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Clan breaks record!!

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  • Clan breaks record!!

    after being back and running for just 4 full days the Clan has broken a record.

    49 people on the page at one time. This breaks an old standing record from the days of old. CONGRATS GUYS!! Lets keep up the great job!! WE ARE ALIVE AGAIN!!!

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    Re: Clan breaks record!!

    Funny how much more at home it feels here. I hope the posts keep coming and with the season about to get going perfect timing. Maybe it is something to do with the Clan and what it means and what the Rams and we as fans mean. We are like a family and we are home.


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    • bruce4life
      Who from the Clan is in Hotlanta?
      by bruce4life
      Roll call???
      -01-30-2019, 05:20 PM
    • Nick
      Be thankful the Clan isn't on EZBoard
      by Nick
      I admin two EZBoard communities which I pay to keep ad-free, and both were hit pretty hard. We lost A LOT of content on one, and the other had some stuff go missing as well. Sucks the big one....
      -06-01-2005, 06:23 AM
    • RamWraith
      On a brighter note!! THE CLAN ROCKS!!!--Hurricane
      by RamWraith
      On a little brighter note.....:up:

      The Clan raised $490.00 that is being mailed out tomorrow morning to help out those who suffered so much in Hurricane Katrina.

      THANK YOU to all those Clan members who gave to our efforts, and thanks to all those that gave to there own charities. It is really nice to see such a good group of people work so hard in helping out others in need. You all are truly class acts!
      -09-12-2005, 04:55 PM
    • uDDerBLiTz
      Hellooooo to the clan
      by uDDerBLiTz
      I just had to mosey on by and say howdy to all the fine Rams fans here.

      I am so impressed with all the knowledge here. You must have drank lots of milk as children to grow up so smart.

      Got Milk?
      Go Rams!
      -07-15-2007, 08:11 PM
    • Bar-bq
      The Clan
      by Bar-bq
      You know what's great?

      The ClanRam forums.

      You know why?

      Because everyone here has an opinion, and nobody is afraid to express it. What's more, nobody forces anything on each other. It is this difference in opinion which has allowed the Clan to thrive, as I've seen it, in the past 2 years. The barriers on what you can and can't say concerning our rams are wide. Everyone knows their limits, and expresses their own opinions within them. But they're not so razor thin that they impel uniformity upon our Clan. They provide a medium for discussion, and that's what makes this place so interesting.

      How great would the Clan be if everyone was posting the same boring drivel, be it optimistic or pessimistic, becuase they were confined to the limits of eveybody else's opinions? Which is why I think It's great that we have such wide debate, and that we have posters that have the balls to say "we'll end up 0-16" and others who take the time to provide a slightly more positive sentiment.

      And the fantastic thing is, we level each other out. There is no lopsided majority that feels necessitated to vent agressively after each loss- sure, we have posters who do vent, as it's been labelled, because, in reality, it's only human nature. But what's better is that this "venting" encourages people to "vent" right back- in either disagreement or affirmation. And it's great that we have posters who have the courage to say "no, no- here's where you're wrong"

      What's interesting is how things can be interpreted. I know that everything said here is meant in the spirit of quality debate and discussion, and it's a shame to see people read it the wrong way. Becuase, I don't think anyone is trying to single anyone else out. The best part of this Clan is that everyone is entitled to express their own opinion (Provided you're a member ) and that not everyone agrees, and it seems like a lot of posters know how to express this in a very civil manner. I think we even had Missouri state law quoted the oother day.

      So kudos to the Clan for being the medium for discussion that it is, cheers to Dez and all the Moderators, and I hope to see all of you SLIP, SLOP AND SLAP-ping into the future.
      -10-02-2007, 09:30 PM