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  • Can you belive

    I have been band from "the other" forum. First they locked me out of the Premuim area (in which I paid for),and now they banned me from the board.

    What really burns me about the whole thing is that we acted very professionally in this whole thing and were careful not to digrace "the other boards" name. But I can not stomach being banned from something that I paid good money for when I did nothing to them or broke any rules.

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    Re: Can you belive

    You need to push them really hard to either 1) refund your money, or 2) unban you. Send them some emails and get the reason in writing -- I am not sure they have any legal right to keep your money if they ban you (what do you think Avenger?).

    For some reason I thought that they told Dez and I that we couldn't ban anyone that had paid, something about the user agreement. You may want to look that over.

    Either they were feeding us a load of crap about not being able to ban anyone or they are overstepping themselves.


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      Re: Can you belive

      Dez and I pushed and I am back in. I had to a more unorthodox method, but at least I got my point across


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