Giants are purported to have and if he performs poorly the media will eat him and Brenda up and that is not the way a legend needs to be treated (and many of you think the RAMS FO is cruel :redface: ).

      I hope he stays out of the crappy apple and plays and performs to his once awesome level of competence on a team that he will be happy to be on. :king:
      Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!


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        Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

        Wish him well but I don't think the Gnats line will let him be a star :disappoin


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          Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

          Kurt was always a gamer and his strength turned into his weakness. Kurt was tough and hung in the pocket long enough for his receivers to get open, long enough to get whacked after delivering the pass. This took it's toll and eventually the injuries came. Unfortunately, the Rams OL let him down when he returned to health and we was getting hit much sooner.


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            Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

            Hope the Giants let him play although I doubt about his line


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              Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

              I just think he still has hand/head problem. He might prove me wrong but I doubt it.


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                Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

                royal blue :ramlogo: Kurt will probably or maybe likely do worse in NY than here and if Brenda opens her mouth there the press and fans will eat her alive. It is a shame that Athletes when they are washed up seem to be the last to know it


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                  Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

                  The once proud warrior has decided to go and become a mainstream focus. The departure of one of the greatest football stories in the history of pro football. The fact that the gateway city will no longer have to put up with his wife, and the fact that Kurt Warner seems to not want to be a Steve Bono backup. Oh yea he was behind Steve Bono at one time. Never mind.

                  It all seems so selfish and greety. No people it's pro football today. Knowone ever completes their playing career with the franchise that gave them life. Think about Warren Sapp, Jerry Rice, Eric Dickerson, Joe Montana, and Emmitt Smith.
                  The era of the dinosaur hanging around is no more. But the Big Apple Kurt? What in the world was he thinking?

                  The fact is that Kurt Warner is old for NFL standards. And the fact is that he burn some bridges (Wife) with comments. The fact is that he is no longer the same star that shocked the football world. He is ordinary. And whatever the records show, they still are memories to cherish for the historian fans. I wish him well in his stay in New York. I hope with god's help he does well. And I thank him for bringing us on his glorious train ride to the Super Bowl. He will always be remembered as a Ram in my account. And when he retires, he will be a Ram by all accounts. So as i said before welcome to the Meadowpits.

                  ;) The Field Goal


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                    Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

                    Sorry I think Kurt is done, Thanks for the great memories Kurt and good luck.


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                      Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

                      He's doing awsome !!!

                      How could you ever think otherwise?

                      "Washed up" HAH.... :tongue:


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                        Re: Kurt Warner is leaving the Rams

                        I don't care.....I hope he does well, but I'm not scanning the sports page every Monday to find out.


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                        • AvengerRam_old
                          What do you hope to see from Kurt Warner
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          What is your hope (not necessarily expectation)?
                          I hope he lights it up like 1999-2001.
                          I hope he plays well, just not as well as Marc Bulger.
                          I hope he plays badly so that the Warnerites will finally stop crying about his being cut by the Rams.
                          I honestly don't care.
                          -09-10-2004, 08:21 AM
                        • ramhard
                          K Warner - no matter what great guy
                          by ramhard
                          From Peter King's Monday Morning QB column:

                          Good Guy of the Week

                          Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner.

                          Karen Crouse of the New York Times wrote a good feature on Warner in last Friday's paper, with a prescient story as the lead. Seems that Warner, wife, Brenda, and one or more of the Warner children have a practice the night before football games. They sit at their table in a restaurant, look over the dining room, and pick out one family. Warner then informs the wait staff that, anonymously, he'd like the dinner tab of that family of strangers added to his.

                          Crouse wrote the Warners have been doing this for several years "as a way of instilling in their children the joy of giving,'' and quoted Warner thusly: "We want our kids to grow up knowing that because of football we are so blessed.''

                          Just another reason why you can never say enough good things about Kurt Warner.
                          -09-29-2008, 09:39 AM
                        • Nick
                 Analysis of Warner Situation
                          by Nick
                          Fantasy Notebook: Fool Me Once, Shame On You. ...
                          By Bob Harris - Senior NFL Analyst -

                          Well, the latest reports filtering out of the Big Apple say Kurt Warner
                          looked sharp during his initial mini-camp workouts this week. His passes
                          were crisp and mostly on target. But as New York Daily News staffer Ralph
                          Vacchiano noted, the surprise was that Eli Manning's passes looked even

                          After struggling through his first mini-camp as a pro early last month,
                          Manning put all that behind him Monday with a much-improved performance
                          that caught the eyes of his coaches and teammates.

                          According to Vacchiano, "his command in the huddle was better and he had a
                          much greater knowledge of the offense. And as a result, he was able to
                          show off the right arm that the Giants worked so hard to acquire in their
                          blockbuster draft-day trade."

                          Wow. Sounds pretty darned good. ...

                          Unfortunately, Manning didn't fare as well Tuesday. Which should come as
                          no surprise. Once again, we're talking about a rookie trying to get up to
                          speed at the league's most difficult position to master.

                          Which is why, I suspect, we'll see a growing media drumbeat surrounding
                          the Warner/Manning competition with Warner putting increasing pressure on
                          his younger teammate as he becomes familiar with the Giants' system and
                          his NFL MVP experience begins to factor into the equation.

                          But that doesn't mean I believe Warner is the best man for this job. Nor
                          am I sure he's not. And I'm not alone in my confusion.

                          In fact, after reviewing some of the opinions being floated by those "in
                          the know," I've come to the conclusion that Warner is as mysterious to the
                          rest of the world as he is to me.

                          A sampling follows. ...

                          In an article published Monday, Sports Illustrated insider Peter King
                          advised readers: "I think Kurt Warner, whatever happens, will be a team
                          player and will help Eli Manning as much as he can with the Giants. Warner
                          is one of the few people I know in football who truly would help the guy
                          behind him even if it meant it might hurt his situation."

                          But former Giants quarterback Phil Simms disagreed.

                          "The perfect guy (for the Giants) was Neil O'Donnell," Simms told the
                          Newark Star-Ledger. "It's not a knock against Kurt, but the agendas are
                          different. Kurt Warner still wants to be a franchise quarterback. He wants
                          to be the guy. ... Kurt Warner will give information to Eli, but he's
                          going to be more concerned about his performance, his knowledge and what
                          he's doing."

                          Another Sports Illustrated writer, NFL guru Paul Zimmerman, took things a
                          step further,...
                          -06-13-2004, 08:36 PM
                        • Guam rammer
                          Kurt Warner
                          by Guam rammer
                          Super happy to know that he began his career as a Ram and brought them to the SB twice with a 1-1 record (would've been 2-0 if the cheats were'nt cheats) And who knows, if Mad Mike didnt pull the plug too soon we could've probably gotten more. All Warner was missing yesterday was some DBs and STEVEN JACKSON!!!
                          -01-17-2010, 01:41 AM
                        • Nick
                          Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season
                          by Nick
                          Link here.

                          I have a lot of respect for Kurt Warner, and a lot of great memories for what he's done in his career. I think in the right situation, he can still produce. But I'm sorry... considering retirement because he doesn't know if he could be comfortable as a back-up?...
                          -10-12-2006, 12:40 PM