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  • Predictions

    Let's do it again, now with the schedule
    15-1 - MF gets his ring and retires
    13-3 - D steps up
    11-5 - SJ breakout season
    10-6 - Had some ups and downs, but we made it
    8-8 - Too many injuries
    7-9 - >500 but it is a tough schedule
    3-13 What the hell??!?!?!?!?!
    this is a transition year, doesn't matter

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    Re: Predictions

    I'd say 9-7 but it's not up there, so 10-6.


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      Re: Predictions

      Id said SJ's breakout season....... SJ is more experience now and he'll get the ball more.....SJ has only gone 2 seasons pro right??

      MY 50th post in 8 days half way to a hundred


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        Re: Predictions

        Somewhere between 10-6 and 8-8, oh 9-7

        sigpic :ram::helmet:


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          Re: Predictions

          I think we will have a good start, but we'll hit a few snags here and there. It will come down to who steps up and the injuries we'll suffer. I feel a record of 10-6 isn't a reach, but it won't be easy to obtain. There are going to be some surprising improvements in some teams that didn't do to well last year. The Rams could be one of the those treams


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            Re: Predictions

            10-6, and MF still gets his ring, comes back as a coach next year.


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              Re: Predictions

              9-7 isn't up there, so I took 10-6. Right now, though, 9-7 is the most realistic, IMHO.


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                Re: Predictions

                I am looking forward to:1) MB to be protected 2) SJ to go north and not east/west 3) that this defence hold their own(not literaly) and that ST does a respectfull job.
                In conclusion I AM IN PRESEASON FORM. 12-4 too much to ask?


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                  Re: Predictions

                  16-0 and the SUPERBOWL



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                    Re: Predictions

                    The last time we run this poll we didn't know the FA that were coming and the schedule and the results were
                    Record Votes %
                    13-3 8 15.38%
                    10-6 30 57.69%
                    8-8 13 25.00%
                    6-10 0 0%
                    3-13 0 0%
                    It doesn't
                    matter 1

                    Let's see now


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                      Re: Predictions

                      Depends on Bulger status, and everyone else's injury status. If we remain healthy, I am very optimistic about us making the playoffs, no doubt about it
                      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                        Re: Predictions

                        i dont care just get to the playoffs, any record will do


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                          Re: Predictions

                          I voted 3-13 so anything above that for me will be a better than expected.


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                            Re: Predictions

                            I'm going with 11-5...maybe a little homeristic, but I can see us going back to a 2003 type season. The offense will be the same offense we've seen for the past 4 years, but the D will return to that pre-Marmie productivity.
                            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                              Re: Predictions

                              Today... Today that is... 8-8.

                              That is until the roster is somewhat finalized....

                              :clanram: Go RAMS!!


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                                We all made our pre-camp predictions as to where we see the Rams finishing this season. Now that the pre-season is winding down, I'm interested to see where everyone stands. I'll start:

                                Pre-Camp Prediction: 12-4

                                Current Prediction: 10-6

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