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    Paper picks Colts as NFL's top team

    The annual offseason rankings by the Dallas Morning News.

    1. INDIANAPOLIS: One by one, quarterback Peyton Manning has shed the layers of criticism that enveloped his NFL career. The Colts won 12 games last season with the second-youngest lineup in the NFL.

    2. NEW ENGLAND: On paper, the Patriots remain the best team in the NFL.

    3. PHILADELPHIA: The Eagles signed free-agent Pro Bowlers Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse.

    4. KANSAS CITY: The Chiefs won 13 games a year ago and return 21 of their starters.

    5. SEATTLE: This is the best team Mike Holmgren has coached since the 1997 Packers.

    6. GREEN BAY: Roster is strong enough that Brett Favre no longer has to carry the Packers.

    7. NEW ORLEANS: In the past six years everyone in the NFC South except the Saints have been to the Super Bowl.

    8. CAROLINA: Jake Delhomme emerged as a big-game quarterback in the playoffs.

    9. ST. LOUIS: Kurt Warner is gone, leaving coach Mike Martz (and quarterback Marc Bulger) without a safety net.

    10. TENNESSEE: Having NFL co-most valuable player Steve McNair at quarterback is a huge edge on game day.

    11. ATLANTA: Mike Vick is back, and so is Super Bowl talk.

    12. PITTSBURGH: Even a top-10 defense couldn't prevent a losing season in 2003.

    13. DETROIT: The Lions have enjoyed the NFL's best offseason.

    14. JACKSONVILLE: Coach Jack Del Rio put his stamp on the defense in his first season.

    15. MIAMI: The defense has been Super Bowl-ready for years, but the offense...

    16. HOUSTON: An offense to contend is in place with QB David Carr, HB Domanick Davis and WR Andre Johnson.

    17. BALTIMORE: The Ravens return 21 starters from AFC North champions.

    18. DALLAS: The Cowboys might have greater uncertainty at running back and cornerback.

    19. DENVER: Broncos now rely on defense.

    20. MINNESOTA: How do you start a season 6-0 and miss the playoffs?

    21. BUFFALO: The Bills fielded the AFC's best defense in 2003, but had no offensive playmakers.

    22. CINCINNATI: Taking the ball away from veteran quarterback Jon Kitna and putting it in the hands of Carson Palmer could be a step back.

    23. TAMPA BAY: Let's see if Jon Gruden can win with his own players.

    24. NY JETS: Missing Chad Pennington for the first six games of 2003 doomed them.

    25. CLEVELAND: The Browns put quarterback controversy behind them by signing Jeff Garcia.

    26. WASHINGTON: Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs is back with the Redskins.

    27. OAKLAND: Norv Turner gets a chance to revive his head-coaching career.

    28. CHICAGO: The Bears also will be very young on defense.

    29. SAN FRANCISCO: Points will be harder to come by in 2004.

    30. SAN DIEGO: LaDainian Tomlinson is arguably the best player in football.

    31. NY GIANTS: A league-high nine starters are gone from that disappointing 2003 team.

    32. ARIZONA: The optimism rides with the arrival of Dennis Green as coach

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: Inside Pro Football | Rick Gosselin

    Couple of issues with this...

    Seattle is number five? What exactly have the Seahawks done to be ranked this high? The Seahawks haven't won their division since '99 when they were a part of the AFC. In '99 and in '03, the Seahawks were knocked out in the wild card round. Those two games are the only playoff appearances the Seahawks have had since the 80's. I don't care if this is the best team Holgrem has coached since the '97 Packers. The Hawks are going to have to do something more than squeek into the playoffs for me to even consider them this high.

    New Orleans is number seven? Ahead of the Rams? Ahead of the reigning NFC champs? Maybe I missed something, but wasn't New Orleans 8-8 last season? Aren't they playing in a division with the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons, who return Michael Vick? I don't know what kind of offseason NO has had, but how in the world are they ranked this high?

    Detroit at number 13!? Yes, they've had a good offseason, but let's be realistic. This team hasn't played one down together. They were 5-11 last season. I wouldn't exactly rank them in the Top 15 just yet.

    Baltimore at 17. The Ravens return 21 starters from their AFC North winning team, yet they're ranked below the Steelers? How can the Ravens, the reigning division champion, not be favored if they're returning practically the same team? That's like saying the Rams aren't favored in the NFC West even though they're returning practically the same team (and I think the Rams should be favored).

    The Redskins add Clinton Portis, add Marcus Washington, replace Champ Bailey with Shawn Springs, draft Sean Taylor, add Walt Harris, add Michael Barrow, add Mark Brunell, and they're ranked 26th!? WHAT!?


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      Re: Inside Pro Football | Rick Gosselin

      yea, the other issue I have is

      "9. ST. LOUIS: Kurt Warner is gone, leaving coach Mike Martz (and quarterback Marc Bulger) without a safety net."

      What ??? safety net, well we never used him last year ??

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Re: Inside Pro Football | Rick Gosselin

        Originally posted by RamDez
        What ??? safety net, well we never used him last year ??
        Except for that one game. Which we lost. I want some of what this guy is smokin'.


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        • RamWraith
          Power Rankings--What a joke
          by RamWraith

          1 Patriots 14-2-0 Their talent says they should be back in the Super Bowl. Recent history says they might not even make the playoffs.

          2 Eagles 12-4-0 Donovan McNabb? Terrell Owens? Andy Reid? Take your pick, they're all under pressure in Philly this year.

          3 Colts 12-4-0 With Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison free agents at the end of the season this could be the final run for the Big Three in Indy.

          4 Chiefs 13-3-0 Gunther Cunningham alone isn't going to fix the defense. It's still up to the players, who are the same as last year and that could be a problem.

          5 Seahawks 10-6-0 Some might have scoffed at Matt Hasselbeck's 'we want the ball and we're going to score' statement. But to us, it's just a confident QB who has fun playing the game.

          6 Ravens 10-6-0 Jamal Lewis IS the Ravens offense and despite what they say, any missed games would be a big blow.
          7 Vikings 9-7-0 Last year Randy Moss had career highs in catches (117), yards (1,632) and TDs (tied at 17). We're expecting nothing short of that this year.

          8 Panthers 11-5-0 While the Panthers looked poised to follow up last year's success, the turnover on the offensive line has to be a concern.

          9 Titans 12-4-0 Titans fans won't forget what Eddie George meant to the franchise, but Tennessee's running game is going to be just fine with Chris Brown.

          10 Broncos 10-6-0 The Broncos are definitely better on defense. But with unproven RBs and questions at WR, it's the offense that could be a problem.

          11 Packers 10-6-0 If Mike McKenzie remains out of the lineup the secondary could end up keeping the Packers from being a Super Bowl team.

          12 Cowboys 10-6-0 Can the Cowboys be a legitimate contender with a 40-year old QB? We'll find out because Vinny isn't going anywhere for a while.

          13 Saints 8-8-0 This team looks talented enough to be a playoff contender. Of course, hasn't that been the case the last few years?

          14 Jets 6-10-0 With Pennington, Moss, Martin and Co., the offense will be good. But can the defense raise its level of play under new coordinator Donnie Henderson?

          15 Bengals 8-8-0 We think Carson Palmer is going to be a stud. But it will be interesting to see how he -- and Marvin Lewis -- reacts if he gets off to a rough start.

          16 Rams 12-4-0 Steven Jackson looks legit, but a healthy Marshall Faulk is still the best offensive weapon the Rams have.

          17 Jaguars 5-11-0 We love Byron Leftwich's potential, but the talk about a surprise Super Bowl run is a little premature.

          8 Bills 6-10-0 If Drew Bledsoe can get back on track the Bills could be a team to watch out for.

          19 Falcons 5-11-0 With DeAngelo Hall out for 6-10 weeks and Michael Vick still gimpy, it hasn't been...
          -09-07-2004, 12:09 PM
        • Nick
          ClanRam 2011 NFL Power Rankings: Preseason
          by Nick
          It’s that time again. The NFL season is just around the corner; no really, it starts tomorrow night. So what better way to kick things off than the Clan’s own power rankings of all 32 teams in the league? This is going to probably change quite a bit after Week One as teams win some close games and lose some that they had no business dropping. But until the games are played, why not take a look at an early ranking of the league’s best and worst?

          PRE-SEASON POWER...
          -09-08-2011, 02:05 AM
        • HUbison
          The reasons each NFL team won't win the SB.
          by HUbison
          From FOX sports.... The reasons each NFL team won't win the SB.

          East Division

          Dallas Cowboys: We're not sure if he's the best quarterback named Drew on this team, but Drew Bledsoe has been hired to start behind center.
          Even if the Dallas defense is less doomed than last year, the Cowboys won't win it all because Bledsoe holds the ball longer than Kobe Bryant.

          New York Giants: This is the year franchise savior Eli Manning shows the world he's a better quarterback than his older brother. His older brother named Cooper Manning.

          Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles, who seem poised to win it all, will fade after quarterback Donovan McNabb goes out for the season with hurt feelings. The culprit figures to be messianic receiver Terrell Owens. You may recall that the tragically under-compensated T.O. sort of compared himself to Jesus.
          At least the Eagles are training in Bethlehem, Pa.

          Washington Redskins: NASCAR-connected Joe Gibbs wrecks his second year back in D.C. by failing to remove the restrictor plate from QB Patrick Ramsey.

          North Division

          Chicago Bears: The alleged salvation of a rotten offense is rookie running back Cedric Benson. Cedric, a former Texas Longhorn, has attempted to sidestep comparisons to Ricky Williams.
          At press time, Ricky was in camp and Cedric was not.

          Detroit Lions: While waiting to see if injury-prone Charles Rogers follows through on plans to star in a reality series called Pimp My Gurney, Joey Harrington flops at quarterback.
          The Lions turn to former ***** star Jeff Garcia. Even though ex-teammate Terrell Owens may have his doubts, Garcia isn't gay.

          He just can't pass straight.

          Green Bay Packers: A defense already assessed as weak overall, is doomed by a secondary featuring a hybrid that will be known as the "shot-down corner."

          Minnesota Vikings: With coach Mike Tice busted for scalping tickets, many of his players will refuse to take him at face value.

          South Division

          Atlanta Falcons: After watching Michael Vick risk his health on highlight-reel packages, the world eventually will learn that longevity for great legs is limited to Tina Turner.

          Carolina Panthers: Super Bowl triumph is not prepared to attach itself to a team whose alleged top steroid fiend was the ex-punter.

          New Orleans Saints: The letter to follow in the Big Easy is D-plus ... that's the grade many experts have assigned to the Saints' linebacking corps.

          Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Another disappointing season will determine whether or not Jon Gruden is worthy of as many spin-offs as the original Chucky.

          West Division

          Arizona Cardinals: No team playing its home games on the surface of the sun...
          -07-27-2005, 10:14 AM
        • Nick
          Colts will capture Super slugfest - Alameda Times Star
          by Nick
          Colts will capture Super slugfest
          Sunday, September 05, 2004
          Alameda Times-Star

          CAN THERE BE any doubt about it -- the NFL is going to the dogs. Greyhounds, to be specific.
          The NFL high factotums have decreed as much with the new no-chuck-after-5-yards rule. They want offense. They're going to get it. Boy, are they.

          Now that they have turned on the spigot, let's see how happy they are with the results. As one of those who railed against the way the New England Patriots mugged Indianapolis receivers in the AFC Championship Game last year, I applauded the intent.

          I'm not so sure I like what I suspect is going to be the outcome. The prediction in this corner is for the Super Bowl to be the wildest, chest-thumpingest run of long-range touchdowns in its near 40-year history.

          This corner says the Indianapolis Colts, amped by the new rules, will prevail over the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl 39 (XXXIX sounds like a Mexican beer, after all) by the geeked-up score of 45-38.

          All because these teams have the receivers, the quarterbacks and the sheer offensive intent to make the best use of the "new" rule. Provided, that is, the zebras call it the way they have been -- contact by defense is a flag, receivers pushing off is OK.

          Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce ... come on down. It's your day in the sun.

          Forthwith, your season, in advance:

          AFC WEST: Kansas City 11-5, Oakland 10-6, Denver 9-7, San Diego 4-12. The Chiefs break the 500-point barrier and lose, again, in the playoffs. Raiders return to the playoffs in a score or be-scored-on season. Denver will find life difficult without Clinton Portis. The Chargers merely stink. Again.

          AFC EAST: New England 11-5, Buffalo 8-8, New York Jets 7-9, Miami 6-10. Pats win a weakened division off fumes. The Bills are well back. Jets lack karma despite a very special coach. The Dolphins flail like a beached porpoise without Ricky.

          AFC NORTH: Baltimore 10-6, Cincinnati 7-9, Pittsburgh 7-9, Cleveland 5-11. Nod to Ravens even though it's a lousy year to try to win on defense. Bengals take a step back with Palmer. Steelers just don't figure. Send condolences to Jeff Garcia, loose change to Winslow.

          AFC SOUTH: Indianapolis 12-4, Tennessee 10-6, Jacksonville 8-8, Houston 4-12. Colts will hit that 500-point mark in a breeze. Too bad, Eddie George was the soul of the Titans. The Jags are a comer. Houston is a goner.

          WILD CARDS: Oakland, Tennessee.

          WILD-CARD ROUND: Oakland over Kansas City 20-17; Baltimore over Tennessee 31-17.

          DIVISIONAL ROUND: Indianapolis over Oakland 34-27; Baltimore over New England 24-17.

          AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Indianapolis over Baltimore 34-17.

          NFC WEST: St. Louis 11-5, Seattle 9-7, San Francisco 5-11, Arizona 3-13....
          -09-05-2004, 09:53 AM
        • MauiRam
          Rams are "bottom feeders"
          by MauiRam
          Preseason Power Rankings:

          By Gregg Rosenthal
          Around The League editor
          Published: July 25, 2012

          An annual reminder: The actual NFL season will be 500 times crazier than any preseason predictions. That's why we keep coming back. Keep that in mind while checking out Around the League's first power rankings. This isn't a ranking of how teams finished last season; it's how they look for 2012.

          Around the League will do our own set of power rankings this year, but they will look a little different. Instead of straight rankings, we'll group teams by tier. Because tiers clearly are less arbitrary.

          Top Shelf: Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens

          Half of the NFL's playoff population every season doesn't make it back. And yet we'll be stunned if any team out of this quartet doesn't make it to the tournament. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are stuck together with a dangerous Cincinnati Bengals team in the AFC North, so we shouldn't be that stunned. Green Bay and New England have the best quarterbacks in football along with young defenses that should improve.

          Next level: Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs

          It wouldn't be a surprise to see any of these teams in New Orleans this February. The Texans' young defense is scary; their roster doesn't have many holes. Philadelphia enjoyed a great offseason simply by retaining its best players. The Giants are deeper than ever; they just need Eli Manning's big jump in 2011 to stick. New Orleans has questions all over its defense, but Drew Brees covers up a lot of problems. We expect a big step up for a youthful, talented Chiefs squad.

          Anything less than the playoffs for these teams should be viewed as a disappointment.

          Contenders: San Francisco *****, Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks

          We tried to whittle this tier down, but it didn't make sense in August. Teams are more alike than different in the NFL, especially before the season starts.

          ***** fans will not be happy but we expect some regression to the mean after a dream season. We're not convinced their passing game will maintain.

          The rest of this tier could be elite if everything falls right, but the teams have enough holes possibly to struggle with reaching .500. There are few things about the Jets' offense that to like. The same goes for Detroit's back seven on defense. The quarterbacks get the blame in Chicago and Dallas, but Tony Romo and Jay Cutler are good enough to win titles if the rest of the team steps up. The Bengals must show they can beat quality competition. Atlanta has to be better than steady in a brutal division. If you could combine the Panthers' offense with the...
          -07-26-2012, 10:27 AM