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Hoy Crap Did You See The Klopfenstein Interview On

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  • Hoy Crap Did You See The Klopfenstein Interview On

    It says that Klop has webbed-feet! :phone:

    Not like there is anything wrong with it, I just thought it might be seen at he combine and perhaps noted somehow.

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    Re: Hoy Crap Did You See The Klopfenstein Interview On

    It does'nt make a difference,Loads of people have webbed feet


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      Re: Hoy Crap Did You See The Klopfenstein Interview On

      That could be a major benefit if we play any games barefoot in the rain.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        Re: Hoy Crap Did You See The Klopfenstein Interview On

        yea i already saw the interview i posted it 2 days ago


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