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  • My Offseason Scorecard

    Given that the Rams probably won't make any major personnel changes from now until the season starts, its a good time to evaluate the offseason. Here's how I see it:


    2003: Bulger/Warner/Covington
    2004: Bulger/Chandler/Smoker

    The starter has not changed. Chandler, though not as good as Warner, may be better suited in the backup role as his presence does not create controversy. Smoker is a better prospect than Covington. IMPROVED


    2003: Faulk/Gordon/Harris; Goodspeed
    2004: Faulk/Jackson/Gordon; Goodspeed/Harris

    The addition of Jackson is an upgrade at RB. Harris at FB is intriguing. IMPROVED


    2003: Holt/Bruce/Looker/Furrey/McDonald/Curtis; Manumaleuna/Cleeland
    2004: Holt/Bruce/Curtis/Looker/McDonald/Furrey; Manumaleuna/Cleeland

    Same cast, but Curtis and McDonald are healthy. IMPROVED


    2003: Pace/Turley/Wohlabaugh/McCollum/Timmerman
    2004: Pace/Turley/Wohlabaugh/McCollum(?)/Timmerman

    Other than the possibilty that McCollum might be supplanted by a younger player, nothing has changed. SAME


    2003: Wistrom/Pickett/Lewis/Young/T.Jackson/Little/Fisher/Kennedy
    2004: Fisher/Pickett/Lewis/T.Jackson/Little/Kennedy/Hargrove/Moran

    The loss of Wistrom and Young put this unit in decline, but there is at least hope with the potential of players like Kennedy and Hargrove. DECLINE


    2003: Tinoisamoa/Thomas/Polley/Duncan
    2004: Tinoisamoa/Thomas/Polley/????

    It is uncertain who will emerge as the fourth LB (Chillar, Spoon, Faulk, Newson, Lloyd are all possiblities). But, whoever it is, the depth should be better than last year. IMPROVED (slightly)


    2003: Fisher/Butler/Williams/Archuleta/Groce/Garrett/Walton/Sehorn
    2004: Fisher/Butler/Williams/Archuleta/Groce/Garrett/Shivers/Walton

    Again, not much change. I expect that Shivers will be an improvement over Mr. Angie Harmon, but we'll have to see. SAME


    2003: Wilkins/Landeta/Harris(KR)/Furrey(PR)
    2004: Wilkins/Landeta/????/????

    Unclear who will be the KR and PR. I hope that Groce can emerge as the PR (i.e. not muff punts), as I think he has a lot of potential there. UNCERTAIN


    2003: Martz/Fairchild/Smith
    2004: Martz/Fairchild/Marmie

    The addition of Marmie should not change too much with the defense, other than the weight of the DTs. Fairchild seems to be getting more responsibilities. Too close to call. SAME

    Total scorecard:

    DECLINE: 1
    SAME: 3

    All in all, despite the minimalist approach, a pretty good offseason for a team that was 12-4 last year.
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    Re: My Offseason Scorecard

    Originally posted by AvengerRam
    2004: Fisher/Pickett/Lewis/T.Jackson/Little/Fisher/Hargrove/Moran
    Very nice analysis, Avenger. It's tough to disagree with you, though I'm sure some will try. Only problem is, Fisher's playing two positions on the DL this season? Maybe one Fisher was supposed to be Kennedy?


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      Re: My Offseason Scorecard

      Just realized after I posted this last post that I had 49 posts. Just adding this one so I didn't have to be stuck at Satan's number for too long.


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        Re: My Offseason Scorecard

        Okay Mr. Nitpicky! :redface:

        I fixed it!

        As Dez would say:



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          Re: My Offseason Scorecard

          Good job, AR. I think we should call the O-line an improvement though. A full season of working together will prove to be quite a benefit, IMO.
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            Re: My Offseason Scorecard

            I see letting Fred Weary go and picking up Lucas as a slight improvement. Lucas can back up at FS or play the nickel in a squeeze. At this point there appears to be more depth at the safety position.


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              Re: My Offseason Scorecard

              Originally posted by HUbison
              Good job, AR. I think we should call the O-line an improvement though. A full season of working together will prove to be quite a benefit, IMO.
              yea, I agree with the O Line being an improvement due to time served together, other than that, hard to disagree with :tough:

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Re: My Offseason Scorecard

                Yeah, I think AV hit the nail on the head for the most part.

                But, I want to point out that this is still way before pre-season and injuries will happen. We may not be as strong in those categories come Sept. In that event we may not have as many improvements on paper as Av details.


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                  Re: My Offseason Scorecard

                  Didn't you hear? Martz ordered new injury-preventing shoes for everyone! :redface:


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                    Re: My Offseason Scorecard

                    "2003: Holt/Bruce/Looker/Furrey/McDonald/Curtis; Manumaleuna/Cleeland
                    2004: Holt/Bruce/Curtis/Looker/McDonald/Furrey; Manumaleuna/Cleeland

                    Same cast, but Curtis and McDonald are healthy. IMPROVED"

                    At this time LAST YEAR Curtis and McDonald were healthy too. Lets see if they can make it through camp and preseason with their mended injuries in tact before getting too excited about them. Based on last years play of Looker I would still say the unit is improved. He is a very worthy replacement for Proehl.
                    "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                      Re: My Offseason Scorecard

                      You protected the TE position by lumping them in with the WR's, but standing pat to me means we declined.

                      I'm not sold on either one of them at this point.

                      Other than that, gotta agree with you.... :helmet:


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                        Re: My Offseason Scorecard

                        Great job with everything, AV; except with:
                        Originally posted by AvengerRam

                        2003: Martz/Fairchild/Smith
                        2004: Martz/Fairchild/Marmie

                        The addition of Marmie should not change too much with the defense, other than the weight of the DTs. Fairchild seems to be getting more responsibilities. Too close to call. SAME
                        Martz is still there, so it should've been a decline there


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                          Re: My Offseason Scorecard

                          Great analysis, Avenger.


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                            Re: My Offseason Scorecard

                            A couple of disagreements:

                            With each passing year Landetta's age inclines so I see this group as a decline, rather than uncertain.

                            Coaching, you think you would have learned from the article you wrote. Mike Stock replacing Booby April....I can only hope this is an improvement. Joe Vitt at LB coach. John Ramsdell returning to QB coach and Martz possibly giving up some duties to Fairchild. Also, I really think Marmie is an upgrade to the overrated Smith. IMPROVED


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                            • ramavenger
                              Rams Roster from KFFL
                              by ramavenger
                              2004 St. Louis Rams

                              September 10, 2004

                              By SportsTicker


                              WR 81 Torry Holt 84 Shaun McDonald 82 Mike Fu rrey
                              LT 76 Orlando Pace 63 Scott Tercero
                              LG 66 Chris Dishman 61 Tom Nutten 72 Darnell Alford
                              C 67 Andy McCollum 61 Larry Turner
                              RG 62 Adam Timmerman 60 Blaine Saipaia

                              RT 77 Grant Williams TE 86 Brandon Manumaleuna 87 Cam Cleeland

                              WR 80 Isaac Bruce 83 Kevin Curtis 89 Dane Looker
                              QB 10 Marc Bulger 12 Chris Chandler 9 Jeff Smoker
                              RB 28 Marshall Faulk 39 Steven Jackson 33 Arlen Harris
                              FB 44 Joey Goodspeed 45 Chris Massey


                              LDE 91 Leonard Little 97 Tyoka Jackson 96 Erik Flowers
                              LDT 92 Damione Lewis 73 Jimmy Kennedy
                              RDT 79 Ryan Pickett 98 Brian Howard
                              RDE 94 Bryce Fisher 95 Anthony Hargrove

                              SLB 54 Brandon Chillar

                              MLB 55 Robert Thomas 57 Trev Faulk
                              WLB 50 Pisa Tinoisamoa 52 Tommy Polley
                              LCB 23 Jerametrius Butler 24 DeJuan Groce 20 Dwight Anderson
                              RCB 21 Kevin Garrett 22 Travis Fisher
                              SS 31 Adam Archuleta 25 Rich Coady
                              FS 35 Aeneas Williams 32 Justin Luca 30 Jason Shivers

                              K 14 Jeff Wilkins P 5 Sean Landeta

                              H 89 Dane Looker 12 Chris Chandler 10 Marc Bulger
                              LS 45 Chris Massey 87 Cam Cleeland
                              PR 84 Shaun McDonald 89 Dane Looker 24 DeJuan Groce
                              KR 33 Arlen Harris 39 Steven Jacksonv 89 Dane Looker
                              -09-10-2004, 07:17 PM
                            • ZigZagRam
                              53-Man Roster
                              by ZigZagRam
                              Here's my take on the 53-man roster. I can't remember if we IR'd Kennedy or not but here it goes.

                              QB: Bulger, Chandler, Smoker
                              RB: Faulk, Jackson, Gordon, Harris
                              FB: Goodspeed, Massey
                              WR: Holt, Bruce, McDonald, Looker, Curtis, Furrey
                              TE: Manumaleuna, Cleeland, Brake
                              OT: Pace, Williams, Tercero
                              OG: Timmerman, Tercero, Dishman, King
                              C: McCullom, Turner
                              DE: Little, Fisher, Jackson, Hargrove, Flowers
                              DT: Pickett, Lewis, Howard
                              LB: Tinoisamoa, Thomas, Chillar, Polley, Newson, Faulk
                              SS: Archuleta, Coady
                              FS: Williams, Lucas, Shivers
                              CB: Butler, Garrett, Groce, Anderson, Fisher
                              K: Wilkins
                              P: Landeta

                              Notable Cuts: Greg Randall, Erik Jensen, Sean Moran, Brandon Spoon, Tom Knight

                              Your thoughts?
                              -08-31-2004, 09:40 AM
                            • Guest's Avatar
                              Rams roster into training camp
                              by Guest
                              During the ceremony my daughter and I held tonight at exactly 5pm central, as the players were checking in for camp, i did my best public address anouncer imitation for her and recited the entire 53 man roster from memory as she cheered for each guy. I believe that barring injury, the offense is basically set unless sump beats out furrey for a receiver spot in order to serve as the return guy.

                              bubble spots- backup linebackers (special teams key). we will carry six, two spots available for tony newsom, spoon, lloyd, justin smith, trev faulk, mwilliams.
                              Defensive end- Will moran make the team? I predict no.
                              Defensive Tackle _ Will brian howard make the team. I predict practice squad.
                              Punter- Will Landetta get beat out? Could go either way.

                              Here is what it looks like

                              bulger, chandler, smoker
                              faulk, jackson, gordon
                              goodspeed, harris
                              bruce, holt, looker, curtis, macdonald, furrey (sump)
                              mamliamula, cleeland, jensen
                              pace, turley, williams
                              wolabaugh, turner
                              timmerman, mccollum, king, tercero

                              Wilkens, Landetta/Nicasso, Massey

                              Little, fisher, tyoka jackson, hargrove, flowers (moran)
                              pickett, lewis, kennedy, holsey (brian howard)
                              thomas, pisa, polley, chillar, two of the following (spoon, lloyd, newson, burley, justin smith, trev faulk, mcwilliams)
                              fisher, butler, garrett, groce
                              aeneas williams, archuleta, coady, shivers, lucas

                              Biggest variable, outside of the backup linebacker spots is injuries. Hopefully, we will make it through camp and the preseason with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises here and there.

                              ramming speed to all, as always, i would love your analysis of the roster,

                              sign the big man

                              general counsel
                              -07-27-2004, 08:03 PM
                            • RamDez
                              Rams Position Analysis
                              by RamDez
                              Rams Position Analysis
                              By Jim Thomas
                              Of the Post-Dispatch
                              Saturday, Sep. 11 2004


                              Starter: Marc Bulger.
                              Reserves: Chris Chandler, Jeff Smoker.

                              For the first time in his career, Bulger enters an NFL regular season as a
                              starting quarterback. He actually got a lot less work in exhibition games this
                              preseason as opposed to his previous three campaigns with the club. After
                              averaging 75 throws in the 2001, '02, and '03 preseasons, he threw only 36
                              times this preseason.

                              After a rocky game against Kansas City, and a few erratic tosses against
                              Washington, Bulger closed strong against the Redskins and looked sharp in his
                              only series against Oakland. He must cut down on his interceptions, improve his
                              deep touch and avoid rushing through his reads. If he does that, he will make
                              the jump from a good NFL quarterback to an elite one.

                              Veteran Chris Chandler outplayed Bulger in the preseason, with a 97.9 passer
                              rating and a 65.9 completion percentage, easing concerns about his ability to
                              be an effective QB at age 38. He looks like a good fit for this offense, and
                              can still zing the deep ball.

                              The third QB, rookie Jeff Smoker, isn't close to being ready to play in an NFL

                              The Stat: Bulger's .818 winning percentage (18-4) is the best among
                              active NFL quarterbacks with a minimum of 10 regular-season starts.

                              RUNNING BACKS

                              Starters: Marshall Faulk (RB), Joey Goodspeed (FB).
                              Reserves: Steven Jackson (RB), Arlen Harris (RB/FB), Chris Massey
                              (FB), Stephen Trejo (FB/TE).

                              Faulk says he feels better entering this season than he has in a few years. But
                              who knows how his right knee will hold up in this, his 11th NFL season? Faulk
                              doesn't have the burst he displayed three years ago. But his vision,
                              intelligence, pass-receiving skills, and competitive fire appear to be as good
                              as ever. It's unrealistic to think he can get 20-25 touches a game and hold up
                              for most, or all, of a 16-game season. That's where rookie Steven Jackson comes

                              Jackson led the NFL in rushing during the preseason with 323 yards, and is a
                              good pass catcher. How he handles a regular-season game plan remains to be
                              seen. The same goes for his blitz pickup and pass-blocking in general, an area
                              in which Faulk excels.

                              Slowed for part of the preseason with a hamstring injury, Joey Goodspeed has
                              shown that he can at least be a competent fullback. He's a willing blocker,
                              with decent pass-catching skills.

                              Although no game breaker, Arlen Harris can do a solid job running the ball and
                              also may be used at fullback in certain formations. Once again, Chris Massey is
                              a good insurance policy...
                              -09-12-2004, 01:03 AM
                            • RamWraith
                              Inside Slant
                              by RamWraith
                              When training camp opened, the biggest question facing the Rams was how they would get through training camp with an unsettled situation on the offensive line, given the unknown status of tackles Kyle Turley and Orlando Pace and center Dave Wohlabaugh.

                              Turley was recovering from offseason back surgery, while Wohlabaugh had surgery on his hip in the offseason. The Rams knew Pace would likely not be in camp as the team's unsigned franchise player, so how the line would be deployed because of the Turley and Wohlabaugh injuries was an issue.

                              It turned out to be even bigger than expected when Wohlabaugh never made it onto the field and was released and Turley aggravated his back during the first few days of camp. Turley was placed on injured reserve in the cutdown to 65 players.

                              Those factors resulted in frequent shuffling on the line in camp. Andy King began as the left guard, but lost that job after the first exhibition game and was replaced by Chris Dishman. Dishman had decided to retire before coach Mike Martz convinced him to sign, and he reported at 375 pounds.

                              Grant Williams, who would be the right tackle as Turley's replacement, was forced to play on the left side throughout most of camp because of Pace's absence. Scott Tercero got a lot of work at tackle, even though most in the organization believe his best position is guard. Greg Randall, who was with the Texans last season, was signed when it became apparent Turley wouldn't be available.

                              Guard Tom Nutten, who played for the Rams during their Super Bowl seasons, but left for the Jets last year and then retired, was brought back a few days before the third exhibition game against Washington and injured his toe on his second play.

                              That's the type of summer it's been for a team that has deep offensive talent, but knows it could go for naught if the line doesn't come together.

                              Complicating things even more was Pace's decision to stay away for the entire preseason. Last year, as the franchise player, he reported and signed 12 days before the season opener and was able to play in the exhibition finale.

                              Not this time. Pace remained unsigned when the Rams played the Raiders Sept. 2, and for the first time, Martz voiced frustration with the situation.

                              Asked about Pace not being with the team, Martz said, "To be honest with you I don't think about it. This is our football team right now, I would just assume he's not coming in. That's his decision, and we're moving on.

                              "You can't let one player, no matter how good he is, or how good of a person he is, hold a team hostage waiting for him to come in. We have to move on, and get ready for Sept. 12th."

                              For line coach John Matsko, he has to get this group ready.

                              "Each year's different," Matsko said. "The challenge this year was to bring a bunch of guys...
                              -09-02-2004, 11:34 AM