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  • just a reminder

    The Warner era is over and a decision is made. You all promised me that when this day came we would step behind Bulger and put the past behind us. You all may not like the decision but it one we can not change. So please honor your vows and let's step behind our new leader and support him for the next dance.

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    Re: just a reminder

    Come on RW. You know we'll ALL be pulling for Marc. How can you not defend the only guy to fulfill our wildest dreams? It isn't Marc against Kurt. I think it was Martz against Kurt. Since Marc is (for the time being) Martz' guy it was natural to use him as the target. The comparison was inevitable, who else was taking Kurts job? It's over, Kurt's gone, life will go on in Rams Land. We wil root for the team even when we play against Kurt, as blue blooded fans how could we otherwise? The Fearsome Foursome is fabled history and we remember it with pride. The Greatest Show on Turf is now fabled history too and we will remember it too with pride. It's a new era of Ram football. The page has turned as so will our loyalty to our new QB, Marc Bulger. We can still love Kurt Warner. :ramlogo:

    GO RAMS!! Go Marc!!


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      Re: just a reminder

      I agree; I love Kurt and all he did for this team. But not everyone is pulling for Marc, don't kid yourself. Marc has been under the microscope and shelled by fans for as long has he has been a Ram. To this day I still don't know why he signed a contract for 3 more years of abuse. Marc will always be known as the guy that replaced the great Kurt Warner.

      As much as I like Warner, I just can not see why everyone got so worked up about one player. I love the Rams and to me the team comes first. I just want Marc to get his fair props. You know, he isn't all that bad of a


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        Re: just a reminder

        Very good points, Wraith. I fear that unless Marc wins a Super Bowl, the die-hard fans of Kurt Warner will never accept him and will always find something wrong with what he's doing. He has big shoes to fill, and unfortunately, I don't think he'll get any peace until he completely fills them.

        That said, the guy's got my full support. :helmet:


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          Re: just a reminder

          If Marc leads the Rams to the Super Bowl, and the team wins by 6 points, there would be some fans that would say, "yeah, but Kurt won his by 7 points."


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            Re: just a reminder

            Originally posted by AvengerRam
            If Marc leads the Rams to the Super Bowl, and the team wins by 6 points, there would be some fans that would say, "yeah, but Kurt won his by 7 points."
            Sad but probably true. :disappoin


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              Re: just a reminder

              Originally posted by RamWraith
              As much as I like Warner, I just can not see why everyone got so worked up about one player.
              For me, it's because he was/is the full package, not just a great player.
              I will never forget KW, but I will support Bulger 100%.


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                Re: just a reminder

                There are those of you that made this about Warner/Bulger. It was never about the two of them. It was just about the way that the Warner issue was handled. I am 100% behind all current members of the RAMS. But I will still question the decisions made when they don't seem to make sense...
                This space for rent...


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                  Re: just a reminder

                  I never promised that. Though i'm not really going to say anything about it. I just wanted you to know that just in case I do and you try to throw it in my face.



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                    Re: just a reminder

                    Kurt who? :redface:
                    Bulger is the man with the game plan.
                    JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                    "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                    • RamWraith
                      Bulger a good decision??
                      by RamWraith
                      Now that everything has settled and Bulger has settled in to the NFL, how do you feel?? There were a lot of upset people for several years when Warner was let go in favor of Bulger. Was it a good decision? Or would you have liked Warner to stay and been given the chance with the team over the last several years. Remember, ONLY ONE of them would stay. If you vote Warner, Bulger would be with another team.
                      Yes--Keeping Bulger was a great move by the front office.
                      No--Warner should have been left to lead the greatest show on turf.
                      -11-10-2006, 01:36 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Setting the Standard
                      by RamWraith
                      Wednesday, September 14, 2005

                      By Nick Wagoner
                      Senior Writer

                      By the time Kurt Warner’s time as the starting quarterback for the Rams was done, he had set the bar so high for the next person in line that it would have taken the world’s largest ladder to reach.

                      Marc Bulger was the unfortunate next person in line charged with the task of following in the footsteps of the man who, from a statistical standpoint, had the single greatest three-year run of any quarterback ever to play in the NFL.

                      But Bulger wasn’t the only one who was being asked to live up to those expectations. It was easy to forget that the reason Warner’s time in St. Louis was done was because he too could no longer reach the standard he had set.

                      To this day, Bulger still hears criticism with every interception, every fumble and every loss. And so does Warner.

                      “It’s the same way in my situation that I know Marc’s dealing with,” Warner said. “You have that standard whether it was me ahead of him or even in my situation that every year every time you step on the football field they expect you to perform at that type of level. It’s hard to do. It was a great run that we had. We had everything going, we had everything clicking, we were together for a long period and it was one of those special, special periods.”

                      Warner’s time with the Rams included a pair of Super Bowl appearances with one championship and two MVPs mixed in. Fair or not, he set the bar that high for himself and anyone who would play the position for St. Louis in the coming years.

                      So while Warner does feel for Bulger’s situation, he doesn’t feel too bad for the quarterback who was good enough to win the job and has proven to be an excellent quarterback in his own right.

                      “Yea, I feel for him, but at the same time I don’t feel too bad for him,” Warner said. “The guy has done nothing but had success in the league. You can’t get caught up with what the media says or what the fans want, the guy has played good football and that’s why he is the starting quarterback there, that’s why he has been to the Pro Bowl. He is an excellent quarterback and has proven it year in, year out. I don’t look at it like he hasn’t lived up to the standard. I think he has played very good football and played very well.”

                      Bulger is the first to say that a big reason for his success since taking over as the starter can be directly attributed to Warner. Although coach Mike Martz’s ability to develop and recognize quarterback talent is ultimately the main reason for the success of both players, Warner never wavered in his support of Bulger, even when the two were in direct competition for the job.

                      Because of Warner’s approach to helping Bulger understand the nuances of the offense and adjusting to the speed...
                      -09-15-2005, 01:10 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Some fans expect Bulger to be what Warner was
                      by RamWraith
                      By Bernie Miklasz
                      St. Louis Post-Dispatch
                      Wednesday, Sep. 14 2005

                      So many things changed when Marc Bulger's last pass of a topsy-turvy afternoon
                      got snatched by a San Francisco defensive back. The Rams' miracle march to
                      victory was stopped, and the shock waves could be felt all the way in St.
                      Louis, where Rams fans raged the rest of the night and into Monday.

                      The loss immediately became Marc Bulger's fault.

                      We heard the usual catcall: Bulger is no Kurt Warner.

                      Never mind that Bulger was attacked on all sides by a furious San Francisco
                      pass rush and managed to complete 19 of 30 passes for 181 yards and two
                      touchdowns after the ***** jumped the Rams for a 28-9 lead. True, Bulger's last
                      pass was behind Isaac Bruce, and it wasn't a good throw, but Bruce has made
                      those type of catches many times before. And it's true that Bulger needs to
                      have more cool-handed efficiency in the red zone; the Rams are letting too many
                      TDs dissolve into field goals.

                      But the reaction to Sunday's 28-25 loss offered the latest look into Bulger's
                      professional life in St. Louis. Unless Bulger wins the Super Bowl, unless he
                      wins a couple of MVP awards, unless he plays at the extreme level of excellence
                      achieved by Warner from 1999 through 2001, he'll never be fully accepted in
                      this town.

                      And if Bulger and the Rams go to Arizona and lose to Warner and the Cardinals
                      on Sunday, Bulger will lose even more status in St. Louis. Bulger's Warner
                      burden will grow heavier.

                      Bulger needs to have a beer with Tony La Russa and soak in some friendly advice
                      about what it's like to follow a legend. La Russa still lives with the ghost of
                      Whitey Herzog hovering at Busch Stadium. And Warner's specter never drifts far
                      from Bulger's place in the huddle.

                      "I could be in a situation where I'm not playing or the expectations aren't
                      high," Bulger said. "But you've got to win a Super Bowl here. It's obvious if
                      you want to be compared to that 1999 through 2001 team, you know what the goal
                      is. You're going to have to win the Super Bowl, and anything besides that is
                      not going to cut it. I can handle it. Really, it doesn't bother me."

                      Bulger is a very good quarterback who ranks third in yards per attempt and
                      seventh in the passer efficiency rating among all NFL QBs since the start of
                      the 2002 season. But that's not satisfactory to some who saw Warner average 292
                      yards and throw 98 touchdown passes from 1999-2001, with the Rams scoring 32
                      points a game.

                      This was spectacular, and abnormal. It may have been the greatest three-year
                      run by a QB in NFL history. And no quarterback has come close to repeating ...
                      -09-15-2005, 01:09 PM
                    • Spiderwolf
                      Kurt Warner the better Quarterback
                      by Spiderwolf
                      To this day, I still maintain we should never have gotten rid of Warner. He proved he is still the better quarterback. Bulger has not impressed me. This team has gone downhill ever since Bulger took over. I realize a lot of you like this guy but I dont. I think he is an average quarterback at best and does not come anywhere near the talent level of Manning or Brady. He has done nothing to help this team and is way to fragile. The guy is always hurt and I think its time for a change. That being said, I dont think that will happen and we are stuck with this average do nothing quarterback for the next 3 or 4 years. Im looking forward to next year, and will root for Bulger b ecause I love the Rams, and I hope he proves me wrong and becomes one of the elite qurterbacks in the league, but I think thats extremely wishful thinking. I just dont think this is the guy to lead us.
                      -01-01-2008, 04:44 PM
                    • RamDez
                      Bulger is QB of choice in St. Louis
                      by RamDez
                      Bulger is QB of choice in St. Louis
                      Low-key personality belies determination to lead Rams
                      By Dan O'Neill
                      Aug. 10, 2004

                      He is a Marc-ed man now. The St. Louis Rams, at least those grazing on the offensive side of the ball, officially will come under his care and direction this winter. Lock, stock, and Bulger.

                      “I really don’t think things have changed,” Marc Bulger said. “It is challenging sometimes; you get opportunities that you want to do. But you have to stick to who you are and what will make you happy.”

                      The Rams have done their part to make Bulger happy. In April, coach Mike Martz declared Bulger would be his starting quarterback this season. Shortly thereafter, the organization made it crystal clear, giving Bulger a four-year, $19.1 million contract and releasing former league MVP Kurt Warner. Warner resides in New York now, trying turn the pumpkin back into a coach, keeping the seat warm while The Apprentice, Eli Manning, gets his feet wet.

                      Undisputed No. 1 this season
                      For the first time since he came off the bench and played surprisingly well for an injured Warner in 2002, Bulger will enter a season as the Rams’ undisputed heavyweight quarterback, no controversy, no questions asked. He will call his signals without Warner — literally and figuratively — looking over his shoulder. Or as offensive lineman Andy McCollum put it: “We’re here to protect Marc. He’s the man now.”

                      In turn, “the man” has looked the part. Bulger is throwing short, intermediate, and long passes with precision and purpose, he is making the right reads, choosing the right receivers. He threw for an NFC-leading 3,845 yards and completed 63 percent of his passes last season. He was named the Pro Bowl MVP when the season was over. All that was before he officially had the job. Now that he is entitled, he is infuego.

                      “I’ve very pleased with him,” Martz said. “He’s been consistently very good. He is markedly improved from a year ago, no question about it, in terms of just getting the speed of seeing things and getting the ball to the right guy.”

                      Bulger will tell you the presence of Warner wasn't negative. At 27 years of age, Bulger is modest and respectful, qualities that endear him to his teammates. He insists he appreciated Warner, tried to emulate him, learn from him, lean on him. But the absence of Warner World should make for a significantly less stressful environment. The new second-in-command at the quarterback position in St. Louis is 38-year old Chris Chandler, an experienced hand who has no delusions at this stage of his career. Chandler won't be standing on the sideline with a helmet in hand and a hankering to prove he can still pilot the ship. He is a walking insurance policy, and the deductible will only be exceeded on an emergency basis.

                      Outside distractions avoided
                      There is no media...
                      -08-10-2004, 02:39 PM