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  • Coginator

    Just got back from vacation in So Cal, Hermosa Beach.

    I was eating breakfast at a place called " Eat at Joe's " in Hermosa beach and who comes walking in ? COG . He appeared to be with his Mom and Dad and two kids around 10-12.

    I wasn't sure if I should say hello or what but after about 5 min. I decided to walk over and say Hi. He was as codial as the day is long. Kids turned out to be his little brother and brothers friend. Was on vacation with his family.

    Told him I was a fan of his at Nebraska and now with the Rams. This all lasted only a few minutes as I did not want to look like a whoa slut bothersome fan.

    Saw him and the beach twice after that, AWESOME shape, thats all I can say, AWESOMe.

    One more thing, you are going to love how he got that outlined Tatoo filled in:helmet: :helmet:

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    Re: Coginator

    Thats Cool!! Did he say any thing back? Did he give an Autogragh?


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      Re: Coginator

      Yeah, the few minutes I spoke with him he spoke very nicely. Got an NFL ball and brought it with us to the beach. The second time I saw him on the beach I asked if he would sign it for my son. He said he would be happy to. Went back to my chair and brought it over with a marker and he signed it.


      I have been around this earth over 5 decades and have met my share of people from all over the world. Been in sales , building industry and coaching. Got to be a pretty good judge of people in my time. If he was a problem child he sure in hell changed his ways then because this kid is top notch now IMO
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        Re: Coginator

        sweet. i expect him to be the starter at LG next to Pace and do very well.
        :clanram: DIE HARD RAMS' FAN! :helmet:


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          Re: Coginator

          Thanks for the report. I think its great to hear that he was so polite and down to earth. I have very very high hopes for the kid.

          ramming speed to you and yours

          general counsel


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          • UtterBlitz
            My Dad celebrated
            by UtterBlitz
            his one year anniversary of his heart attack a couple of days ago.

            Last year, my parents were in Florida, hiding from the cold weather and some of you might remember that my Dad had a heart attack in March. They went for a walk and my Dad did not feel very well. He had some weakness, some pain, and shortness of breath. They called for help on their cell phone and the local fire department and an ambulence came out to investigate. They checked out my ol man and gave him a thumbs up. They thought he was fine. My Dad opted for a ride to the hospital just in case, and he ended up coding in the ambulence. They had to hit him with the juice twice to get him restarted. My Mom got to witness the excitement, she was in the car behind the ambulence. She did a lot of praying while she watched and God must be watching out for them since he is still with us.

            He did recover last year and he seem to be fine after adjusting to the different medications. They both turned vegetarian and all is good. He went by the firestation a couple of days ago and brought the firestation guys a big package of goodies and a thank you note with his picture on it.

            Remember clan....all those cheeseburgers add long and prosper.
            -03-07-2007, 10:35 PM
          • Mooselini
            Had my car window smashed...
            by Mooselini
            By a meth addict. Yes...

            I was watching South Park in my room. And my room window was opened. The next thing I hear is a window shattering. The first thought that went through my mind was "oh &#*@ thats my car!"

            So my brother and I ran outside and turned the light on. By the time we had turned the light on, the guy had booked it into his truck and sped off.

            I decided to call my friend, who called his parents. We described the vehicle and my friend's dad happened to be out side smoking when a vehicle similar to the description drove by. He followed a white pick up truck 27 miles. The cops eventually pulled the guy over and everyone thought everything was good and taken care of.

            ....WRONG. The guy they had pulled over ALSO was a victim. Apparantly, he had parked his car and walked inside to grab his jacket. The burglar walked up to his truck after the other guy had went inside his house. The robber took his car stereo and his girl friend's purse. The victim decided to drive around the neighborhood looking for the guy who stole his stuff. The victim happens to drive a white pick up truck as well. So the victim gets pulled over and the police realize that he is innocent. He had drove out that far to drop his girlfriend off at her house because she was startled.

            So the cops decided to come back to my house (jeez it only took them an hour and a half). When I am filling out my police report...ANOTHER case of a stereo being stolen out of a car was reported.

            So in one night, someone (or a group of people) are smashing windows or getting into unlocked cars to steal anything that may be of value to get their drug money. THREE CARS! Who knows, there could be more.

            Not only that, earlier on MY street. Literally FOUR houses away, a man was robbed. And we live in a good neighborhood. Across the street from the college and all the schools. A very quiet neighborhood with very minimal crime activity.

            And in the end, I am a victim of it. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Well I am hurt because I got a piece of glass stuck in my hand from cleaning it. But other than that, no one is hurt physically.

            I'm just shaken up a bit. Can't sleep.

            But I needed to vent and type it down. This is the first time I am a victim of anything like this and I am just shaken up.

            In the end, everybody is safe...

            GO RAMS. (lol)
            -11-20-2008, 01:30 AM
          • Guest's Avatar
            Rosenbloom's Death. (What I was told)
            by Guest
            You guys said you wanted to know more. I posted this story one other time so if you remember it then please pardon my posting it again. Since there seems to be some real interest surrounding Rosenbloom’s death I would like to share this again for those who may have missed it. Actually it is a story about my meeting who I consider the greatest Ram ever. And much to the chagrin of my sister, I point blank asked him about Rosenbloom’s death. Remember this story is absolutely true and you have my Rams Fan word on it.

            My sister, co founder of Ramsworld and just as loony about the Rams as you are is a lobbyist. Her husband is a lobbyist and he owns the largest lobbying firm in Sacramento California which is conveniently located across from the State Capitol. One of his clients owns Hollywood Park (Horse race track), Boomtown (Huge Casino just outside Reno in a little town called Verdi), Bighorn Country Club in Palm Desert which is the gateway to Palm Springs, (You may remember the skins game being televised from there for several years). This client has a lot of other gambling interests in California as well. In fact in 1995 he had so many gambling interests in California that he was not allowed to own any more. Now I am not going to pretend like I understand the whole lobbying process but when this guy wanted to build and own another card club right smack dab in the middle of Hollywood Park the state lawmakers said sure build one but you can’t own any of it. This is where my sister and her husband come in. You see they go and lobby the state legislature to pass bills or amend laws that make their clients happy. (Read: They schmooze, manipulate, kiss ass or what ever it takes to get as many legislatures’ as they can to vote their clients way.) If you are on the ball then you will remember 1995 being a very significant year geographically for a couple of L.A. teams. One of which had announced they were going to build a new stadium at Hollywood Park and that team was going to receive some of the gate receipts from the new expansion team that L.A. was going to get to replace the Rams. However in an 11th hour deal that team moved back to the bay area leaving Hollywood Park officials scratching their heads. (Read: Al Davis took Oakland/Alameda’s up front Cash and bolted home). This has nothing to do with what I am relaying here about Rosenbloom’s death however; there may be some interested in that little nugget of NFL information.

            OK back to the desert. So there I am in Palm Desert riding in the back seat of my brother in laws car thinking about the round of golf that I had just played while my sister and her husband are talking shop in the front seat. I didn’t really care about why we were in Palm Springs Playing golf or what business they were down there for because to me it was always a major yawner talking to them about what they do. I was just glad to be there playing my favorite Golf Course (Bighorn) and couldn’t wait till...
            -07-17-2004, 11:46 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Stuart Scott Dies At Age 49
            by r8rh8rmike
            Stuart Scott dies at age of 49

            Updated: January 4, 2015, 1:15 PM ET
            By Steve Wulf |

            Stuart Scott, a longtime anchor at ESPN, died Sunday morning at the age of 49.

            Among the features of the new ESPN studio in Bristol is a wall of catchphrases made famous by on-air talent over the years. An amazing nine of them belong to one man -- from his signature "Boo-Yah!" to "As cool as the other side of the pillow" to "He must be the bus driver cuz he was takin' him to school."

            That man is Stuart Scott, and his contributions to the sports lexicon are writ large. But they are only one aspect of his legacy. When he passed away, he left behind so much more. He inspired his colleagues with his sheer talent, his work ethic and his devotion to his daughters, Taelor, 19, and Sydni, 15. He defied convention and criticism to help bring this network into a new century. He spoke to the very athletes he was talking about with a flair and a style that ESPN president John Skipper says, "changed everything."

            "He didn't just push the envelope," says sports radio host and former ESPN anchor Dan Patrick. "He bulldozed the envelope."

            Scott was remembered through an outpouring of tributes by athletes, colleagues and fans on Twitter and statements from his alma mater, the University of North Carolina, which said that "his legacy will live on in many ways -- as a friend, a son, a father, a professional and forever, a Tar Heel," and President Barack Obama.

            "I will miss Stuart Scott. Twenty years ago, Stu helped usher in a new way to talk about our favorite teams and the day's best plays. For much of those twenty years, public service and campaigns have kept me from my family -- but wherever I went, I could flip on the TV and Stu and his colleagues on SportsCenter were there. Over the years, he entertained us, and in the end, he inspired us -- with courage and love. Michelle and I offer our thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and colleagues," the President said.

            Moments of silence were held at some sporting events Sunday, including the NFL wild-card game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts.

            Scott saved his best for his last year on the air. At the ESPYS on July 16, shortly before his 49th birthday and following another round of cancer surgery, Stuart accepted the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance with strength, humor, grace and these eloquent words: "When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live."

            So while the grief is deep at ESPN over the death of Stuart Scott, so is our gratitude. He was as popular on campus as he was in the airports he passed through and on the sidelines he worked over the last 22 years. He brought...
            -01-04-2015, 11:28 AM
          • general counsel
            Sam Shields article in The Players Tribune
            by general counsel
            Someone please find the article by Sam Shields today in The Players Tribune online and post it to this site. It is one of the most inspirational, emotional and moving articles i have ever read. Shields describes his battles with concussions and his road back to the NFL in a way that is extremely moving and real. I am now a GINORMOUS Sam Shields fan.

            Ramming speed to all

            general counsel
            -10-26-2018, 02:37 PM