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A juicy problem-WHINER issues

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  • A juicy problem-WHINER issues

    Everyone seems to be counting the Whiners out of it already. While traveling this week I picked up a couple of sports publications and like always read their predictions. Several have the Whiner finishing last in our division. As much as I would love all this to be true, I find it hard to believe that they won't be competitive with us and the rest of the league. Here are some issues to mill around. And to be honest I worry more about them the Seahags.

    1) Owens is gone. He always provided a disruption to team chemistry. Not having him is more of a blow to the rest of the teams and helps the Whiners.

    2) Barlow will now be the feature back. This kid has all the tools to be great. The problem was he sat behind Hearst for so many years. 1st round fantasy back in my book.

    3) Some of their young receivers really impressed me this past season. They no longer are under the shadows of Owens as well

    4) This Rattey kid if he gets healthy by camp will be a stud. He passes much better than Garcia and seems to make faster reads. The couple games he played last season he put up some gaudy numbers.

    5) They lost very few players on their line and their defense. That means they should only get stronger much like the Rams.

    My pick is they will finish better than Seahags and one game behind us, if not tied. If we look past them like much of the league is, you can bet they will take the division

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    Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

    Maybe. Maybe anything can happen in the NFL. But, how probable?

    I can't buy into your underselling of Owens. He is a force. Had he had a better QB, able to exploit Owen's talent, I think the ***** would have been much stronger. Regardless of how he got along with everyone, he has all the tools and has proven himself to be a great WR. His departure can only weaken the *****, unless he is replaced by someone of equal calibre, which doesn't appear to be the case.

    Barlow is good, but so was Hearst. Again, I can't buy into your underselling of Hearst's talents. The progression from Hearst to Barlow seemed to be natural, one RB got older and more banged up, the younger one took his spot.... much like we envision Jackson to do to Faulk.

    And, going off on a tangent, depending on the dollars and contract terms, as stated elsewhere, it would not be unforeseeable to see the Rams cut Faulk loose or trade him next season if Jackson proves he is a stud RB.

    But, back to the subject, I can't imagine the the ***** will be a strong team. I have to agree with the analysts; the ***** have been decimated by personnel turnover.


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      Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

      I would never count anything out, I am sure they will play hard against the rams, but I can only see a season of "rebuilding" for the whiners next year.

      I am more surprised by how much the hawks are getting talked up, I appreciate they are our main rivals in the west and it'll be close, but I really don't see a superbowl in their cabinet next year.
      The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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        Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

        I disagree UD. I am more worried about Arizona and Green turning that ship around. Their recievers are going to be tough, Green will have a lot of toys already to run his style of offense.


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          Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

          The Whiners defense, that I'm aware of, remains virtually the same, but their offense took a big hit. They lost Garcia, Hearst, Owens, Streets. Their starting QB, RB, and both WRs from last season are gone. They're going to be depending on the unproven Brandon Lloyd and the rookie Rashaun Woods to be the guys for them against experienced defenses in the league. I think they lost their starting left tackle to the Bucs as well. I just don't see this kind of team as the type of contender they were last season.


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            Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

            Oh, and I think Green is way overrated. I expect the "zonies" to be walked over as usual. Seattle and Rams fight it out for the top spot (if Bulger delivers).


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              Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

              Personally, as a Rams fan, I don't have any optimistic thoughts for other teams seasons, especially the whiners, but hey, that's just me.
              Curly ~ Horns


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                Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

                Originally posted by NickSeiler
                The Whiners defense, that I'm aware of, remains virtually the same, but their offense took a big hit. They lost Garcia, Hearst, Owens, Streets. Their starting QB, RB, and both WRs from last season are gone. They're going to be depending on the unproven Brandon Lloyd and the rookie Rashaun Woods to be the guys for them against experienced defenses in the league. I think they lost their starting left tackle to the Bucs as well. I just don't see this kind of team as the type of contender they were last season.
                Maybe I'm too optimistic, but we should win this division by 2 games.
                Whiners, too many ???s on offense--- 5-11
                Cards, what good are WR's w/o a QB---6-10
                Hawks, how are they any different from last year? --- 10-6
                Rams, how are we any differnent from last year? --- 12-4
                The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                  Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

                  underdog, are you serious?


                  you sound more like a whiner fan than a Rams fan.


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                    Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

                    Originally posted by HUbison
                    Maybe I'm too optimistic, but we should win this division by 2 games.
                    Whiners, too many ???s on offense--- 5-11
                    Cards, what good are WR's w/o a QB---6-10
                    Hawks, how are they any different from last year? --- 10-6
                    Rams, how are we any differnent from last year? --- 12-4
                    Well, the Seahawks play the exact same opponents as we do except they play Dallas and Minnesota while we play Green Bay and Philly, which I think are two tougher opponents than the Cowbows and the Vikes. We'll benefit from the Eagles defense being weaker (IMO) than it was last season, but heading to Green Bay to play in late November doesn't sound good in my opinion. Hopefully Minnesota and Dallas will both be able to stop Seattle, and we can pull out a win in both of our games. I'm glad that we'll be tango-ing with Philly at the Dome considering the result the last time they were there.


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                      Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

                      Just me (not including the other half or the rugrat's opinions) I see this years results along the lines of this...


                      some of you may have noticed a difference in my numbers that I posted a couple of months ago on the insiders forum. The reasons for this are the "vibes" I am getting from the training camp reports, as well as studying our guys records and trying to fit them all together.
                      Basically, here's what I see:
                      The cards, as usual, are trying to rebuild. This year, they will be starting on the right track.
                      The whiners will be hit from the personnel changes, but will still be good enough to go even.
                      The chickens will be suffering from money troubles, after signing Wistrom. They got a good player, but paying for him will hit them in the pocket, so they will be hurting at a couple of other spots.
                      As for us....we may not have the #1 QB, or the #1 wide reciever, or the #1 toilet paper in our bathrooms, but we do have a solid team, a good crew that knows how to respect and learn from one another....and that will result in a year where we will once again be a threat to everyone. I don't see a repeat of '99, but I wouldn't bet money against our boys this year even if I was capable of treason.... :smug:


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                        Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

                        You're kidding right? At least 5 starters on offense gone including Garcia, Streets, T.O., Hearst, and arguably their best O-Lineman in Ron Stone. Rattay is unproven, Barlow has had injury issues, and if Brandon Lloyd and Cedrick Wilson couldn't crack the 2nd spot above Tai Streets then I have no fear of the Niner pass attack.

                        Seahawks are in a much better situation. They, like the Rams, are a fairly young team that will improve. However, I don't think the signing of Wistrom will make up for the loss of their MLB, both starting DT's and SS Reggie Tongue. Anyone else notice the trend? Seems like the Sqauwks are going to be a bit soggy up the middle.

                        Arizona could actually be fielding a decent team in a few years. Then again, who knows what their ownership is going to do. They have a solid young WR corps, and good RB in Marcel Shipp, and Dennis Green is so confident in Josh McCown at QB that they didn't draft one in this years draft.

                        I wouldn't expect the standing's to look any different than this:
                        Rams: 12-4
                        Seahawks: 11-5
                        *****: 6-10
                        Cardinals 5-11


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                          Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

                          The ***** are definitely going through some changes. The strength of their team is their defense which seems relatively in tact from last year. They played pretty well in some games last year as well as being relatively young overall. The added experience will benefit them. They will have a new DC which may be good or bad. I've heard mixed reviews on Jim Mora's abilities as a DC so I'll be curious to see if the unit regresses or not.

                          The offense is obviously a question mark for them but the Rattay/Barlow combo on offense was able to beat the Rams by 20 points last year so I don't know for sure that the loss of Garcia and Owens will be as much of an impact as it naturally seems to assume it will. "If" Rattay can come back from the groin (I have doubts that he will be able to be anywhere near 100% healthy this year.) the offense may do better than people think.

                          I'm somewhat skeptical of the Rams being able to "cake walk" through the division like some people are predicting. We split with SF and Seattle last year and swept the Cards, although barely in one game. If two of those three teams have become better and the Rams have stayed about the same, there is a chance that some of our nail-biter victories won't swing our way. Realistically, a split with all three teams is likely at this point.


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                            Re: A juicy problem-WHINER issues

                            The fartywhiners will not improve. Not only did they loose a good part of the talent they had, but the front office is in disarray with all this talk of the Balco scandal and the assciation with the whiner franchise. I see the whiners at the bottom of the divison for the forseeable future. :redface:
                            Remember they lost their defensive coordinator too.

                            The zoners might improve, they have some good talent at the wideout spot, but the rest of the team is a ?

                            The seasqwaks will be a challenge, but as noted in earlier posts,they lost alot of personell up the middle on defense. (Big Hole :king: ) The question is can they win on the road this season?

                            The RAMS will win this divison hands down if they stay healthy.
                            JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                            "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                            Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                            • LaRamsFanLongTime
                              Lets get Real Whiners
                              by LaRamsFanLongTime
                              There was more then a couple in here hooting and hollering after you guys beat us. I heard that Gore was a better back then Jackson, you know the guy that leads the league in all purpose yards and has not fumbled all season.
                              I heard that the Rams were in the same situation as the whiners as far as rebuilding. Kind of funny when our offense remained pretty much in tact. How many pro bowlers are on that whiners offense by the way? I heard that because you all managed to beat us that we sucked, never mind the fact that during divisional rivalry games anything can happen.

                              Since that time I saw the Whiners get crushed by the Eagles the score does not indicate how bad that game was. I will give you The Eagles are a great team but to say your team is growing they need to at least put up a fight. Then came the ultimate low, not only did your whiners lose to an 0-2 team they got smoked. Trent Green was not even in the game. Cheifs are known for having a week defense yet your QB threw for under 100 yards? :notworking: The all mighty gore had 79 total yards from scrimage. I beleive Jackson vs the Lions had 146 yards total offense not bad huh?

                              Now to the point, I see you getting pissed Scrapie because we are talking crap after all you guys beat us. The bottom Line is we won 2 games since our loss to you and you guys have won 0. I do not feel we played stellar teams but one of those teams beat you guys and the other has one heck of an offense. Now you still want to hoot and holler and think we have no room to talk then go ahead. Just remeber every point that has been made so far by the whiner fans (Brain Daddy excluded he is reasonable) has been disproven. Your team is no where near where the Rams are as far as rebuilding. Gore is not better then Jackson he cannot even hold onto the ball. The Rams have more talent on offense and defense. The only thing that rings true is the Whiners beat the Rams at their home opener woohoo.

                              The Rams are adapting to the new offense now and it is running like a machine. Bulger has no picks and Jackson has no fumbles. We have won the turnover battle in every game, yes even in the loss vs you guys. They are picking up steam and feeling good again. The swagger is returning and this team will get better each week.

                              The whiners are young and down and have no Veterans to pick them back up. They should be able to beat the Raiders this weekend but if they dont I will be so bold as to say your whole season will be lost. THIS ALREADY??, IN WEEK 5??, A MUST WIN?!?!?!?! Pretty emberassing if you ask me. Good luck!:sfosux:
                              -10-04-2006, 01:59 PM
                            • AvengerRam_old
                              Am I the last sane person on this planet?
                              by AvengerRam_old
                              I guess I can understand why the print, internet, radio and TV media are spending time covering the latest Terrell Owens whine-fest. I mean, its not like ther there's much else going on these days for them to cover. But now, there seems to be a movement of SUPPORTING HIS CRAP!!!!! WTF!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?

                              They guy signed a $49 Million contract LAST YEAR. Yes, he had a great season until he got hurt, and it was admirable how he worked his way back into playing shape by Super Bowl Sunday, but... DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT THE EAGLES WON TWO PLAYOFF GAMES TO GET THERE WITHOUT T.O.?????

                              The last straw was on Michael Silver has an article trying to argue that fairness demands that Owens get more money! I'd copy it here, but I was unable to supress my gag reflex.

                              Now, Owens is reportedly going to go to camp, but he will be "unhappy." The guy just doesn't get it. If he wanted to maximize his earning potential, the way to do it is NOT to be a whining malcontent. The way to do it is to gain the respect of your team, your peers and the public.

                              I guarantee you that in 10 years Torry Holt will be making 10 times what T.O. will be. Why? Because, while Holt is regarded as a fun loving, nice guy, team player - qualities which will translate to an analyst job or some other lucrative endeavor, T.O. will be remembered as a highly skilled jerk. Heck, he's not even charismatic like other jerks who have made it after retirement (i.e. Michael Irvin).


                              T.O. - SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

                              Drew Rosenhause - SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

                              And... to the Michael Silvers and other crybaby apologists - SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!
                              -07-24-2005, 09:26 PM
                            • Chiledog
                              Who will flinch first....
                              by Chiledog
                              ...Or will T.O. sit out the season? Should he be given what he is asking for? Did the Eagles really take advantage of the situation?

                              Predictably unpredictable
                              Even Eagles can't figure out T.O.'s latest demands (by Don Banks of S.I.)

                              WASHINGTON, D.C. -- We all know the particulars of the Philadelphia Eagles' standoff with star receiver Terrell Owens: He wants a fat, new contract and the club is adamant that he isn't going to get one just two years into a seven-year, $48 million-plus deal.

                              But what's the end game? Where is this nasty stalemate headed? What's T.O.'s eventual exit strategy if it comes time to report for training camp or even the regular season and he is faced with the decision on whether to get serious about this holdout stuff?

                              When it comes to brainstorming a way out of this mess, Eagles president Joe Banner sounds just as puzzled as your average Philly fan. At this point, creative answers seem to be in short supply.

                              "He must have something in mind,'' Banner said Tuesday, on the opening day of the NFL's spring owners meeting in downtown D.C. "But it's not apparent to us. Hasn't he already boxed himself in? He has to make a decision. Either he's going to come in or not. I really don't know what else he can do. I wish there was another option, but we don't see one.''

                              In the case of a normal NFL holdout situation, the club can feel pretty secure in the fact that once the regular season weekly paychecks start getting cut, the holdout is going to find a way to come back to work. Players in the NFL, no matter how unhappy they are with their contracts, don't often walk away from regular-season pay days.

                              But since when has Owens followed the norm? With Owens, the nuclear option -- sitting out the season -- is at least a remote possibility.

                              "Normally I'd say the player is not likely to just pass up getting paid,'' Banner said. "But in this case, you really can't say. This isn't a very predictable situation.''

                              Banner doesn't expect any change in the situation until at least training camp, and admits he has had zero contact with Owens or his new agent, Drew Rosenhaus, since early April 6. As dug in as Owens would appear to be on his side of the divide, the Eagles, with their history of never blinking in contract impasses, are just as firm in their resolve not to give an inch.

                              "I'm baffled in that there doesn't seem like there's a good plan [on Owens' side],'' Banner said. "And to have done this so publicly, it really put himself in a box. If you come in and make a private request like this, and the team responds, then you proceed without there being a problem and nobody gets backed into a corner.

                              "But once you go public with it, the way they did it, it creates a problem for them. We have to stick to our policies and to what we think is right
                              -05-25-2005, 11:01 PM
                            • NJ Ramsfan1
                              I know this won't be popular, but...
                              by NJ Ramsfan1
                              The Rams will have to be head and shoulders better than they were last year to have a winning record. Their schedule is brutal, with Philly, NYG, Balt, Dallas and GB all to be played in the first seven weeks of the season. The division is poor, but in one of the more strange bits of scheduling, we do not play a divisional opponent until November 6th. Green Bay, Dallas and the Giants are all on the road, as is Pittsburgh late in the year. These predictions of 11-5 or 10-6 are going to require that unbelievably good football be played on a week in, week out basis. Hopefully, they're up to the task. But I would caution anyone to let their excitement for the upcoming season get in the way of sound judgment. The Rams made huge strides last year after a disastrous 2009, but it won't be as easy in 2011.

                              This also won't be popular, but I feel it's the truth: Jim Harbaugh is going to be a fine coach. The Whiners have some very real weaknesses (starting with their QB), but they also have talent- and I guarantee you they will not be the uptight, often confused group they were under Singletary. They're a helluva lot better than last year's record would have you believe.

                              Bottom line: We're not cake-walking to a division title. Gone is last year's weak-sister schedule. And guys have to improve across the board. As a fan, proceed with cautious optimism.

                              Keepin' it real.
                              -08-27-2011, 06:55 AM
                            • Ramdog
                              Maybe We Need To Lose To The Whiners...
                              by Ramdog
                              I like to look at all things from every angle. And as i sat here thinking i came to the conclusion that losing to the whiners might be exactly what we need. Lets break this down.

                              1. Maybe losing the home field advantage isnt such a bad thing. We are 6-0 on the road. I know that having to play in Chicago or green bay, in the cold is bad, but is it?

                              2. When we lose to the Bucs or the Saints we can pawn it off on those two teams just knowing how to beat us. Every team in the NFL has a couple teams that they have trouble with. We lose to the saints and it's ah well they have our number. But losing to the whiners on the other hand might just be the wake up call we need. It might deflate the ego that the MEDIA has created for us, and it might get those passionate juices flowing again.

                              3. The niners beating the Rams could inflate the already inflated whiner ego. This could be good. For teams in the NFL playing within your division is a war. Consisting of two, possibly more battles in one giant war for supremacy. We took the first battle in the war against the whiners, they may take the second, but we will win the third and decisive battle.

                              So maybe losing this battle against the whiners isn't such a bad thing. It may be just what we need to spark that fire that we all grew accustomed to the last two years. The fire hasn't died, it has only gone into hibernation and just needs to be relit. I keep scanning whiner sites hoping to find some trash talking quote from owens that might end up pinned up in the rams locker room. It Appears Mr. Big mouth is keeping his mouth shut so far. Maybe other teams are seeing what i'm seeing, a dorman monster waiting to be awoken. It took Japan bombing pearl harbour to awaken the united states, maybe a whiner will will awaken this sleeping giant. Who knows.

                              -12-04-2001, 04:35 PM