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Rams Summer Training Camp 2004

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  • Rams Summer Training Camp 2004

    First of all, a big HUG for Dez for bringing us back home to the Clan.

    Some of you remember me as MsWistRAM or Wisty. For those that don't, I am from Macomb, Illinois, home of the Rams summer training camp. This year will be a real treat because the Chicago Bears (da Bears) will be joining the Rams for scrimmages August 5-6. There will be two scrimmages on the 6th on the practice fields which will be free. On the morning of the 7th they will have a special scrimmage on Western Illinois University's Hansen Field. There will be tickets sold for this and ticket prices will be posted soon.

    For general information on the training camp, go to or For more info on Macomb itself, go to All practices are free (except the aforementioned scrimmage with the Bears) and free parking. I hope many of you can make it. It's a fun and less expensive alternative to the traditional family vacation.