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  • to those who know him

    :l I know this is out of topic. But I had a chance to talk to OldRamsFan and I know that he is beloved here. He has not been well as most of you know most of the off season. He has not been able to get to his computer here of late as much as he would like and he wanted me to tell you all how much he loves you and this site and of course our Rams. He has had some set backs but is still fighting thru the things he needs to fight. He and the doctors feel he will make it thru this difficult time and he wanted to thank all of you for the passion that this site offers to all Ram Fans around the world and the love he has received here for time he 1st found this Ram Family. Too those who OldRamsFan calls close friends and you know who you are he sends his love and thoughts to you and the last thing before he hanged up on the phone was GO! RAMS! I know that this forum is about Rams talk only as OldRamsRams has mention before, But many here are interested on how he is doing That I'm sure of. And OldRamsFan has been and always will be a part of the Rams. He has seen things and meet players and lived Rams his hole life over 52 years done things with Rams that I only could dream about , So I hope that no one takes this thread in the wrong way.:l

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    Re: to those who know him

    Get well OldRamsFan! can't wait until you return here!


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      Re: to those who know him

      Great guy, insanely knowlegable poster. He was my vote for MVP ever since I've been to this forum. Get well, OldsRamsFan.


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        Re: to those who know him

        That's a good way to put it RAM-BO..."insanely knowledgeable poster." Send our best wishes to OldRamsFan for a speedy recovery!


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          Re: to those who know him

          OldRamsFan, you get yourself better, you hear.

          Be well sir

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Re: to those who know him

            Get well soon OldRamsFan. We wish you a speedy recovery and await your return...and I agree...GO RAMS!!


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              Re: to those who know him

              I will let him know your thoughts


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              • AvengerRam_old
                I'm going to continue to fight for the soul of this website.
                by AvengerRam_old
                There are a lot of Rams fan sites on the web. I post on one. This one.


                Because this one, at its core, is different.

                At its core, this is a site where the discussions are a bit more civil, a bit more rational, and a bit more intelligent than what I've seen at other sites (in the case of the PD boards, you can replace the words "a bit" with "a lot").

                We have our disagreements, no doubt. But that is a good thing. I've disagreed with r8rh8rmike many times over the years, but I consider him a friend. Bigredman loves to take potshots at my optimism, but he's one of the people I look forward to seeing every year at the Bash. Fat Pang and I have butted heads like... well... like a couple of bighorn rams, but I respect him as much as any poster here.

                Lately, however (and not for the first time), we've had an influx of posters who seem to view a forum as something other than a place for an exchange of ideas. Best I can tell, they view it as a place to come when they need to vent.

                As a Moderator, I accept the "right" to come here for the sole purpose of venting frustration and negativity (provided that the expression conforms with the board's rules).

                As a long-time poster, who views ClanRam as my internet "home" as a Rams fan, I find the negative interlopers to be a drain on the overall enjoyment of the website. To be honest, in recent weeks, I've entertained the notion that maybe it would be better just to avoid this place until the season starts (at least then we can argue about things that actually matter).

                Well... the Hell with that! I, for one, am not turning these boards over to those who have no interest in contributing to this place, but only wish to use it as their soundboard for negativity.

                So, if you fit this description, don't be surprised if I am very frank about your overblown Chicken-Little-isms... And don't be surprised if others likewise oppose your efforts to change this site into something it is not.
                -08-22-2009, 06:07 PM
              • RamsFanSam
                Letters to Soldiers
                by RamsFanSam
                I belong to a sci-fi related forum, and one of the other members there, a staunch bush supporter, announced several weeks ago that his only son joined the US Army, and asked everyone there to post a note to help him deal with the things he is going through.

                As of today, only 25 of over 3,600 people have posted anything.

                Most of you guys here know I disagree with the war in Iraq. I still wished Jonathan well. He didn't start this war. Jonathan volunteered to do a lousy job, a job most people couldn't do, a job no one really likes, just because he felt it is his responsibility as an American to serve his fellow man.

                I just posted a major rant on that forum to let people know how disgusted I am. A young man has decided to go into service for the benefit of people he knows, as well as millions of other people he will never meet. Only 25 people have said "thank you". If I can overlook my political feelings about the war and tell him I respect his decision, respect him as a man, and respect his selfless sacrifice, then why can't others?

                I thought I would do something nice, and ask my fellow ClanRam members to post something here, just a little note, and I would send the link to Jonathan's father so he in turn could forward it to Jonathan. I'm sure that Jonathan would like to hear that people everywhere appreciate his decision, no matter how they feel about the war.

                Here is a pic of Jonathan and his father:
                -02-15-2006, 04:05 PM
              • talkstoangels61
                Warner.....still has it
                by talkstoangels61
                According to the his stats from yesterday,looks like KW hasn't forgot how to pass!............15-19,151 yds and a TD........Seems like he might be just a little serious once again!............and yes i am in his corner!......1)I for one can not see myself not rooting for him! For one he didn't want to leave our orginization (via Martz!) 2) he is a great human being! 3) he gave me something that i had never had as a Ram fan!(JOY) Superbowl! 4) Me being spiritual as i am i enjoy that he has not backed down on his faith! 5) He was a winner here so why should he still not be just because he doesn't wear our Blue & Gold! 6) I will root for any player that has class period! 7) For any of you out there that were in the same scenario,wouldn't you want your wife to stand behind you as did his! I would!.................................Not to mention that Marc Bulger is just as classy! I also root for him just a little more because he is also class and he wears our Blue&Gold!.........................
                -08-14-2005, 10:43 AM
              • Bar-bq
                A plea for leniency
                by Bar-bq
                I have to say, these last few days, I've been appalled by some of what I've read. This is inane. Completely. I mean, feel free to discount my theorizing; I'm but seventeen and have had probably had half as much life experience than the most of you. It's just... have you ever heard the phrase; 'Think before you speak?' It's occurring to me that the reciprocal extends to the phalanges and what you type.

                So I have to ask: Are there some things better left unsaid? Is there a point where heated debate--"keeping the Ram nation talking"-- transcends that description and descends into John Milton's Chaos? Is argument, and it is exactly that, in some such circumstances as we've been privy to here at the Clan the last few days, completely futile?

                As a spectator of these events, I have to say that simple existence here at the Clanram has become the bane of existence itself the last few days. It seems like we're all talk, and no listen. Everyone has a destination, but hasn't considered the alternative route to reaching it.

                I'm not going to delve into the "everybody has an opinion" cliche. But when that opinion is utilsed to purvey thoughts that are personal, attacking or plain mean, you're defeating the purpose of what we've had going here. And that's exactly what I've been perusing the last few days has been- mean. A gang mentality- forget SLOP, forget SLAP, it's certain posters and their allies going against other posters and theirs. And what's Ironic is that the Clanram is a nurturing environment. "The biggest and best Rams website in the world". This, my friends, is our common ground. We are all Ram devotees.

                And so; a plea for leniency from perhaps your youngest regular poster.

                Please, please, can't we be friends?
                -07-31-2008, 04:26 AM
              • RAMarkable
                Well that was embarrassing.......
                by RAMarkable
                This happened this past Saturday at the assembly I pastor. Every Sabbath we have assembly prayers where we as a congregation pray for any who are in need of Yahweh's help. Recently we have been praying for a young man who has been afflicted with severe migraine headaches which seemingly came out of nowhere.
                His named is Micah Downey (not his real last name). We have been praying for his recovery and healing for several weeks now and yesterday I asked my assembly, "How is Micah Kiser doing? Has Yahweh healed him from his migraines yet?" Well everyone looked at me with a blank stare so I repeated my question, "Well come on now does anyone know how Micah Kiser is doing, you know, the young man with the severe headaches we've been praying for?"
                Finally one brave soul spoke up and said, "I don't know anything about a Micah Kiser but Micah Downey's mother did tell me he is doing much better now."
                Well at that point I realized what I had said so I blurted out, "Oh that's wonderful.....praise Yahweh!!!" and I quickly moved on to another prayer request.
                I am kind of thankful that no one from my assembly came up to me and asked who in the world is Micah Kiser. It would have been a bit awkward to explain what I was thinking of while we were in a prayer session and all.

                Of course on second thought I would have gladly of told them that once he gets on the field he is going to be the one dishing out the headaches and not be receiving them.
                So go Rams!!!

                -08-06-2018, 05:01 PM