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Faulk speaks about his future

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  • Faulk speaks about his future

    Hi guys, i just watched the midwest sports report interview with Faulk. This was part 3 of 5 and marshall spoke about his future and what he has been doing this off season.

    As for his future, he feels he can still play at a high level and said he expects to do so for a while. he says that if he feels he is hurting the team, he wont play, but that even with the injuries over the last two seasons, he has "had games where he felt like his old self." Marshall acknowledged that its difficult for any athelete to actually know when the time has come to admit that his skills have deteriorated, but that he feels stronger going into this season since he believes that his knee issues have finally been properly addressed.

    As to the offseason, in addition to the knee surgery, faulk says he has "gone down a size." He clearly looks like he has dropped some weight. He says he has not been lifting and has been resting his legs more than he has in the past.

    He concluded by saying that if he feels like he cant play to the level he expects he will sit down with the rams and figure out what to do next season, but he doesnt expect it to happen.

    There was no discussion regarding how the drafting of stephen jackson might affect his future.

    ramming speed to all, and all hail Marshall, Marshall, Marshall

    general counsel

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    Re: Faulk speaks about his future

    Thanks for these reports GC.

    You mentioned Faulk has gone down in size. Was there any talk if this is by plan or any reason for the drop in size?


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      Re: Faulk speaks about his future

      By plan, in order to reduce the wear and tear on his knees. When you look at his face, the difference is really noticeable.

      general counsel


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        Re: Faulk speaks about his future

        Faulk will be fine, they just need to use him. As far as the drafting of jackson that could be the steal of the class. I doubt faulk will have any problem giving up some pt to jackson if he is effective. Since that great day when the colts gave him up he has been a team player


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          Faulk- A far out conspiracy theory
          by Guest
          Before anyone jumps on me for this, please accept it in the spirit in which it is intended. Drivel and way out of oliver stone like leftfield major longshot conspiracy theory from someone who you all know supports marshall faulk 100%.

          Any shot that faulks agent, who also happens to represent jackson, has floated this story to enhance jacksons negotiating position? The news certainly makes it more important than ever for the rams to get jackson into camp immediately and therefore impacts the negotiating dynamic.

          I am not suggesting that this is all made up. I believe that the uncertainty surrounding the knee is real, but that the talk of retirement or sitting out 2004 may well be an overreaction which coincidentally, helps another client of faulks long time agent. Could the headline be manufactured to help jackson without hurting faulk?

          Anyone out there think that this is even remotely feasible.

          ramming speed to all

          Sign the Big Man and Long Live Marshall, Marshall, Marshall

          general counsel
          -07-09-2004, 06:22 PM
        • argpdt
          Marshall Faulk as a slot receiver
          by argpdt
          Does anyone think that there is a chance that Martz will use Marshall Faulk as a slot receiver, when Steven Jackson is in the backfield? It seems logical to find another way to use Faulk other than just as a backup to Jackson.
          -05-31-2005, 04:01 PM
        • majorram
          Faulk turning back those years!
          by majorram
          Did anyone enjoy watching Faulk skip and cut away from defenders, wow it was like we had turned back time!!!LOVED IT

          I would love Martz to untise this, get him more involved in the game plan, with Bruce injured may be use him as a Slot reciever, we all know he has great soft hands or coming out of the back field....Ok I know he had that fumble but I just enjoyed those carries and touchdown!!!!

          he still has great talent and experienced!!

          -09-28-2005, 12:01 PM
        • evil disco man
          Rams' Marshall Plan
          by evil disco man
          John Czarnecki / FOX Sports

          Rams' Marshall plan

          Rams coach Mike Martz once again is planning to take an easy approach with star player Marshall Faulk when training camp opens next week, which is the smart thing to do when a high-profile running back is 31 years old.

          However, the key is that Faulk is feeling better than he has in recent summers, now that doctors apparently have corrected a "cartilage flap" that has been making his right knee sore.

          We haven't had Marshall 100 percent for a couple of years," Martz said Tuesday. "At times, I think he might have been 70 percent, but he still played at a high level. He's above that now."

          There have been all kinds of rumors that the former MVP might be retiring, forced from the game by his knee injuries. This is hogwash, according to the Rams, who are prepared for the rumors to resurface when Faulk is virtually inactive for the first couple weeks of camp, which has been the norm.

          The team did draft Oregon State's Steven Jackson in the first round, but it makes sense to prepare for the future. There will come the day when Faulk won't be able to run, but that is not the case now. Faulk had another surgery in the off-season and it seems to have corrected a nagging problem. The team believes he will be able to crank it up in late August and be ready for the season opener on Sept. 12 versus Arizona.

          Without question, the Rams still need Faulk, who is ideal in Martz's sophisticated offensive system. When he was a FOX broadcaster, Lions General Manager Matt Millen called Faulk "the smartest player in the league."

          Indeed, Faulk at 90 percent is better than most runners at full steam because he knows how to play; he especially knows how to get open on a passing route. Jackson should be a plus in the red-zone offense, where his physical stature can blend with Faulk's elusiveness. The bottom line is that the Rams still have high hopes for Faulk and, barring another injury, he should be ready to fly this season.
          -07-21-2004, 12:49 AM
        • RamWraith
          Burwell talks about Faulk and retirement
          by RamWraith
          By Brian Burwell / PD

          Coach Mike Martz says Faulk's sore knees need some rest. I asked Faulk how much rest he thinks he'll take. 'That depends on what you want to do,' he said, speaking generally, as if he were talking about someone else. 'If this is your last season, then what you do is rush back, deal with the pain and whatever happens happens and you retire at the end of the season. But if you've decided that you want to play at least one more year, and you're comfortable and accept a specific limited role, than you play it smart. You take your time, get healthy and come back when it's feeling right.'

          Faulk sounded like a man who was more interested in returning for one more scaled-back run next season. He also sounded quite comfortable with this changing of the guard.

          As we talked, Faulk was nearly trampled as the media moved in to circle and interview quarterback Chris Chandler. Faulk slipped on his black leather jacket, pulled his wool knit cap down snuggly over his head, flipped a backpack over his shoulder and nimbly tried to get out of the way.

          As he attempted to make a quick getaway, a few more reporters converged on him.

          'Can we ask you a few questions, Marshall?' someone asked.

          'Awww, nah,' he whispered, feigning modesty. 'Why do you want to talk to me?'

          Faulk is not quite ready to say goodbye to his athletic life just yet. But he is perceptive enough to know that this wasn't his moment. This was not his time. Faulk could see that big fellow over there on the other side of the room with the flowing dreadlocks and youthful legs was finishing up his postgame radio interview. Faulk knew Jackson was about to march back to his locker stall.

          Faulk knows a thing or two about the paradox of the past and the future never occupying the same space. So the living legend nearing the end of his 11-year Hall of Fame run slipped quietly out the back locker-room door. A few moments later, the future - young Mr. Jackson - slipped seamlessly into his space.
          -12-06-2004, 02:44 PM