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  • Bell

    I believe this is the last day for anyone to claim Bell. Anyone know if this is true?? It is being reported that no one has shown any interest in him as of yet.

    comments from Hadley:
    Hadley talked like he has seen Bell play quite a bit and the book on him is that he has a lot athletic ability, but he simply got too big and as a result lost some mobility and missed too many tackles last year. So it sounds like he needs to get in better shape if he is to be a factor. Not necessarily lose weight, but get in better overall shape.

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    Re: Bell

    You really don't want Bell do you? Already enough money invested in DTs that everyone is waiting to produce. You really want Trotter, LB, don't you? More established depth at LB will solidify the run support that was lacking.


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      Re: Bell

      Another high priced DT that no one wants? No thanx, I think the Rams have plenty of talent on defense to do the job.

      Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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        Re: Bell

        He is not "high priced" and that is the point. We are signing him for 638k which is very, very low rent. We are not looking for him to be an every down guy, merely contribute against the run. There is upside there and larry marmie has coached him for three years and is the best position to know. I think it is a nice fill in signing. I wouldnt pay big money for him either, but thats just not the case. If the issue is getting him in shape, turn Bill Kollar loose on him and he will either get his butt in shape or wind up getting waived.

        Lots of upside, very little downside.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel


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          Re: Bell

          I gotta agree with Adarian. The Ram's FO looks like a bunch of clowns with all the DT mess. 3 first round draft picks and mostly mediocre results (Pickett is average, only average). Two very good DTs are gone, (Young, Zgonnia), and we kept the sour apples. Bad moves by the FO. Now they sign another underperforming DT? I hope not.

          Rotate the current DTs, perhaps the sum of their talents will get us to average, or go out and get a real DT. If you just want backups, get a couple good LBs instead.


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            Re: Bell

            I don't know anythging about Bell. Thanks for the info on Bell from Hadley, whoever Hadley is. (sorry mokler, I only know he is some kind of radio personality...I think?)

            I don't think a LB with a suspect knee, that nobody else seems to want, is the answer. I think the answer with the DTs will lie with Marmie. Smith was too obsessed with his weight policy and it probably did more harm than good.
            Curly ~ Horns


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              Re: Bell

              Injury questions about Trotter? Missed only 4 games in the last 4 years and none last year. He is in the top 15 of tackles during the last 4 years ahead of people like Arrington, Claiborne, Brooking, Armstead.

              As far as what others want? Someone on another thread mentioned Trotter wanted 3/3.5 M per year. Maybe that's the source of the fear factor. Frankly now that the cash weight of KW is gone, I'd sink some of that into a cap friendly deal. As much as we enjoyed hyping T-3, I think the're value was over-stated. Injury prone, small, and Polley is probably FA bound.

              Few agreed with me last year when I insisted Seau would be what the D needed. Well, my FA acquisition for this year would be Trotter. Just because Snyder keeps throwing money around new FAs doesn't mean Trotter had a down year last year. In fact his stats were quite comparable all around and in comparison to the T-3 far surpassed them.

              So, if standing pat is part of the answer then stand pat at DT and strengthen the LB corps.


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                Re: Bell

                Yep, what Adarian said.


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                  Re: Bell

                  What adarian too said, too. Maybe it is time for the FO to spend a couple of dollars (cap friendly deal) on the defensive side.


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                    Re: Bell

                    Well I will see your two "what adarian said" and raise you a "what I say"

                    Yearning for seau last season, one in which he did no better than our young Pisa, only proves that this off-seasons yearns for trotter are more than likely misplaced. At some point in time it is prudent to go with the youth, especially when the disabled and aged player guarantees no better results.

                    Seau: 15 games - 66 tackles - 3 sacks - 0 int - old and quickly fading

                    Pisa: 16 games - 63 tackles - 2 sacks - 3 int - a rookie with major upside

                    Trotter tore up his right knee three-quarters of the way into the 2002 season, and that marked just the latest knee injury, a problem that began for him in college at Stephen F. Austin. He rehabilitated well enough to make 16 starts in '03, but the Redskins staff felt his play had dropped precipitously below his compensation level.
                    While teams around the league might question the Redskins' acumen in most personnel matters, and feel their discarding of Trotter was hasty, there are enough questions about Trotter that even interested clubs will proceed with some caution. Assuming that Trotter is physically sound, one of those teams might reel in a bargain, since the high-character linebacker is more concerned about redemption than remuneration at this point.
                    Leaguewide consensus appears to be that while Trotter is no longer a Pro Bowl defender, neither is he a guy who belongs on the NFL scrap heap. What teams will seek to identify in coming days, it seems, is precisely where he fits in the middle of those levels.
                    Sorry, but I just don't see trotter as a major upgrade over the youth that the Rams currently have at MLB. If trotter were to come way down in asking price it "might" be worth further consideration.
                    Curly ~ Horns


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                      Re: Bell

                      i will agree with you ferter, he would not be a big enough upgrade to discard thomas, who was a 1st round draft pick. I really dont think that we need to invest even more money in the MLB position or it might start to look like our DT's cap wise.


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                        Re: Bell

                        Trotter's stats from last year:

                        16 games — 113 tackles — 1.5 sacks — 1 fumble recovered — 1 interception.

                        Yes, I think he would be a major upgrade at the right price.


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                          Re: Bell

                          12 games - 71 tackles - 2 sacks - 1 fumble recovered
                          and that was his first year at MLB for us, plus i would put money on it that he is faster and more agile than Trotter and will only get better.


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                            Re: Bell

                            I really don't like the tackles stat, because every site seems to have a different total and there is no stat, that I have found, on missed tackles. Also, I don't count assists, because I feel they are too subjective. I look at the tackles stat as a gauge, but it really doesn't tell the whole picture.

                            As serkicker points out, there are many other variables and I agree that Thomas has more upside than trotter. I will say, Thomas does need to improve and stay healthy. Also, looking at the roster, there does not appear to be any depth behind Thomas. Exactly what the Rams have in mind, as far as depth at MLB, is a mystery to me.
                            Curly ~ Horns


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                              Re: Bell

                              Well, first of all, we can't afford Trotter. We now have enough to sign the Rookies and work with Pace. The Front Office's first and foremost task is to try to get Pace signed to a long term deal without giving him Fort Knox.

                              DT's to me are run stuffers. Not worried so much about sacks from DT's as I am that they get pressure. However, they are the first line of defense against the run and they have to plug the holes, something that was lacking last year. Maybe it was because they were light, they always seemed to be outmuscled at the line of scrimmage. Bell is cheap and can't hurt.


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                                Jacob Bell
                                by Mooselini
                                Is he really a bad player? Now I haven't been able to watch the past two games. So I don't know how he's been playing.

                                I'm not sure if this applies, but if the guys around you are terrible, would that make you terrible? What I mean, is since the line is complete garbage, is that making Bell look bad or is he actually playing bad?

                                -11-02-2008, 09:12 PM
                              • jbell15
                                Jacob Bell wasn't kidding
                                by jbell15
                                When he said he was going to beef up this off-season.
                                He added 15-20 lbs and says he wants to get near 300.
                                Check out the article on the rams website.
                                I'm stoked to hear about his progress.
                                -05-03-2009, 05:37 PM
                              • RAMarkable
                                What was up with Jacob Bell
                                by RAMarkable
                                As I was watching the Rams yesterday I noticed that Bell was out of the lineup and Wragge was playing in his place.

                                Anybody know what was going on with Mr. Bell?

                                (Or is it more accurate to ask if anybody really cares at this point....)

                                WHAT SAY YE?
                                -10-03-2011, 05:00 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Marcus Bell, the newest Ram?
                                by Guest
                                I am sure i am not breaking news on this, but the Rams put in a waiver claim on marcus bell, 6'2" 325 lb defensive tackle waived by arizona. It will be a few days before we see if we get him, since we could be underclaimed by teams with a worse record than us last year. Bell signed the one year tender at 638k so his cap is reasonable and maybe marmie saw something that he likes. The guy started ten games last year so as a backup, and with kollars help, maybe he can fill our run stuffing needs. He is a lot younger than rick lyle, the guy from new england that has been around for ten years that we were rumoured to be interested in for depth.

                                Do any of you guys know anything specific about marcus bell, ie have you seen him play.

                                thanks as always for your shared expertise.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -06-04-2004, 03:11 PM
                              • MauiRam
                                Greco vs Bell ..
                                by MauiRam
                                Greco vs Bell (2nd SF game review)
                                by sbrown1021
                                July 17th 2009 from another site

                                Greco Vs. Bell

                                Bell started the game, and then came out after 2 series (3?), and Greco played the rest of the way....Here is what seems to be the truth:

                                Just my opinion…I didn’t know Bell was so weak, until I looked at him play after play. This is how I see him and Greco:

                                Teams find a weak guy and exploit him. It seems like when Jacob Bell plays, tackles push him off balance, and his shoulders are out of position (not square) all the time and therefore he has no power on most of his blocks; and then when a running back changes direction toward Jacob Bell’s space, Bell has done nothing to clear his man out of the way and the back gets no yards, or loses yards….versus when John Greco comes in, they don’t toss him around, at all. Huge difference to me. Honestly, I am not sure if I have ever seen such a huge disparity in theoretical strength required for the position and the actual strength the player has.

                                I have more hope for Tye Hill making a comeback, than JB being a good guard for the Rams….of course Bell says he is 15-20 pounds heavier…hmmm, sounds easy...just gain weight....

                                A center in NFL gets ‘help’ on straight ahead running plays, probably 90% of the time. Every O line coach assumes this, when diagramming plays. Only a few centers can take on a nose tackle and even managed a stand off. (Jason Brown is one!) So, it is ok to be ‘weak’ at center.

                                But, being ‘weak’ at guard, well that is a big problem…unless you work for the Colts or Mike Martz (semi joke,there)

                                Tom Nutten weighed about 280 ;lbs, which is why he got no push in the straight ahead run game, except for a few games. Nutten was a great pass blocker. Those old 80’s 49er teams had small guards too, but their ‘angle’ block schemes invented by the their genius OL coach, McKittrick, allowed for smaller, quicker guards. Those guards were made for pass blocking, pulling and screens. Jacob Bell would have been very successful, like Nutten, in the Rams GSOT offense….or playing for the Colts Run-lite offense, Bell would be a good fit too.

                                The moment Greco came replaced Bell against the ***** (week 16), the Rams line look solidified and they didn’t get pushed around on his side…Sometimes your brain plays tricks…could there be such a difference between these guys? How could Bell be starting? AM I high? How did Bell even start for a power run team like Tennesee? I must be wrong about him.

                                So, I thought I would make a comparision between Greco and Bell…in light of the emphasis on power blocking, it becomes apparent to me that even with 15 pounds Bell will not be adequate….though Jason Brown will help him a lot this year, if he does start!

                                Pass Blocking

                                Greco, being a good tackle in college (similar to David...
                                -08-07-2009, 10:14 AM