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Special Teams and Free Agency

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  • Special Teams and Free Agency

    Should the Rams go after some players for special team purposes only? I really can't go through watching teams start at positions on the field that makes it difficult for the defense to pin them in their own territory.

    Garrett got hurt last year in preseason playing special teams, but I would like to see him out there again. He has speed and can tackle.

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    Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

    Yes....Specifically a punter who is not 80 years old.

    Landetta needs to go!!

    Other than that, I think better coaching and the talent we have will be more than adequate.
    Curly ~ Horns


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      Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

      My views on landetta are well known. I am currently searching for the whereabouts of Dave Chapple in the hopes that we can bring him in to compete with landetta. If anyone knows where he is, let me know and we will call martz and ziggy.

      I think we spent time and effort in the draft and in the free agent market addressing special teams. Tony Newson was signed from KC for his special teams play and Joe Vitt really likes him for that purpose. Chillar and Shivers also will help in that area, and i predict that Hargrove will be a wholly terror on special teams.

      I think that the battle for the backup linebacker spots (which may be the most hotly contested roster spots in camp) will come down to who can contribute most on special teams. Lloyd, Spoon, Trev Faulk, Justin Smith, McWilliams.

      A healthy Garrett will also be a nice boost.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

        With Hargrove's speed and tackling ability, I like the thought of him on special teams. And you are right gc, the LB who can both spell someone for a breather and also play special teams will guarantee them a roster spot.

        I'd also like to see Groce take control of the punt return duties and own them for himself. He did a great job at Nebraska.


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          Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

          The Rams have tried bringing in players for special teams in the past and they still sucked in coverage, etc. Martz keeps getting blasted for not focusing on special teams enough, but he gave them extra time in training camp last year. At this point, I see the results being dependent on the coaching. Good thing Bobby April is gone.


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            Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

            Just go recruit a rugby player ... they all know how to kick better than Landetta.


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              Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

              Adarian, do you have anyone specific in mind that you have scouted in The Hollow for potential punting duties. With the exception of Dez and Ferter, I am not sure that anyone else is conversant on your level regarding the various plusses and minuses of players on the rugby circuit. Remember, we need hang time in addition to distance. Suggestions from Australian Rules Football might also be welcome.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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                Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

                Originally posted by txramsfan
                I'd also like to see Groce take control of the punt return duties and own them for himself. He did a great job at Nebraska.
                Agreed 100%.


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                  Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

                  Well GC:

                  I am only a professional fan. I criticise and complain. I have no solutions. I want what I want because I want it.

                  That said, who knows ... if you want distance, hang time, and placement ... maybe Wayne Julies?


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                    Re: Special Teams and Free Agency

                    OK I forgot to address the point about Aussie Rules football. Frankly, since another Landetta deficiency is his inability to generate a bone-crunching hit that will loosen the ball if all else fails ... any Aussie Football League player could outdo him in that area also ... but you want another name from The Hollow? Fremantle's Troy Cook will put a hurting on anyone while having kicking ability.


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                      Special Teams help has arrived!
                      by Guest
                      Stone is now a ram. Another former marmie guy, he had 17 tackles i believe on special teams this year, which i believe is the same number that jeff wilikins had for the squad.

                      general counsel
                      -03-10-2005, 07:29 PM
                    • majorram
                      Special teams
                      by majorram
                      OK not sooooooooooo "Special"

                      so will there be another coach in charge of our Beloved ST next season....will they ever be special.... will we ever cover kicks and punts, you know may be advance a kick off longer than the 30 yard line, no penities perhaps....Tony horne if your out there!!!!!


                      steve :ramlogo:
                      -01-16-2005, 05:12 AM
                    • RamDez
                      Special Teams Hoping for Breakthrough
                      by RamDez
                      Thursday, May 5, 2005

                      By Nick Wagoner
                      Staff Writer

                      Since the Rams won the Super Bowl in 1999, they have been known around the NFL for having one of the leagueís most dominant offenses. The first things that come to mind when someone mentions the Rams are points, point and more points.

                      While that reputation is deserved based on the production of the offense under coach Mike Martz there is still a nasty side of the teamís performance that has been just as consistent, special teams.

                      That consistency has been a bad thing considering the way those units have played in recent seasons. Last year, the group hit an all-time low, ranking last in the league in kickoff return defense, next to last in punt and kick returns and second to last in punt coverage.

                      Those failures led Martz to the realization that something had to change and it had to change fast.

                      "That's a mistake I've made in the past when we've gone after defensive players," Martz said. "We've spent so much time looking for ability only on defense, but really didn't go into the next phase of that. You have to be equally significant on special teams. We made an issue of it this year both in free agency and the draft. So hopefully, we'll make a quantum leap."

                      The changes did indeed come fast. Nearly every player the Rams signed in free agency is capable of contributing in some way on special teams. Almost every player the team drafted also has special teams abilities.

                      The Rams hope that a unit that was once a major weakness will become strength. The special teams makeover wasnít limited to personnel changes, either. Coach Mike Stock became the third special teams coach to lose his job since Martz became head coach.

                      Hoping to add intensity and youth to the coaching position, the Rams hired Bob Ligashesky on January 21. Ligashesky was the assistant special teams coach for Jacksonville last season and has 20 years of coaching experience. With Ligasheskyís help, the Jaguars had one of the best special teams units in the league last year.

                      The coaching changes didnít end there. In a perfect example of just how dire the special teams situation was last year, the Rams didnít hire just one special teams coach, but two.

                      St. Louis hired Charles Bankins as assistant special teams coach on February 17. Bankins comes to the Rams from Hampton University, where he was the running backs coach from 2000-2004. The commitment to special teams started with the two coaches, but as the previous three coaches proved, there is only so much you can do when you arenít on the field.

                      With that in mind, the Rams signed a number of players that can contribute as much to the special teams as they can to the defense. Heading that list is former Arizona Cardinal Michael Stone.

                      Stone was the teamís top target for the secondary in...
                      -05-05-2005, 12:53 PM
                    • general counsel
                      Need a nickname for the special teams
                      by general counsel
                      Our special teams need a nickname. The term suicide squad seems to apply, in that dropping some jonestown Kool Aid into the special teams drinking water doesnt seem like it would make us look a lot worse out there than we do already,. but i invite you guys to invent something appropriate for the "Unspecial Teams"

                      Someone find adarian, this is right up his alley.

                      By the way, i just KNEW that Dez should have been kept on the final roster for punt coverage.

                      ramming speed to all

                      general counsel
                      -09-12-2005, 06:14 AM
                    • PTHOR
                      Would it kill the RAMS to hire some special teams?
                      by PTHOR
                      It seems like ever since the loss of Tony Horne the Rams have tried everyone short of Warner and Bulger on the (not so) special teams, this got even worse with the loss of Hakim-not that he was all that (Fumble master) but, he could run with it and actually change direction when the defense ran at him. (huge concept)
                      What I'm saying is is it possible to find someone else (not already on the RAMS team) to do the job.
                      There has got to be a few hundred speedsters out there dying for the job, I wonder have they even looked?
                      I fear this will be another year of runbacks against our special teams followed by 10-15 yard average kick/punt returns by our recycled receivers or RB's.

                      This has to be fixed to win! remember the Special teams in the 99 season (First rate).
                      -04-25-2005, 10:10 AM